BerluscaSpam: Silvio Wants Me to Share in His Millions?

I have received the following email:

Good day.

Please, understand my reason for contacting you today through this medium; I am Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, Former Italian Prime Minister who was charge for purchasing of movie and television rights at Mediaset. Despite the accusation levy against me, I have be working tremendously to support the less privileged in the society.

Upon all the effort and support I have made, the Italian Government lead by it attorney general has probe my effort and tend to confiscate my wealth and money I deposited with a bank firm in The Netherlands which amounted to 10, 562, 987.00EUR. I will not disclose the bank for now, due to the investigation to scramble all my wealth.

See the web link for more details:,,1815571,00.html

On that note, I have decided to move part of the fund I deposited with the bank firm for a reliable business purpose and also gain access to fully support the less privilege which the government of my country is against. Under a supervision of a credible business oriented person(s) or company who can give a positive address on this note. This does not involve any illegal transaction of any kind, despite the nature of internet abuse.

The legal protocol and modalities of this transaction has been giving to my personal LAWYER and ADVISORY due to the security measure surrounding me. Also note that this transaction has to be done confidentially.

N: B Contact my Lawyer immediately for details of this transaction with the information below: –

Barrister Tom Hendry


Tel: +44-nnnn [number removed in case it belongs to someone innocent]



Mrs. Alicia Lynn


Prime Minister World.

Should I be concerned that someone is now putting Italy – and its wealthiest citizen – on a moral par with Nigerian scam artists?

I do find the idea of “Prime Minister World” amusing, or perhaps alarming – is that like Disney World, but populated with big-headed puppets of prime ministers in place of Mickey and Goofy? That would indeed be a house of horrors.

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