In the Kitchen at Spankyville

Julia’s grandmother’s recipe for Chinese barbecued ribs, AKA “Sticky Chewy Ribs,” as demonstrated by Julia in her gorgeous new kitchen, presided over by the ghost of Spanky.

Including the amazing KitchenAid mixer, custom-airbrushed with red hot chili peppers!

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One thought on “In the Kitchen at Spankyville

  1. Olen Sluder

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Julia and Dani for over 20 years. “Cook” is a poor word to describe Julia, but “chef” is too arrogant for someone so down-to-earth. She fuses so many cultural elements into her food that to list them would have me writing for hours. Oh, and Dani: he just gets in the way in the kitchen. 😉

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