The Twitter Diaries: August, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park, August 2008

1: having a very irritating day. I shouldn’t be pre-menstrual right now, but sure could kill somebody.

will have to get a Tivo. Can’t bear the political ads, and they will mess up my fall viewing

worked out my frustrations at the gym. Last song to come up on my shuffle: “Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues.” in other words: margarita time!

can the news media think of nothing better to do than recall the anniversaries of everything that ever happened?

Facebook follies: I really don’t want to know that someone I know has joined [a Facebook group called] “Funky Dildo”

2: Ross rec’d her iPhone yesterday. First intimidated then: “It’s got GPS! Cool!”

3: hmm, surprise trip to California this week. Okay, all those folks who wanted to talk to me (or know I want to talk to you…), I’m on my way!

4: is Technorati even working anymore? My score hasn’t budged in months

barely cracked a sweat, but my knees are very unhappy about this afternoon’s workout… must be doing something wrong

5: how can my iPhone be at 20% battery when it was charging all night?

feel like someone tied my spine in knots. Have to figure out how to identify the right mattress for me.

@penelopetrunk no point in having followers if you’re not saying anything to them. 4 tweets a day is not too many

ethnocentric, much?

I linked to an article on ANSA (the Italian news service, rough equivalent to AP, which translates a handful of articles into English) that’s no longer available, about the Pope opining that the Chinese will not be civilized until they… well, become Catholic was the gist of the original Italian article.

had a massage, back feels much better, but now I don’t feel like working. Ordered a memory foam mattress to see if that helps.

6: for the first time, a lost-laptop security breach affects me directly. But, according to the company, it’s not TOO bad…

I had done the first step of enrollment in Clear months ago, then was stymied by lack of a US driver’s license. A laptop full of their customer information, including mine, was lost at San Francisco airport, but later recovered, apparently without any critical files having been opened. Still, Clear shut down enrollment until they could put better encryption in place – on the very day I was heading out on a trip and had been planning to do the in-person enrollment at Denver airport.

@lbridenne76 sadly, don’t have the new Mac yet. The laptop referred to wasn’t mine, but one in the news lost at SFO. But they found it again

@gapingvoid I had a blast @ Sun’s IEC in Bangalore – young people, lots of creative energy. We made great movies (not edited yet…)

Well-known online marketing guru Hugh MacLeod tweets about his work for Dell and remarks that he should visit India and China. I may be missing an opportunity. I know a great deal about online marketing, and even more about India.

sitting in Denver airport, flight over an hour late due to weather. I will be way tired to drive from SFO to my hotel near Menlo Park…

And had a misadventure with a rearview mirror on the way.

7: not nearly enough sleep last night, so the Usabiity Bitch is back

My head is such a swirl of languages & cultures even I’m getting confused

My Italian is still fluent, but sometimes when I imagine a conversation in Italian, a phrase in Hindi pops in there.

8: my surprise visit to MPK has been productive, but damn I’m tired… my brain hurts

going to see Dolly Parton on Sunday. Either something’s weird, or I got stunningly good tickets at a reasonable price

9: the local ice cream truck tune is The Union Maid.

…though I’m probably the only person in the neighborhood who recognizes it. That’s what happens when you grow up with lefty liberal proto-Communist hippy parents. ; )

10: surely it’s illegal to run power tools in a quiet suburban neighborhood at 8 am on SUNDAY??

Dolly Parton fun, didn’t expect to see half of Denver’s gay population there, but, upon reflection, not surprising. She’s always been camp.

interestingly, her encore song about Jesus went over like a lead balloon

11: my daughter is 19 today.

Ross does meet some interesting people…

this week’s flight: DEN-ABQ to meet Enrico who’ll be doing a seminar at the university there, then on to Las Vegas NM…

I need something that automatically resets time zones on all my calendars etc. based on my GPS location

@IgorMinar what does it matter? the US public is far more concerned about Edwards’ sex life!

12: awake and irritable in the deeps of the night. Be relieved if you don’t have to deal with me tomorrow. Watch out if you do!

an already complex life may become still more complicated

briefly saw a WS classmate who is also a Sun colleague. So easy to talk to someone you’ve known for 30 years, thru much craziness and change

strange church name:

Broomfield, CO: Somehow, I can’t help thinking of a moth-eaten quilt

just watched The Princess Bride for the 1st time in years. Still an all-time favorite, though the book is better. Must re-read now.

13: banging my head against the wall is, not surprisingly, causing headaches. Probably not just mine.

Office politics. Still no fun, but I think I’m getting better at it.

@louordorica @helllyski if you want excitement, you can come sit outside my office…

coolio – gonna put an OpenSolaris background on my iPhone

14: have recently learned that I am an 800-lb gorilla.

I try to get expense reports done quickly, but this new tool is making that quite a challenge

amused that Lufthansa addresses me as “Dr. Straughan”

hmm. wonder how new ultra-portable Dells will stack up against the MacBook Air I haven’t bought yet

just got recorded to maybe be voice talent for some Sun multimedia projects. They liked it, and I wasn’t even doing my sexy voice.

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