Woodstock 150th: Dinner at Sharon & Steve’s

Midlands was lit up like a landing strip for aliens.

shot Oct 28, 2004, 0:19 min

Oct 28, 2004 – evening

In the evening, the class of ’81 and others close to us in age were all invited to Sharon (’79) and husband Steve’s house for a dinner party.

But first we took a walk to Jabarkhet…

…for tea, of course! Only for tea!

Then we hiked off in the other direction, past the school and up to Stoneledge. Huffing and puffing, most of us. Good company, an excellent dinner, and much drink awaited us.

Amy W.P. & Arjun S. (’83) – Amy & Lauri W.

Arjun, Lauri, Deepak, Vinita’s daughter – Deirdré

Lauri & Vinita

Manoj & Deanne (’79)

Neeraj Manchanda (architect) & Arjun

Vinita, Jeet, Neeraj, Anushka

photo by Fiona

Some members of the group partied on quite late, but I had only had about three hours’ sleep in two days, and was glad to get back to Hanifl and collapse into bed.

Oct 29 morning at school

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