The Twitter Diaries: 2009-07-12: New Zealand

^ Glynn Foster photographed me speaking on Social Media and video, at the NZ Ministry of Education

  • nice Tweetstream on the talk just completed at NZ Min of Ed #Extconv by various attendees #
  • RT @glynnfoster: #ExtConv me, listening. It IS all about conversation. #
  • RT @om: Goodbye post for Compuserve. – damn! I, too, got my start on CompuServe – in 1982: #
  • takes an hour most mornings to do an initial check of all my networks. I’m beginning to believe my connections are a large part of my value. #
  • looking forward to getting back to warmer climes. Will have to come back to NZ in the SUMMER. But it’s a beautiful place in any season. #
  • RT @BigAdmn: (AKA “where in the world is DeirdreS”) – so I need a red & white stripey hat now? #
  • today’s video seminar went well, people found it useful. I must get over thinking that anything *I* know must be obvious to the world. #
  • trying to figure out what makes sense to do with luggage tomorrow, flight from Wellington to Auckland at 8:30 pm. #
  • @jeffreytaylor happy happy happy birthday! in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • reserved at the San Jose Marriott for OSCON, got 4 free movie tickets. Who wants to go to the movies that weekend? #
  • TripIt doesn’t know where I am. Oh, well. It’s getting to where I don’t know where I am, either. And I have a headache. Would beer help? #
  • @alydenisof you can take comfort that you have at least one follower who is definitely older than you. ; ) in reply to alydenisof #
  • RT @DeirdreS: New blog post: This One’s for @RealShamu – okay, it’s for @Shamu #

^ me with my Shamu hat, in the distance is Whale Island in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty

  • Web 2.0 sure is useful for our far-flung network of Woodstock alumni. Jigme just wrote me on FB that he arrived in Wellington last night #
  • last day of seminars in Wellington – two hours of conversation with a core group of interesting people #extconv – glad to have met you all! #
  • relieved to see that Brisbane will be warmer than NZ, and San Jose warmer still. My body wants the warm! #
  • @Britopian What a ridiculous, hysterical article. Most child molestation is done by someone who already knows the child in real life. in reply to Britopian #
  • RT @jmleray: RT @repubblicait “Yes we camp!” – visible protest at the G8 in L’Aquila #
  • @Shamu And note Whale Island in the background! in reply to Shamu #
  • RT @seancarlos: Italy seems to need a better PR firm “Italy ranks 76th on the… Index of Economic Freedom” #
  • said goodbye to @glynnfoster in Wellington yesterday, realized we’ll see each other in San Jose next week. We Sunnies get around. #
  • RT @dave_enz: lunch w 2 Woodstock (India) classmates in Wgtn and a 3rd (in Wgtn from NY for the day) finds us – the power of social media! #
  • it’s a gorgeous sunny day in Auckland (though not warm). Contemplating what to do about that. #

^ So I went for a walk to the zoo. In a park along the way, saw this amusing specimen of urban wildlife a pukeko.

  • RT @zephoria: Walmart Twitter discussion policy & terms of use: – very clueful! Who’s running social media over there? #
  • school holidays in NZ, so the park and zoo were crawling with kids. Nope, sorry, don’t even find them cute anymore. Been there, done that. #
  • ps there are some kids I like, but those are kids I happen to find interesting as human beings, not swoon over just because they’re kids. #
  • @gpelz @ElaineEllis Okay, gals, I’m confused – what kind of event involves cupcakes AND puppies AND porn? #ignitedenver in reply to gpelz #
  • @ThinGuy well, hey, I haven’t met /your/ kids yet. I might even like them. ; ) in reply to ThinGuy #
  • :|: zoomata :|: » Blog Archive » Italy’s “Brain Drain” Becomes Big-Screen Drama #
  • NZ’s metered bandwidth completely sucks. the families I’m staying with both run out mid-month, then access is dial-up speed for rest of mo. #
  • No water in the house this morning due to broken pipe on the street. Hope to get a shower by noon. Apparently it’s time for me to leave NZ. #
  • @ben and you put up with it?!? (bandwidth metering) It takes only one provider to decide otherwise – they’ll own the market. in reply to ben #
  • @rafmanji @ben Even Italy does better than this – on Lake Como I get 7 mbps down, 2 mbps up, unlimited, for about 40 euros a month in reply to rafmanji #
  • RT @BigAdmn: Free training for Solaris sysadmins: new advanced modules on backups, restores, UFS and ZFS. #
  • Fate is playing 52-pickup with my life, and I’m still watching to see where all the cards will fall. So I’m not playing with a full deck. #
  • @bklein34 thanks. I try to stay on the laughing side, but some days it’s harder than others. That’s why I travel so hard. in reply to bklein34 #
  • @TregorySullivan the hard part, actually, is figuring out what I /want/. I’m not used to having choices about my life. It’s exciting & scary in reply to TregorySullivan #
  • 1 key to me: I don’t like routine. Once I figure out how to do something, I teach it to others, and move on. Now at that meta stage on video #
  • Gay community turns assertive in workplace- fascinating social change in India #
  • want to go out for a good dinner in Auckland, with good NZ wine for my last night here. Suggestions? One of the party is vegetarian. #
  • RT @JackiePeters: RT @DaisyWhitney Most video views come from blogs according to TubeMogul – doesn’t surprise me #
  • a purring pussycat sitting next to me (he’d be on me, if I didn’t have a laptop in my lap) as I work is an unaccustomed luxury #
  • @jonasthaler hmm, I’ve got a BUNCH of storage friends you need to talk to… @reiger , meet Jonas – tell him about your brain (scans). in reply to jonasthaler #
  • @tasteNZ can you recommend a restaurant to go with that wine? ; ) in reply to tasteNZ #
  • had a nice farewell to NZ dinner at Deve in Kingsland, Auckland. wines were Spinyback Pinot Noir (v sweet) and a v peppery Wishart #

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