The Twitter Diaries: 2009-10-18: San Francisco


  • alarm was set for 5, so of course I woke up at 4:30. And of course I got to the airport too early, and of course the flight is delayed. #
  • Colleague on the same plane going to #oow09 to demo something that I know @reiger wants to see. I’ll get video for you ; ) #
  • Speaking of video, total views of all 150 hrs I’ve done for Sun = 55k. Not bad for mostly extremely technical material. #
  • Waiting for my bag at sfo. New suitcase is bright aqua – easy to spot! #
  • @reiger what sort of hits? in reply to reiger #
  • @deirdresm til the 19th, I’m i Menlo Weds & Thurs in reply to deirdresm #
  • Even at an event this big, I instantly run into people I know. It’s possible I know too many people #
  • @oracletechnet you around now? #
  • Listening to mcnealy #oow09 top 10 innovations from Sun Inc Blackbox, ZFS, SunRay, open storage, E10k… #
  • 216k sparc servers in the mkt. Mysql will continue just as innodb and sleepycat have. #
  • Blue goes to red, and Larry’s on stage #
  • “we will increase the rate of contribution to MySQL” #oow09 #
  • Larry does not play nice with the competition. Fun! ; ) #
  • @empoprises I’ll be in and out of the Sun booths today pls stop by and say hi! in reply to empoprises #
  • @glynnfoster guess you figured ut out. Was always v short yesterday evening in reply to glynnfoster #
  • As for me: “early next morning she woke up in bed, with a smile on her face and an ache in hear head…” #
  • #oow09 keynote speaker lineup shows great diversity. I think there’s a lot to like about my future new employer! #
  • Hmm. It appears I should learn golf or sailing. Or maybe flying. #
  • #oow09 Katz on the importance of integration. $3 billion/yr in R&D.Phillips: Listening to what customers want. Me like! #
  • #oow09 I wince when female execs joke about shopping and shoes. We’ve got enough stereotypes to fight – let’s not do it to ourselves #
  • Show floor hasn’t even officially opened and the Sun booth is hopping #oow09 #
  • @ShashiTharoor Colbert will undoubtedly ask about sacred cows in reply to ShashiTharoor #
  • @deirdresm I’ll invite you to my birthday party, if you want to be in Austin around thanksgiving in reply to deirdresm #
  • Glad I wore a suit today. Yes, I did already own one. #
  • #oow09 population seems even more skewed to male than most tech confs I’ve attended. On the upside, there’s never a line for the ladies’ rm #
  • Mysterious booming roar coming from upstairs at moscone. A fleet of Ferraris? #
  • Meeting up with lots of Sun peeps #oow09 This weekend will see a lot of my old videoblogging buds. All fun! #
  • It’s very nice to have a chair, but I’m going to fall asleep in this dim, warm room. I’ll rest a little longer, then head back to the show #
  • TPC-C with Sun FlashFire 27% better thruput, 16x better response time, 8x less rack space, 4x less power #oow09 #
  • Filming demos at the Sun booth #oow09 #
  • Sometimes It can be very useful to pretend that you don’t know you’re being insulted. Smile sweetly and keep asking the questions #
  • Top of the Mark hotel offers free limo to anyone who steps on the property. Very classy, esp as the hotel I’m at is in sketchville #
  • @anitaborg_org no mine was diff situation. I can take care of condescending dweebs easily enough ; ) in reply to anitaborg_org #
  • @CiaoLaura yup in sf til next Monday. Not staying at TotM – I wish! in reply to CiaoLaura #
  • @ThinGuy yeah we don’t hate you or anything… in reply to ThinGuy #
  • “Berlusconi reinforced an image that would help marginalize Italian women for decades to come. ” #
  • A brisk walk and caffeine might almost overcome lack of sleep and set me up for another long day. Wonder what I’m doing in SF tonight #
  • @ThinGuy I was wearing red paisley rain boots most of yesterday. Maybe that accounted for… Hmm. in reply to ThinGuy #
  • Spent most of yesterday on my feet in the booth. exhausting, but got 70 mins of footage – demos and interviews #
  • Also talked to many colleagues, paid it forward, and got help in return. F2F is simply more effective – no way around that #
  • @dudulima I wish! Not likely I’m afraid but I’m training Teresa and Rafael today. We hope Teresa gets to come to Tech Days in reply to dudulima #
  • @dudulima of course if you guys can buy the ticket I’ll happily come ; ) in reply to dudulima #
  • @pandemia Twitter in italia in Che senso? E’ gia’ globale in reply to pandemia #
  • When you’re doing something you haven’t done b4 u #
  • When u do something u haven’t done b4 u really can’t lose: if u fail, chalk it up to inexperience. If u succeed, u look even better… #
  • … Than those who do it all the time. So bring on the slings and arrows: I’m bulletproof on this one. ; ) #
  • What I’d like to do tonight is sing or dance. Karaoke or…? Suggestions in SF, anyone? #
  • @dudulima you know I’ll hop on a plane with little or no excuse ; ) surely there are lots of folks there who need video training. in reply to dudulima #
  • ended up with trainees coming in 2 separate batches. So I’m making the first group train the second group. Which means I get to sit down! #
  • @anitaborg_org thanks. Unlike me, some people DON’T know when they’re being insulted. ; ) in reply to anitaborg_org #
  • RT @jwillie: WSJ passes USA Today as biggest U.S. paper (wow) – there’s hope yet for this country #
  • my trainees, for lack of another object, filmed me training them. Looks pretty good, except for a lot of shots of my chest for some reason #
  • damn, missed the Gubernator at #00w09 Had other stuff to do #
  • Ran for the Sun shuttle in the SF drizzle. Even managed to get coffee, but now need a shower. Not used to humidity anymore #
  • Oh dear. Ross is most definitely her mother’s daughter. But at 20 she has the confidence it took me til 40 to acquire. Look out, world! #
  • I feel good (I knew that I would) #
  • RT @davewiner: Why you should share your childhood pictures with your friends as soon as you can. #
  • @jonasthaler nope, same old sense of purpose doing just fine. in reply to jonasthaler #
  • @italylogue – aw, thanks! “She’s a wealth of information, and she doesn’t hold back on her opinions.” #
  • Un Posto al Sole “An OpenSolaris Shirt for Women!” #
  • Today feels like Friday, which is reasonable since my work week began early Sunday. #
  • I am blessed with so many wonderful friends. Just wanted to say “thank you”, in case I hadn’t lately. You know who are, I hope! #
  • Now have a few days to enjoy this city that I hope in the not-too-distant future to call home #
  • @jscarp I would like to, we’ll see what the possibilities are when the dust has settled. in reply to jscarp #
  • A pedicure seems like a good way to end this week. Followed bh dinner, then drinks with old videoblogging buds #
  • I know a bright and noisy place
    Where ev’rybody knows my face!
    A glass of wine, a fast embrace
    It’s Berlusconi’s Italy” #
  • RT @StephenAtHome: MLB League Championship Series have begun and I know who I’m rooting for: baseball sponsor Sun Microsystems. Go ‘systems! #
  • I really REALLY want a filter OUT feature on Twitter. Please, please, please. #
  • @droberts That does sound like an exhausting trip, but potentially fun! in reply to droberts #
  • Videoblogging Tips: Getting Good Sound at a Conference #
  • Lined up to get on the ferry to Sausalito with Jeffrey and John #

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