My New Baby

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s my very own Thumper, aka Sun Fire X4500 Server.

Jeff Cheeney and I (and whoever we can rope in to help) are going to make it into a video compression/archive/streaming server. (Before you start worrying about budget, don’t: this one is rebuilt and didn’t cost us anywhere near sticker price.)

Why do I need such a thing? Take a look:

I’ve shot over 100 hours of video since I began videoblogging for Sun about a year ago, and much more is on the way. I haven’t edited even half of it, partly because I’m doing all the editing and compression a Windows laptop which I also have to use for all my other work. So it would be useful to be able to offload some of the processing onto a different machine, one that can also archive and share the results.

This is also a learning exercise, to see what we can do with all this cool technology we have around, similar to the project that Jeff and Chase distilled into a ten-minute recipe for building a NAS box. Similar also to Dominic’s new recipe series, which began recently with Configuring Sun Storage J4000 Arrays and the ZFS File System in Ten Minutes.

It will probably take some months of poking around and figuring things out, and we’re not entirely sure we’ll be able to boil this one down to “Build a Video Archive/Server in 10 Minutes” – but that’s what we’re trying for. We’ll keep you posted!

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