The Twitter Diaries: 2009-08-09: CO


^ This would be overdone even in Switzerland – but it’s in Vail.

  • slept til 9 am – that is so unlike me! #
  • ah, now this is more like summer. I’d better go for a walk before temp hits the 90s today. #
  • @nonstick LOL! Sometimes the only answer is “Because that would have messed up the story the author wanted to tell.” in reply to nonstick #
  • Ross tells me that Indian culture is penetrating Italy: Jai Ho! is popular at dance clubs #
  • @bklein34 TEDIndia would be my ideal occasion! Hmm. Chris Anderson, distinguished Woodstock alum, hmm… <plotting> in reply to bklein34 #
  • RT @KathySierra: How do cos justify $$$ on marketing/ads while product/svc on life-support? Isn’t great prod/svc/support the BEST marketing? #
  • putting together a wine cork board is tricker than it looks. #
  • just to add to my communications overload, I’m back on IRC for the first time in years. Gotta be where (more of) my peeps are! #
  • I have yet to reach the point where exercise feels good, but at least it feels better than no exercise. A walk in the Colorado twilight. #
  • damn, this Strengths Finder assessment is better than a horoscope #
  • argh. it’s midnight and tomorrow is Monday. Must. Stop. Now. #
  • RT @guardiantech: Can the web save Italy’s artisanal food producers? #
  • @nonstick my major non-strength is ironing. Tho not too crazy about housecleaning, either. in reply to nonstick #
  • nothing like starting my day feeling stupid thanks to technology #
  • from the not-so-evil empire: Sara Ford’s Weblog : OSCON 2009: One of the greatest weeks in my Microsoft Career #
  • this performance map business is hard. Can’t we just say I do stuff superbly and leave it at that? #
  • item on FakeSteveJobs reminded me that somone had recently told me about this very funny video: #
  • ooookkkkayyy… that is not the result I was expecting for that particular search. Apparently Google is omniscient. #
  • when a community (even of friends) is based around one personality, and that personality goes rogue, the whole community hurts #
  • @zephoria I hope that doesn’t translate into automatically assuming that older=rigid, in adaptable, etc. That’s not always the case in reply to zephoria #
  • @Roam2Rome enjoy your paleness now – 20 years from now people will be complimenting you on your youthful complexion. in reply to Roam2Rome #
  • @gpelz I’ve seen them fail twice at crucial moments, and been told that htey are not at all discriminating in the sound they pick up. in reply to gpelz #
  • @trine crazy. Life’s too short for conservative hair. in reply to trine #
  • …and I’m still looking for a sufficiently non-conservative hairdresser in Boulder/Denver area… #
  • @Kimbirly can”t DM if you’re not following me in reply to Kimbirly #
  • UStream doesn’t save chat streams for you. FAIL #
  • @lbridenne76 it’s really bad when you don’t know about that limitation in advance… #Ustream in reply to lbridenne76 #
  • @Roam2Rome worked for me: rarely tanned (just not capable), never smoked, drink lots of water. in reply to Roam2Rome #
  • two nights of inadequate sleep are catching up. But overall mood is… happy, actually. #
  • whoever invented various & noisy forms of motorized transport for the underage set should be shot. Forthwith. #
  • @DavidStrauss having trouble finding one as creative as the one I like in Austin. I came out looking like Hilary Clinton last time. in reply to DavidStrauss #
  • (nothing against Hilary, but her hairstyle is not for me) #
  • @msgilligan Anyone who thinks Hilary is a little old lady has another think coming. in reply to msgilligan #
  • Wow, slept the night through, which almost never happens naturally. Something new in my environment appears to be good for me. #
  • @briansolis your reference to “Deirdre and I” threw me there for a minute. I’m pretty sure the book I wrote wasn’t with you. ; ) in reply to briansolis #
  • @ThinGuy seems reasonable to me. Haven’t you ever wondered what the inside of a washing machine would feel like? in reply to ThinGuy #
  • like mother, like daughter: Ross is thinking seriously about going to Australia next (northern) winter, to work with horses. #
  • listening to a preso on career transition #
  • relieved to hear that the old “send your resume around” is out of style – it never worked for me #
  • what on this MacBook is snorting at me? #
  • oh, damn, the elevator pitch. My career/job doesn’t condense that well #
  • Req for feedback: I made up “social media producer” as part of my title. Is that instantly understandable? #
  • @bklein34 wrote: @DeirdreS It does: I tell stories with video. I tell them in a human way that makes tech come alive to broad audiences. And I innovate.
  • @bklein34 wow, thanks, I love that! Can I quote you? ; ) in reply to bklein34 #
  • @bklein34 wrote: @DeirdreS Of course! I think what you do is so amazing!
  • “keep your online presence professional”. Okay, as long as you don’t consider the Italian slang dictionary unprofessional… #
  • @c_bright “content” clarifies but also restricts. I’m both producing the content and managing/strategizing the whole, um, performance in reply to c_bright #
  • @bklein34 thanks! I do love it, so am working on getting to keep on doing it. in reply to bklein34 #
  • despite major life complications, feeling optimistic, even giddy. #
  • @c_bright Done right, social media can require quite a lot of production! What I’m Doing in Brisbane #
  • @ethang don’t think I have a photo unless you’re in here somewhere, may have video – editing that soon #
  • @ethang sorry, I only seem to have vid of you from the neck down… Vid of me would be great – it’s rare! in reply to ethang #
  • finally working on drafts of the FISL interviews (all in Br. Portugese) #
  • / Europe – “…the “system” in Italy, where businessmen pay women to entertain politicians.” #
  • guaranteed to raise a smile: – the music is Dhoom Tana from “Om Shanti Om” #
  • blog post: Reflections on My Career #
  • @mjabali Thanks. If you find the model helpful, let me see what you do with it – I’d be curious to compare others. in reply to mjabali #
  • I would almost have to let this spammer slip by for being smart. #
  • weird. OGB meeting call kept getting “hello? hello?” interruptions in Spanish or Portugese. Who did they think they were calling? #
  • short on sleep again. It’s Thursday. #
  • trying to figure out how to get to actually play the song I want. The stuff they’re suggesting is good, but why be a tease about it? #
  • it’s Friday and things are a little weird. But I’m on vacation. That’s plus. #
  • it is so unlike me to lose things when I travel, but it’s been happening a lot lately. Damn. Gonna miss those Steve Madden gel flats. #
  • @jtroyer re UStream this might help, and there are a couple of other notes about UStream on my blog – Un Posto al Sole #
  • @jeffreytaylor Can I just marry you? Oh, wait, I think you’re already taken. in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • hitting the road that points west. Dillon CO tonight, after that no precise plans. Except to be largely offline. Ciao, tweeps! #
  • Picnic lunch before a hike on Dillon lake #


  • 2 hr hike, HP6 (E hadn’t seen it), now dinner, soon sleep. Because that’s enough activity for a vac day! #
  • Damn. All the neighbors in Dillon sure are stingy with their wifi #
  • Vaca reading choices: the Penguin historyof the US, or The Virgin’s Lover (another Philippa Gregory Tudor potboiler). Hmm. #
  • Ross also saw HP6 this aft, says it was awesome in 3D Imax. I admit I spent most of my 2nd viewing thinking about other things. #
  • Both slept badly, maybe due to altitude and dryness. At least with jetlag E wakes up as early as I do so we’ll hit the road soon. #
  • Vail looks enough like Cortina that I don’t need to see any more. Not that I’ve spent a lot of time in Cortina. #
  • At 12095 ft Independence pass was too high for me – dizzy! #
  • Now in Aspen, another place for people with more money than sense, apparently. Must get a photo of Snark St – too appropriate for my mood. #


  • @familyonbikes I wasn’t on a bike, fortunately. Doubt I’ll ever be on that kind if shape in reply to familyonbikes #
  • “you’re holding up better than any other 46 year old I know” is not the romantic compliment I was looking for. #

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