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Fortunately, I’m not the only one, Megan from Los Angeles is in the same situation, though I’m worse off than she. We meet the head of Woodstock’s elementary school, in a car with her daughter. She offers us a ride. When we arrived at her house she was showing us the path to return to the dorms when I started vomiting. She very kindly hosted me at her house, offering me a sofa where I could lie down for a few hours, and some medicine (I was convinced I was going to die). Thinking it over, I am a bit irritated that I met her under those conditions.

I had to pass on the chocolate cake that the dorm supervisor had made for Julia, but I’m sure that when it’s time for my own birthday I’ll be able to eat some (always counting on my good karma!).

It was stormy at the start, but hearing girls who already homesick and thinking they want to go home early annoys me. I’m here and I’m proud of that! Every day just getting to school is a job, but it’s been a while since I lived a life based on satisfactions that I sweated for and earned.

All it takes is a sense of irony, an ability to laugh at the fact that I spent the whole day almost-fainting and vomiting! To laugh at the fact that, when I raise my head from the paper during a test and look out the window, I see a monkey.

To laugh at the fact that a mouse got into my room and it’s still barricaded in there!

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