First Photos from India

Indian street kid saluting

Mussoorie: cow on the path

Mussoorie: puppy


I had written one of my TOO BEAUTIFUL poems. Except that:

  • I can’t connect my laptop to the Internet
  • I have to transfer everything on a USB key
  • this computer in the library dating back to 1920 doesn’t recognize what I’ve written?
  • it all came out YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The photos are nice, though!

I’m great.

Zabovine [her girlfriends in Lecco], your photos are hung up and are much admired by all!

It’s raining a lot, there are monkeys, I eat rice and curry ALWAYS.

I’m happy – in case anyone wants to ask.

Greetings to Lecco which, in any case, I miss.

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