Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 7

The Assessor [a position in municipal government]: “I’m gay and I don’t hide [myself]”

“I’m selling a kidney to pay the loan sharks”

Professor Valsecchi, pillar of Badoni [a school], dead

The [Teachers’] Council of the [Liceo] Classico Votes No-Confidence in the Principal

Italian newspaper headlines

[Private] “high” parties become a problem (sballo refers to getting high, whether on drugs or alcohol)

Cemeteries too full – the priest says “Have yourselves cremated”

Entrepreneur dies squashed in factory

The leg of the “Giro” [d’Italia – bicycle race] in the city: the hours when they will pass

Giornale di Lecco – denounces

Gang of foreigners [demands money from] the students – gigantic fight in the station

Don Gaudenzio Corno [a priest] leaves Lecco to go to Meda

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