The End of Another Semester

The weather is cold, damp, and grey – it’s definitely time to leave the Himalayan foothills for warmer climes.

This week saw the last two days of exams Monday and Tuesday, then everyone had a day off to pack on Wednesday. Midlands (the high school girls’ dorm) was a chaos of trunks, clothing drying on racks, and shrieking, giggling girls:

Woodstock School girls' dorm

Ross, as a SAGE student, was granted a trunk to put her stuff in, but this wasn’t sufficient. One of the suitcases she arrived with had gone moldy in storage, and I’m using the other one, so by special dispensation she was decreed a second trunk.

Woodstock School girls' dorm

All the rooms must be completely emptied during vacations, I presume so that they can be thoroughly cleaned. And many people will be changing roommates. Ross was actually well-matched with her roommate this semester – somebody evidently took notice of her answer to the school questionnaire that she is very messy! Next semester she plans to room with a tidier friend; either Ross will reform, or they’ll drive each other crazy. Such are the lessons of boarding school…

Today was the last day of classes. Tonight there’s a farewell dinner at Alter Ridge, then Midlands and Hostel are having separate parties (why separate? don’t ask me – I’m told the boys are really lame these days…). Late tomorrow morning there’s a final assembly, then the students will walk down to the New Road to climb onto buses for Dehra Dun, to catch the Shatabdi Express to Delhi at 5 pm. Their luggage already left for Delhi by truck today.

Ross and I, since we have to deal with our luggage personally, will be taking a taxi down to join the train. I suspect they might as well call tomorrow’s train “The Woodstock Express”.

what are your Going Down Day memories?

2 thoughts on “The End of Another Semester

  1. kataroma

    Wow – it does sound like Hogwarts! How do they decide which dorm you’re in – sorting hat?

    To be honest, at first I thought the plan for Ross to go to boarding school in India seemed a little extreme (so far away!) But the more I read the more fun it sounds. Maybe we’ll send our potential kids for a SAGE year at Woodstock – what fun!

    I’ve been reading your education threads – and I got the impression that Italian state schools are pretty good in the early years (asilo, elementary school) but are horrible when you get to high school and university. Would you say this is a fair assessment?

  2. kataroma

    oh, and I also wanted to say I LOVE your boots! Does that little shop in India do mail order, perchance? I’d like to order a pair! (I’m serious)

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