The Twitter Diaries: Sept 2007

2: just back online after a weekend in Taos. Nice. Lots of art, some of it good. I got myself a fabulous ring.

3: feeling quite sick this morning. Don’t know if it’s yesterday’s BBQ or last night’s email bomb from my mother

more Ross:

4: @lskrocki Duncan Retreat, B&B belonging to friend of a friend’s sister. Turns out we had common friends in Bangkok in the 60s

talked to both E and Ross yesterday, nice. Ross is in a Bollywood style production of Taming of the Shrew. Must get there in time to see it!

5: last day in Colorado tomorrow, heading on to the Bay Area to see lots of old friends, make new ones, and, oh, yes, work.

finally caught up translating Ross’ fotolog

I love online checkin!

6: a bit tired in San Francisco, trying to rest up before a week of complete insanity, followed by a week of likely stressful travel

7: Ross and the American expert:

chi ci sara’? (aparte me)

@delymyth – benissimo! girl geeks forever!

@amandalorenzani at this horrible hour of the morning you’re at the airporrt?!?

waking up to good espresso, getting ready to take a train to Menlo Park. Very un-American, I know.

at a flexwork office at Sun Menlo Park. Mousepad says “Open work -the way we work at Sun” – photo: woman leaping w/laptop on beach. OTT?

8: stuck in the middle with respiratory problems:

@jeffreytaylor I’m actually glad I’m NOT in Italy for the Pavarotti death fest.

a Woodstock classmate and I are startled to find that we now both work for Sun.

the calm before the storm… resting up before an intense week

I’ve been mostly out of the 200 blogs/day rat race for the last month, and glad to be. Now I’m going to sweep out the ones I haven’t missed.

enjoying a quiet day with old friend/former boss, tonight 40th party for another old friend/former boss, tomorrow… madness begins!


“a major advantage of working for or doing business with Sun is that we’re too disorganized to be evil.”

I don’t like marketing via Twitter. I’m here to hear from friends, not advertisers.

about to settle down and watch TV (something I only do in hotels) – and remote doesn’t work. A sign?


small changes: when I was in school, there were few apples or pears anywhere in India!

must… stay… awake…

feeling America’d out. Too many “personalities” filling the vapid airwaves & occupying undeserved corners of my brain. Out, out, damned fool


awake since 4 am and I don’t have jet lag!

wash my face, pop a pill, look at myself in the mirror, and – showtime, folks!


another tiring day of filming

some companies don’t allow alcohol at company functions. Fortunately, this is not one of them.


responding to a very harsh email from my mother. Not pleasant.

@michaelverdi – joining us for drinks at House of Shields Friday?

@kekkoz try “American Gods” instead


back in SFO, looking forward to the weekend in the city, though I have some errandy stuff to get through tomorrow

who else is coming to the SFO meetup tomorrow?

@scobleizer – congrats to you and Maryam. Have to say, though, Milan sounds to me like a football team. (soccer, that is)

@caseymckinnon I keep seeing people who remind me of you. Fortunately, none of them with Hitler mustaches.

@manfrys – a Halloween ho visto una vestita da “sock monster” – quello che, appunto, abita nella lavatrice e mangia i calzini

@mafe per la prima volta?!? Era uno dei film preferiti di mia figlia, da piccola. Burton e’ decisamente un genio. Anche un pazzo furioso


just had a nice evening with videobloggers and Woodstockers. My worlds collide: I force them to! – mutual interests abounded.

@scobleizer – weird coincidence, a colleague of mine went into labor today, a month premature. Fingers crossed.


had a very nice day, but missing my daughter ferociously just now.

@kitykity your kids have their own media room?

San Francisco Scavenger Hunt:


starting to head home tomorrow, but to a very different life. Scary. Good? Bad? I don’t know yet.


survived the trip back to Europe. no sleep. then 30 mins in immigration at Heathrow and one hour waiting for a taxsi (Dad sent him wrong)

Rossella does Ramadan:


domani notte torno in Italia, dopo quasi 2 mesi di assenza. Casa senza flgia, ma piena di ospiti (nonche’ marito). E – food!

sooo glad I’m not going back to another year of my kid misfitting and suffering in Italian school.

tutti insieme: Sandoka-an!

why does Amazon want $90 to ship two power strips worth $10 from the US to Italy?

@amandalorenzani I’m in Milton Keynes myself. When do you head back?

20: @missb – Geddes at every presentation would be a career deterrent for me! Sun mtg yesterday started with “baby with invisible spliff” photo


honey, I’m home!

can I go to sleep now?


cercasi altre candidate a Web Women Weekend, casa mia a Lecco, un weekend (da determinare) a Lecco. Fatevi amiche su Facebook.

I can sense winter already – 6:45 am and it’s still so dark!


Madre Rossella? Dio ce ne scampi!


troubleshooting a probably faulty LAN card. Argh. I hate computers.

network problem resolved by reboots. Mysteries of Windows. Looking forward to new laptop. Sorry everyone, it’s a Dell. In Italy, they’re ok

lunchtime already, no wonder I’m starving!

I don’t get facebook. How do I list someone as a friend when I know they’re already on there?

I think I have really, really worked enough now for the day!


rain at last. Of course on the day I have to go in to Milan.

yay! passport back already with additional pages. Now I can go apply for my visa to India.

so glad Ross keeps her fotolog going – I’d miss her even worse without it.

@ruperthowe Don’t feel bad. All the “excitement” over a game is as dumb as endless Paris Hilton. I wish the media would grow up.

getting ready to go out and film another Sun event. First results of all this to be posted soon. Content won’t interest most people, but…

27: contemplating facing another rainy day in Milan. Ugh


back from a wonderful weekend in Venice with old friends and new. Ate, drank, laughed, but didn’t sleep much!

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