Freshman-Senior Friendship Day


It’s traditional for the seniors to “enslave” and dress up the freshmen in what today is called “Friendship Day” (it used to be called initiation).

I decided to stick to Indian themes, dressing my dear friend Anshuman as the Indian god Krishna.

First prize for the best costume – the prize was a lot of chocolate, which went to the undersigned and her blue victim.

MomComm: Freshman initiation was a fairly new (or revived) idea when we were freshmen. We, too, had dress-up day, a matter for concern among the administration because in previous years some seniors had dressed their freshmen inappropriately (read: too sexy). We were all in 9th grade science class when Mr. Kibblewhite came to inspect our outfits.

Although it would involve another gruelling trip down and up the hill again, I longed to be sent back to the dorm to change. A couple of sadistic senior girls had dressed me in striped long johns and a denim skirt, with big freckles painted on my face and my hair in pigtails stuck out with wire.

Mr. Kibblewhite had us all stand up, and worked his way down the rows of students, ordering a shirt buttoned here, and one or two people to go change. He got to me, looked me up and down, and pronounced: “You look cute.” Augh!

It could have been worse. I still have photos of Nathan Scott dressed as a gigantic baby, standing in a garbage can, singing.

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