Indian Schoolkids


Yesterday I tried running again.

The Indian children in this area find us extremely interesting, us big white girls.

If there’s a camera, it’s the end of the world. They can hold that smile for up to an hour, but then they attack you and surround you because they know that (in 99 cases out of 100) you have a digital camera and they can see themselves in the photos immediately!

There’s a cook who knows me by now and every morning I go over my Hindi lesson with him. I have to put down my tray and put my hands together to salute him, “namaste” – it’s not complete without the gesture.

MomComm: I wonder if this cook recognizes me in my daughter. All the staff have phenomenal memories, and when alumni return they are proud to introduce us to their sons, now serving Woodstock themselves. At our class reunion in Mussoorie last November (I wasn’t present), one of the bearers said to my classmate Durjoy: “Sahib, you have all grown old and fat!”

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