The OpenSolaris Developers’ Summit

I’m attending the OpenSolaris Developers’ Summit, held in Santa Cruz, CA, May 3-4, 2008. I’ve been working with and participating in various online communities for a long time, but I’m new to this one, and have a lot to learn about the people, technologies, history, present realities, and possible futures. This weekend is an excellent opportunity to start filling in some of those gaps.

^ top: Tim Cramer and Jim Walker

Lunch line: Mark Carlson, Dave Stewart (Intel Dave), Ken Mays…

Back of someone’s head, Shiv, Jim Grisanzio, Sriram Narayanan

David Korn speaks, with IRC backchatter.

My mascot and (some of) my equipment: The Mussoorie Monster and the videocamera.

John Plocher, Simon Phipps, soi-disant PITA Ben Rockwood, Glynn Foster, Vincent Cordrey

The entrance to Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where we gathered for a Go Games teambuilding exercise, similar to one I took part in last September in San Francisco.

Team “Sleeping Threads” strategizes: Shawn Walker, Nick Solter, Glenn Fowler, Alta Elstad. I got to know them quite well in the course of running up and down the boardwalk and surrounding area. We all had an unfortunate tendency to start walking fast as soon as we completed a “mission”, before we had figured out where we were supposed to go next. By the end of the evening we had done far more walking than was strictly necessary to complete our tasks. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere…

Someone in Santa Cruz town planning had a senses of humor: this street is across from the boardwalk.

The Mussoorie Monster and George hitch a ride on John Beck‘s cool feathered hat.

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