The Twitter Diaries: 2009-02-08

  • @divinacucina yummy! especially with anchovy dressing in reply to divinacucina #
  • Divorcing Italy went to my mailing list this am, one unsubscribe request already. Folks cherishing a dream prefer to hear the nice stuff. #
  • @divinacucina ooo, must try those. There are times when I have a deep, visceral craving for anchovies. in reply to divinacucina #
  • @italylogue looking forward to it. +ing you to the RSS feed of stuff I share on Current Events in Italy (Google thinks I’m the world expert) in reply to italylogue #
  • @italylogue me the world expert? Italy should be frightened! in reply to italylogue #
  • @KathySierra wd be interesting for a company to try sponsoring a LACK of ads, say on a public space. Good PR value? in reply to KathySierra #
  • come to think of it, I never see Sun advertising in any traditional sense #
  • @jowyang my impression is that the Davos types are mostly interested in interacting with each other in reply to jowyang #
  • excited that we’ll get live streams from TED at Sun campuses next week – I’ve always wanted to attend #
  • @pizzocalabro thanks. Sadly, the paying market is in the romanticized fluff, e.g. Under the Tuscan Sun. “Italy porn”, I guess. in reply to pizzocalabro #
  • what is the big deal if Phelps smokes dope? So have several presidents. #
  • hmm. How on earth did I get a page hit from Jeff Jarvis’ site? Not that I mind… #
  • @jowyang you can get a courtesy snort, the usual reaction to puns in reply to jowyang #
  • I’ll be in SFO week of Feb 22-Mar 1. Who else? #
  • @pizzocalabro my boss in Milan smoked truly nauseating Toscani cigars IN THE OFFICE in reply to pizzocalabro #
  • can’t stay still too long: just arranged to go to Las Vegas NM to visit friends and teach high schoolers about blogging, or something #
  • @jowyang it’s amazing how efficient Italian law can be when prosecuting the wrong things. Meanwhile, a multiply-indicted prime minister… in reply to jowyang #
  • @jowyang “The judges could decide that YT/Goog = a newspaper or TV editor, and can be held responsible for…” in reply to jowyang #
  • @jowyang “…whatever is transmitted…. This trial is important, relevant to our [Italy’s] future – not Google’s.” in reply to jowyang #
  • non capisco la storia Google. Dicono di aver rimosso il video entro 24 ore dalla richiesta, ma qui: – 2 mesi? #
  • @deirdresm hmm, maybe we can meet for lunch? in reply to deirdresm #
  • @storagebod at least no one can accuse you of sandbagging your personal goals. ; ) in reply to storagebod #
  • NYC in Legos: #
  • @frank_dobner e’ una di quelle parole per cui non esiste una traduzione adeguata in italiano. Il che sarebbe un bel tema per un articolo… in reply to frank_dobner #
  • We have subtitled video! Yay! #
  • @frank_dobner pensavo piuttosto al fatto che il concetto sembra non esistere in Italiano in reply to frank_dobner #
  • do our banks not have anybody with a single brain cell working in PR? Expensive furniture and Las Vegas junkets right NOW?? #
  • @frank_dobner non ho mai provato, potrebbe dipendere piu’ dalla tastiera in reply to frank_dobner #
  • @deirdresm great! I’ll probably be at Sun’s MPK offices Tuesday and Friday in reply to deirdresm #
  • the doctor took a piece out of my left forearm today to biopsy, probably just a funny-looking mole #
  • this is only the 3rd time I’ve had stitches. Post-shower, should I put on a new bandaid? more Vaseline? looks clean, a bit sore & itchy #
  • @darios attenzione, c’e’ ne sono due di Chris Anderson nelle news questa settimana! in reply to darios #
  • ow, stitches catching on bathrobe. Bandaid it is. #
  • @frank_dobner skin cancer screening (long overdue given my childhood in the tropics) turned up a suspicious mole, now removed for biopsy in reply to frank_dobner #
  • @om I wonder how much people get out of conferences who spend so much attention blogging them. Great svc to those who can’t attend, but… in reply to om #
  • @gaspart il governo italiano dovrebbe farmi un’offerta simile. ; ) in reply to gaspart #
  • @seancarlos got any suggestions on good liveblogging apps? in reply to seancarlos #
  • <grumble> the author of “Eat, Pray, Love” gets to speak at TED. I named my website “Countries Beginning with I” before her book came out. #
  • @italylogue I refuse to read it. I avoid all that “finding yourself under a foreign sun” stuff. Have lived too long overseas myself. in reply to italylogue #
  • @emmabird the more I hear, the more I think reading it would give me an ulcer in reply to emmabird #
  • @italylogue a friend has suggested I self publish material from my site, but that seems like too much work right now in reply to italylogue #
  • hmm. There are gaping holes in the Web 2.0 schedule, but my talk was turned down. Because I’m not a regular on the speaker circuit? #
  • I can see how Anderson went from mish kid to TED, via Woodstock school. That’s MY tribe #
  • Yann arthus bertrand’s new film will be distributed free. #
  • Dancing geeks seems to be a theme in my life lately. Great minds #
  • @mmcallen not sure what to make of her. Reminds me of Leonard Cohen somehow #
  • some1 I barely know emails me to pray for some1 I don’t know at all. Should I tell her that, as an atheist, this makes me uncomfortable? #
  • it was very cool to watch TED streamed live at Sun’s Broomfield office. Would have been infinitely cooler to be there, of course. TED envy. #
  • @missbhavens courage, sister. If your biological family is dysfunctional, build a new one. in reply to missbhavens #
  • awake too early, too much on my mind #
  • why are stitches black? it looks like an insect is partially embedded in my arm (no, I don’t like this image, either) #


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