The Twitter Diaries: 2009-03-15

old avertising on a building in downtown Austin

^ old advertising on a building in downtown Austin

  • a fascinating variety of careers & lifestyles among Woodstock School alumni: #
  • @lskrocki I’ve been using the neti every day for a while now, seems to keep my usual recurring sinus infections at bay in reply to lskrocki #
  • Just had wax torture. By some definition this may count as pampering myself. #
  • @deeharvey was interesting talking about the differing cultural norms about female hair in the US, Europe, and India. Not enough info yet. in reply to deeharvey #
  • RT @richardshow great original song: – Richard, let us know if you’re going to be on PHC! #
  • @lskrocki I envy all the people I saw on horseback on my way home. Must see if I can find an easy way to get back into riding in reply to lskrocki #
  • @the_contrarian why is she still mailing you? why do you read it? in reply to the_contrarian #
  • okay, Internet marketing gurus what keywords would you use to get people to a site for a study abroad program in India? #
  • @Robbiefowler interesting. I hadn’t thought of Slumdog as being a big incentive to visit India! tho everything in it rings true, good & bad in reply to Robbiefowler #
  • @Schlomo I voted. Wasn’t easy. That site has damn poor usability in reply to Schlomo #
  • reinstalling Tivo desktop for the umpteenth time #
  • @Robbiefowler time frame is elastic starting from now. Budget is damn near zero, with potentially a fair amount of community input in reply to Robbiefowler #
  • @Robbiefowler target audience students and teachers (separate programs) in reply to Robbiefowler #
  • is there a way to track what terms are being searched on Twitter and at what rate? #
  • sheesh, SxSWi beginning to seem like too much work to be fun. Bagging the last day to go to NYC for CommunityOne. Poor, poor pitiful me. #
  • damn. really wanted to see Wicked, but no tix from Ticketmaster, not sure whether to trust any of the online scalpers #
  • it hasn’t snowed much this year. Only on the days when I have no choice but to drive in it. #
  • @penelopetrunk maybe you all needed that in reply to penelopetrunk #
  • @iamrashmi sorry, lost the thread – apropos of what? in reply to iamrashmi #
  • brain hurts from reviewing captions (for a ZFS tutorial, no less) for hours. Getting on a plane this evening will be relatively relaxing. #
  • banks will chrg me more for a loan because I’m in CO and the car I’m buying for Ross is in TX. WTF????? #
  • had a restless night in Austin. Now running stats for the boss, then breakfast, car stuff, 2-hour phone meeting, hair… #
  • am I missing something? can’t figure out how to sync ical with the calendar on my iPhone #
  • @lbridenne76 thanks – finally figured out that there was a world of preferences I had to scroll down to find. totally non-obvious in reply to lbridenne76 #
  • @wanderingitaly don’t miss great Nutella alternatives? eg at ICAM in Lecco, Eur’s lgest producer of organic choc in reply to wanderingitaly #
  • @sumaya poor @rogerspot sounds like he doesn’t get out much. Tell them to get him out of the closet! in reply to sumaya #
  • @sumaya @dabuitron hmm, good to know. I’m going to need enterntainment for a student party around SC09 in reply to sumaya #
  • Next on the girly stuff to do list: hair #
  • @c_bright I’ll never understand why the guns are available to do this with. #
  • @lordorica and some of the existing fans really, really hate it! in reply to lordorica #
  • an old friend of Ross’ from Lecco is now on Big Brother Albania, and has Facebook fan clubs. Which are stealing Ross’ photos of him… #
  • listening to the rain in Austin. And not sleeping, obviously. #
  • @meangrape that’s what I need – someone to bring me a bottle when I’m awake and hostile in the middle of the night in reply to meangrape #
  • left it running for hours, iCal never finished synching to the iPhone. anyone have any ideas? #
  • feel like I’m a one-woman economic stimulus package this week. #
  • Italian bloggers are afraid, very afraid: #
  • warning to all of you coming to SxSW: Austin is unseasonably and unreasonably cold! And raining! #
  • oh, dear. Now I have a proposal to complete by Monday… #
  • @stoweboyd don’t worry, in Italy it’s Friday the 17th they worry about. in reply to stoweboyd #
  • got my badge n stuff, now having a large lunch to fortify me. Standing in line, got interviewed by Adobe. Oh, yes, bought car this morning. #
  • @zephoria I’ll be there! Looking fwd to finally seeing you in person, and seeing Judith again. #sxsw in reply to zephoria #
  • “marketing is being replaced by community development” #sxsw #
  • Surprised to randomly run into people I know #

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