Imaging in Italy: A Photographic Walking Tour of Rome (and Viterbo) – Day 3

On Wednesday we took a train to Viterbo, a town with some unusual Gothic architecture. The symbol of Viterbo is the lion, which you can find in various incarnations all over town.

Evidently the town went through some rough times; some of these lions look awfully worried. Clovis Aquino, a painter who accompanied us on many of the shoots, was our expert guide to Viterbo and its history. When I mentioned the lions, he theorized that perhaps they were worried because Viterbo had once been the seat of the popes, who by that time had definitively won out over the lions!

We had lunch at a trattoria. Aquacotta (“cooked water”) belies its name; it’s a vegetable soup with bread and cheese – very filling!

Then we walked off our lunch, making more photos.

We returned to Rome in the evening and rested for a bit, then had dinner at Gigetto, a restaurant in Rome’s ghetto, famous for its traditional Italian Jewish dishes such as carciofi alla giudia (Jewish artichokes). We also had porcini (wild mushrooms), currently in season. Yum!

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