How Doors Are Kept Open in India

What is this strange wedge of wood doing between the door frame and the door?

There are lots of ways to keep doors and windows closed, but what about when you want to keep them open on a windy day? Our home in Italy has many windows, and doors that open onto balconies, which I mostly like to keep open when the weather’s not too cold. But, when there’s any wind at all, they bang shut – which is especially annoying when we’re trying to sleep at night!

I have often reminisced about these useful little items that are common all over south Asia (as far as I know), but don’t seem to have penetrated anywhere else.

Here it is deployed to keep the door open:


Flipped over on its hinge, it jams the door open – no amount of wind will slam it shut!

Simple, cheap, effective. Why can’t we have something like this on our doors and windows in Italy?

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