The Twitter Diaries: 2009-03-22

Felicia Day & Deirdré Straughan

^ Felicia Day and me at SxSW

  • trying to wake up enough to write a proposal that has to be turned in by tomorrow night #
  • a little weird being over 30 and “representing” big corp at SxSW. Event decidedly not geared to us, but perhaps we learn more that way. #
  • @seancarlos I’m not here as a vendor, for some I’m a potential buyer/employer. Mostly I’m listening, learning, and meeting people in reply to seancarlos #
  • @jaredpolis On the web, you pretty much have to go looking for the weirdos. Unless you’re counting spam. in reply to jaredpolis #
  • Got my photo with Felicia Day #fangasm #
  • Sun should be speaking here #sxsw We are doing this stuff well and no one knows it! #
  • So much learned at #sxsw Hope my notes will be sufficient reminder when I finally have time & energy to write about it all #
  • OH “you have to suck some serious c0ck to get anywhere in [Hollywood]” #
  • where the hell has Facebook hidden my groups? #
  • @giovanni horses sweat just like people do, and, like people, they get smelly when they’re sweaty in reply to giovanni #
  • arranging a Woodstock GTG in NYC this weekend. Will probably see at least 1 classmate I haven’t seen since we graduated in 1981 #
  • Perception reflects our own insecurities: I feel like the uncool kid walking into the school cafeteria #sxsw #
  • @jeffreytaylor have mostly ignored the parties. Loud crowds not conducive to conversation. But met interesting people i’ll stay in touch w #
  • @emmabird being a victim of mega inefficiency is about as Italian as you can get. #
  • @Halcyon would have a “maybe” answer to that. The question is: whose story is it to tell? in reply to Halcyon #
  • had to leave FB and do a Google search to find my Colorado Girl Geeks group page. How lame is that for UI design? #
  • @thepartycow don’t kick anybody snoring on the floor – it might be me. in reply to thepartycow #
  • #sxsw I missed the Powderly keynote. I’d care more about that if I had more than the slightest idea who he is. #
  • Can’t tell if people look familiar because I hsve met them, seen them online, or they fit some type in my mind #
  • @mmcallen probably Powazek #
  • @davewiner I see a full large room at an entirely diff session #
  • @mmcallen Powazek talked about designing for the wisdom of the crowd #
  • @mmcallen I hope to find time to write about what I’ve been hearing here #
  • @missbhavens are you in NYC this week? Be fun to meet #
  • Landed #
  • Landed in NYC to find ourselves in the middle of the st patrick’s day parade #
  • @missbhavens yay Brian! in reply to missbhavens #
  • @bicyclemark also depends on the geek quotient of each #
  • @davest isn’t there a Winnie the Pooh song about that? #
  • @bicyclemark Twestival was a worldwide fundraiser about water. I met the woman who organized it in Austin just now. She’s based in london #
  • @bicyclemark and sxsw had a panel on social media for social good #
  • Saw Angela Lansbury on stage in “Blithe Spirit”. grande dame #
  • @jeffhuber ditto in reply to jeffhuber #
  • @lbridenne76 had a good talk over beer with the gang at SxSW, could ask if they’d like to test… in reply to lbridenne76 #
  • @rosso well duh – Mamma Mia! ; ) #
  • I should not have felt so awful all day today after one G&T and a few glasses of wine last night. Bad oyster, maybe? #
  • @richstyles I couldn’t find anything in the old FB layout. In the new one, I can find even less. I use groups, people! in reply to richstyles #
  • advertising a Woodstock lunch tomorrow in NYC. Any Woodstockers reading this, get in touch! #
  • argh! Google news on iphone thinks I speak german. How do I set it to English? #
  • I enjoy living in a country where boys can wear makeup #
  • @sumaya do you have any friends who went to Woodstock School in India? We have a ton of alums from Bangladesh, including several of my class in reply to sumaya #
  • spent the night with Sarah and Dave again, more coming soon! #
  • Facebook sends me email about someone tagging me, but the link does not get me anywhere near whatever the item was. #
  • lord, it’s been a hard week. #
  • the B I hate even more than Bush (thx @italylogue for the link) #

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