Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 18

Vandals raid the Resinelli [a tourist area on the mountain above Lecco]: the shocking photos [note that choc = shock, not chocolate]

Tax fraud: troubles for Sergio Longoni

Free gift: the volume “In dialect you say it this way”

Sting: garbage tax goes up 30% for homes, shops, garages, and warehouses

Lecco ever more expensive: price increases for pasta and milk

Alone, depressed, and without work, architect takes his own life

Italian newspaper headlines

Scandal: young girl has sex at school in exchange for cell phone recharges

Albanian severely beats the owner of Bar Roma

The marathon crowns the Lecchesi: problems for the course signage

Tragedy: he shoots himself, but the bullet hits his mother. He is in life-threatening condition [“end of life”]

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