The Twitter Diaries: 2009-11-01: Broomfield


^ big snowstorm this week; this picture of the Sun courtyard was taken on Friday, Oct 30th

  • today (Oct 25th) is the birthday of the beloved stepmom who walked out of my life 25 years ago. Happy birthday, Nancy, wherever you are. #
  • background: Countries Beginning with I » A Missing Mother #
  • The Mismeasure of Woman – NYT “the situation for women as a whole wasn’t improving, and was even getting worse. ” #
  • Facebook #fail: “You do not have any friends” #
  • here comes the snow. Fortunately, not gonna stick. #
  • hm. Methinks this snow is going to exceed predictions. #
  • @apperceptions I’m the opposite – I still read lots & lots of good old-fashioned paper. Tho I’m reading a lot more non-fiction than I did. in reply to apperceptions #
  • Oracle E-Business Suite on Sun Blades – Sun Video #
  • Solaris Operating System – Solaris Sponsors LISA ’09 “Solaris Sponsors LISA’09” #
  • everybody stop talking about food. I’m hungry! #
  • @shawnferry use Shazam on the iPhone – might be able to identify a buyable track in there somewhere in reply to shawnferry #
  • okay, okay, I’ll do grants today. I now have the POWAH! #
  • @KathySierra we have entire whiteboard walls at Sun. Results include: Geek Humor #
  • @missrogue it’s cedar trees, the scourge of central Texas in reply to missrogue #
  • @pizzocalabro oh, damn. You had to mention the Pirates of Penzance… we’re supposed to be thinking scary Halloween music! in reply to pizzocalabro #
  • Join us at LISA (Large Installation System Administration Conference) rohrer@borealis – giving away lots of great books! #
  • @creepyed great! pls RSVP at so we count you for the food. 500 eldorado blvd, broomfield, co 80021 – #
  • I seem to have a lot of weeks when I’m counting up registrations for multiple events at once… #
  • catching up with a lot of old friends over the last few weeks – just when I really need them, too. Feels good. #
  • @creepyed hon, we gotta get you some better vampire books. Look up Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. in reply to creepyed #
  • Watching snow fall and fall and fall… #
  • RT @billstreeter: Why is pork so magically delicious? – because it tastes like human. #
  • @billstreeter I dunno, maybe it’s one of those ” ultimate taboo” things in reply to billstreeter #
  • @vdotw hell no, I think we should go for the full 18″ ! in reply to vdotw #
  • @Cdash *sniff* No one ever wrote /me/ a love letter with zombies in it. in reply to Cdash #
  • watching snow from BRM office, occasional falls of enormous sheets of accumulated snow from the roofs. Will leave by 2 when CU etc close #
  • I am so bad at long meetings. Especially on the phone. #
  • @vdotw i’m new around here, how do we measure these things? Go out in the courtyard with a ruler? in reply to vdotw #
  • a few gazilliion things I /should/ do. Right now, none of them are the thing I /want/ to do. #
  • @lskrocki @vdotw see my blog post in reply to lskrocki #
  • @bubbva read one of the Sookie books, not impressed. But might like it better if I started from the beginning of the series. in reply to bubbva #
  • @jscarp you just keep kicking that cancer’s ass! in reply to jscarp #
  • wy do we have 8 guys shovelling the walks in the BRM courtyard? Hardly anyone here today, and those left will leave soon! #
  • RT @elizadushku: I did her once. It was enough. @sionrees would it be really ironic if you went as Buffy? Maybe not. @nautibitz LOLling now! #
  • @bklein34 damn! Just when I’m really craving chocolate, too… in reply to bklein34 #
  • @creepyed no problem. We’re waiting to see what conditions look like by tomorrow afternoon. Our speaker is willing to go on with the show! in reply to creepyed #
  • RT @italylogue: Am I the only one who (a) isn’t watching & (b) doesn’t care about the World Series? – me neither #
  • Whoa. Interesting news from the mother ship #
  • @Cdash Security Summit 9-5, reception 5-7, BoFs 7-11… #
  • it’s ON! [FROSUG] Brendan Gregg Talk tonight Sun Broomfield, 500 Eldorado Blvd, Bldg 1 conf center. 6pm pizza & beer! #


^ Brendan Gregg speaks at FROSUG. Yes, of course I filmed it. Yes, it will be available soon.

  • Lay on, MacDuff, and cursed be he who first cries “Hold, enough”! #
  • was amazed to discover that you can see entire movies on YouTube now. At least until someone notices. #
  • hmm. We have an embarrassment of engineering riches in BRM today. #
  • live video stream of tonight’s FROSUG talk about to start: #
  • @missrogue have you heard Los Lonely Boys? Texican music in reply to missrogue #
  • a classic piece of comedy to start the morning wiht a LOL: YouTube – Russell Peters in Indian-Italians #


^ This week we also had the annual Sun Colorado Chili Cook-Off, with about 20 teams competing.
Here’s my colleague Diana Wadding
; she and Lynn were serving Mark Nelson’s excellent green chili recipe.

  • RT @willbldrco: Brendan Gregg demoing Brendan Gregg demoing JBOD shouting disk latency #
  • pre-Halloween video: BRAINSSSSSS! – Stephen Tyree & Alex Barclay of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research #
  • I suppose it would be a good thing if I found a Halloween party to go to. But then I’d also have to find a costume… #
  • @vdotw Oh, dear. I suspect it would take an aswful lot of wine for me to survive six little boys… or even one… in reply to vdotw #
  • @stephenfry here’s cheers: 2001 trip to NYC, asked 12 YO daughter what film she wanted to see. “Gosford Park, because Stephen Fry is in it” in reply to stephenfry #
  • weird spam subject line: “We sell you all these pills thinking about you.” #
  • @mtuckerb lose a day and gain an hour. Or else the universe will implode. Have fun! in reply to mtuckerb #
  • @dottavi peccato che non ci sono piu’ a Lecco – avrei volentieri preso un cafe’ con te. Dovresti venire in Colorado invece in reply to dottavi #
  • RT @webmink: SunMink blog: The Fun Theory
    It may be an advertising stunt, b… #
  • RT @craigmorgan: My Oracle tag-along dwarf tases me whenever I utter the word “free.” (via @fakejonathan) … found via @webmink#
  • slept 7 hrs solid, then another 2. Feel great. And happy. Now to pack for Baltimore. (Yes, happy even about that.) #
  • oh, great. Just when I feel like writing, my blog is down. Guess I’ll do it the old-fashioned way: write first, post later. #
  • pack, unpack, pack, unpack… looks as if MD/DC/VA will be warmer and wetter than CO #
  • “Negativity bias explains why [in marriage] it takes five compliments to make up for a single cutting remark.” #
  • argh. Steeling myself for all the sales crap I’ll have to get through to accomplish online check-in at United #
  • Amused to learn of a historical cougar: Mary Ann Evans aka George Eliot at age 60 married a 40 YO man. After living 24 yrs w a married man. #
  • Sun Video “Kernel Conference Australia: Panel Discussion on ZFS” #
  • @jeffreytaylor good! You deserve a break. in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • @lskrocki you make an adorable angel in reply to lskrocki #
  • @thepartycow I bought some really cool rainboots at that Cole Hardware just a couple of weeks ago in reply to thepartycow #
  • @pizzocalabro “But soon you’ll cage me on your shelf -I’ll never learn to be just me first
    By myself.”ouch. #
  • @reiger umm… I guess it’s a question of what you’re /wearing/ to Rocky Horror. in reply to reiger #
  • @pizzocalabro being “caged on the shelf” in a marriage can happen at any age – and not just to straight people. Power struggles kill love. in reply to pizzocalabro #
  • hadn’t looked at Twitter Lists til just now. highly amused at the variety of categories people have put me into. #

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