India Vlog 2005: July 31

Ross, Sharon and I went to the “buzz” (local bazaar). On the way down Mullingar Hill (photo above), we stopped by the tailor, who told us that the shawl we had bought for Ross’ jacket wasn’t enough material to make a jacket with a hood. We took a snippet of the shawl to try to match it with some plain black wool, but eventually ended up buying another shawl, plain black (no embroidery) but a close match in color and texture. Vinod’s shop is still at the bottom of the Landour Clock Tower, though Sharon tells me he’s seldom open. He was that day, so we spent a happy hour browsing among reproductions of antiques and even a few real ones. My favorite item was this beautiful crockery water filter; I would have bought it if I could have thought of a safe and inexpensive way to get it home.

The “world famous sex specialist” still has his hoarding next door, as he has for over 30 years, though I’ve never actually seen these doors open. Maybe it’s just meant to function as a billboard.

photos by Ross

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