Sysadmin to Go

^ Clay Baenziger of the Front Range OpenSolaris User Group poses as a “sysadmin to go”.

In conjunction with CommunityOne, we held a boot camp for OpenSolaris User Group leaders, bringing representatives in from around the world to share knowledge on how to create, grow, and support their groups.

We started off the morning with the Go Game, which I highly recommend as both a team building activity and a great way to get out, move around, and see some of the city.

The game includes creative challenges which must be documented in photos or video. I don’t remember what the above photo’s theme was meant to be, but Clay in the delivery truck is just so darned cute… And apparently it was a challenge: the delivery guy agreed to the photo, but kept a very close watch to be sure that this wasn’t just a ploy to steal his packages.

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