A Whole New Me

I’m a cartoon! I’m not quite sure where I got the idea (although, admittedly, a number of bloggers are doing it). Since the unifying theme of this site is me, it makes sense to use myself as a logo. But I rarely like photos of myself, and a cartoon portrait seemed like more fun anyway.

The artist is Mike Segawa, whose work I noticed on a (Not Safe For Work) Buffy fan site years ago – he had done some wonderful pictures of Buffy characters and scenes, and I wanted to track him down to find out if he had any more. Eventually I found an email address and dropped him a note, but got no reply – for two years. I guess he had kept my email, because when he finally did get a site up (mikesegawa.com) he wrote to let me know about it.

By then I had come up with the idea of a cartoon portrait for my site, so I wrote back immediately – but again got no reply. I kept Mike’s site in my bookmarks and visited now and then to see what was new (lots of yummy artwork besides – yay! – more Buffy). A few months ago he mentioned on his home page that the email address had been wrong, and offered a new one. I wrote to that, and finally we were in touch.

It took a little longer to get the project done, but here we are at last. It’s more portrait than cartoon – the family double chin is clearly in evidence – but, hey, that’s the real me. And the lean-back air of ironic amusement, with the skeptical Gromit eyebrows, seems appropriate for my site. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “A Whole New Me

  1. Di

    I think you should let me photograph you and then I’ll know what i think in terms of whether he captured you or not.

    I’ve been rattling around in Belgium for more than a year now … a New Zealander waiting for permission to live here … I ended up marrying the Belgian who lured me here from my Istanbul life.

    Anyway, I discovered a passion for hanging out with people for 2 -3 hours and just trying to capture something of who they are with my camera.

    Therefore, my only answer can be as above 🙂

  2. Ron - Betty Boop Collectables

    you can get cartoonized many places on the net today. Just do a google on cartoonize me and you’ll have plenty of choises. I found places that would do it for as little as 3$. There also exist places where you can create look a like avatars for free.

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