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Jan 28, 2010

@KathySierra a lot of us prefer keyboards, though. I find handwriting painful and screen-touching slow. And I type VERY fast.
RT @wanderingitaly: Mmmm. RT: @ContextItaly: Jewish Cuisine in Rome event May 17, led by the wonderful Katie Parla
@nonstick that is very true.
@nonstick I don’t understand everything I film & tweet, but by force of repetition, a lot is sinking in. I can occasionally fool people 😉
RT @zalez: Brendan Gregg measures excellent COMSTAR iSCSI performance on Storage 7000 Systems:
@llcrowe plus rephrasing to make it fit while typing very fast and doing the PR job of choosing what to emphasize. Worse than minuting a mtg
@elfquest sadly, there is usually more of both to be done…
I am wrung out by a day of filming followed by most of a day of live tweeting – both activities harder than they might seem.
@kbeninato now, now – a little journalistic integrity, please. 😉
@gracekboyle bring ’em all to the Girl Geeks Dinner on Feb 17th, right?
@kbeninato who’s Chris Matthews? Did we forget that he’s a moron?
RT @dboyll: Watch Larry Ellison’s presentation from today’s Oracle + Sun strategy event #oraclesun #oracle #sun
they all keep standing up to applaud. Does that mean they’re going to get off their butts and do something?
a president who knows how to use irony, who’da thunk?
a friend asks: Is it okay to say that The President is HOT? Oh, yes…
RT @oracletechnet: Sun and Oracle: Overview and Frequently Asked Questions for the Developer Community #oraclesun
lord, what a lot of grim looking old white dudes
gonna watch the State of the Union, but not going to live tweet it. 5 hours of that was enough for one day
@ThinGuy As of today, however, you will refrain from such jokes and from pictures of goobs. Guess I better not talk about Italian slang, eh?
RT @opensolaris: Oracle will enthusiastically support JUGs, OpenSolaris User Groups, & other Sun-related communities
I figured I’d lose followers with my Tweet storm today. Instead, I gained ’em. I guess my name is again becoming associated with technology.
@drewjensen nothing particular intended by the choice of song; I’ve been transferring stuff from my old site and am re-releasing a bunch
time for a break from technolog: Learn Italian in Song: E la Barca Torn� Sola
RT @dboyll: <exhale> now the real work begins. thanks all for watching. the best is yet to come. #oraclesun – you are so right…
RT @rwang0: #oraclesun now top trending topic on #twitter. outdoing #apple #ipad. very interesting – Tweeters know what’s reallly important?
My family would abandon me immediately if I ran for office. #oraclesun
Size is an advantage as long as you have the right people. We have quality people, in quantity. #oraclesun
The idea that you’re too big to innovate is just ludicrous #oraclesun
user group performs essential function of giving us contact with broad range of customers, even more important in this transition #oraclesun
we’ve got to have that very close relationship with customers, whether via user groups or at customer sites. #oraclesun
Community criticism and ideas are useful to us. Our engineering is response to specfic cust inputs. Want direct relationships #oraclesun
? on benefits of user communities to O. Most important thing is you tell us what isn’t working, where improvements needed. #oraclesun
How can you be against cloud computing? That’s all there is! #oraclesun
@ben glad to help. Confess I wasn’t attentive to every single minute.
@lewellyn Kimball Brown. Can’t remember where I’ve met him.
why isn’t O in consumer electronics? We need to make money at the things we’re good at. iTunes runs on Exadata server #oraclesun
wait, I know that Kimball guy. Not sure from where. My internal faces DB is overloaded. #oraclesun
@bsousapt great minds?
just have to do a better job of delivering wonderful engineering output and delivering it to customers. #oraclesun
We will make 1.5 billion in operating profit in first year as promised. Fabulous customers, wonderful pipleline #oraclesun
how long do investors have to wait? We’ll be profitable in February, March, April… contributing to O profits from 1st month #oraclesun
truth is we’re hiring 2000 people to beef up Sun biz – 2x as many as we’ll be laying off. We’re not cutting Sun to profitability #oraclesun
was v upset to see articles about O laying off half of Sun. That’s highly irresponsible to make up and print. They shd be ashamed #oraclesun
think what we can do in 12, 24, 48 months. It’s going to be exciting. #oraclesun
we ran a lot faster on tiny fraction of power, lower cost… just an example of what we can do in 9 months #oraclesun
we configured Sun system w O software, tuned it up, and blew the doors off IBM in a machine that took up <10 floor space #oraclesun
when O & Sun started working together we had 2 projects – Exadata 2, and to look at SPARC to marry w O DBs to compare w IBM #oraclesun
RT @glynnfoster: @DeirdreS I like ZFS Storage Appliance a lot more – means more to me as an end user #oraclesun – me, too
we’ll be announcing other systems that integrate our software and Sun’s hardware. #oraclesun
if you’re a NetApp user you should look at this as the next generation – faster, costs less, has more snapshots, v interesting #oraclesun
look very closely at the ZFS Storage Appliance another example of storage integrated w hardware delivering huge amts of value. #oraclesun
I mean will NOW be called ZFS Storage Appliance #oraclesun
Sun 7000 will not be called ZFS Storage Appliance #oraclesun
it’s Larry time! #oraclesun
RT @iamsrk: think v bring up our kids too repressed & uneducated about sexuality… powerful statement for India, even today!
RT @martinwake: Register: Steve Jobs uncloaks the ‘iPad’. World continues to revolve around sun. …you mean Oracle! #oraclesun lips!
and now Sun with a 0 margin – ouch! #oraclesun
@jeffreytaylor yes, I’m feeling good about this.
@ruperthowe Oracle announced ealier that we will continue to give away openoffice for free. Who you gonna call? 😉
RT @timbray: With Sun, 9K more services professionals. Most customers already got support from both, should make life easier #oraclesun
Oracle we will support our technologies forever #oraclesun
@webmink you thought you were going to get away that easily? 😉
all mgd by Oracle Enterprise Manager – one env to manage SPARC and x86 virturalization, able to manage pools of SPARC and x86 #oraclesun
will use LDOMs as we use XEN, OracleVM will run on both x86 & SPARC w exact same capabilities #oraclesun
again, a single source of support for these complex environments. When something goes wrong, we will be able to fix the problem #oraclesun
virtualization: will have most comprehensive virtualization solution set from desktop to server, integ of entire stack #oraclesun
over 50k customers run mission-critical apps on Solaris. #oraclesun
operating systems: will build & test prods together with Solaris as we did with Linux. invest significantly in both #oraclesun
build integ bettween biz intell and open office
Cloud Office will be a web based prod suit w web, desktop and mobile UI to edit same docs #oraclesun
OpenOffice will be mgd as indep global biz unit, retaining Sun dev and support teams, including community ed #oraclesun
we’ll make MySQL support better, better cust exp #oraclesun Will build integrations w/ some of our integrated infrastructure
We’re gonna make MySQL better, independent biz unit with separate sales force #oraclesun
Screven is up. Deep breath, everyone. picking up MySQL (disagreement on how to pronounce it). #oraclesun
@akumar a few tens of thousands of us are paying attention to #oraclesun launch
@nonstick you’re not the only one. Go get a drink.
@InsightSoftware to my great disappointment, the cake is not chocolate
whoa, Twitter going down piece by piece. Trending topics and lists have disappeared.
did we kill local trending topics feature on twitter? #oraclesun …before we cut into it #oraclesun
@vdotw I can try…
@BabyJenks23 Cool We have a gang of Deirdres on Twitter, you should come out as a Deirdre 😉 …before we cut into it
RT @glassfish: #Hudson is listed explicitly by ThomasKurian. Was not expecting a mention. Great. #oraclesun
will also continue to support and invest in Eclipse #oraclesun
NetBeans: we’ll bring focus to 2-3 areas where unique: dynamic langs and scripting, mobile dev, ref implementation for JavaEE dev #oraclesun
live-tweeting is hard work. Time for pizza!
unify API between standard and mobile editions. #oraclesun
WebLogic sttrategic prod for enterprise deployments. In mobile, WORA. Optimize Java ME for startup & run, power consuption #oraclesun
optimizing garbage collection #oraclesun continue to support all leading OSs
deliver Java SE7 w support modularity, multiple languages (JVM can run & exec multiple langs), improve perf, support multicore #oraclesun
and revitalize Java commuity of 10 million devlopers worldwide. #oraclesun
Kurian on software strategy to deliver a complete, open, integrated stack. Extends stack to hdw, infrastructure, db, middleware #oraclesun
Qualcomm: was worried about Sun being picked up by IBM, i was steering my people away from buying Sun. Now happy #oraclesun
Fowler: savings out of COGs and overhead will be put back into products #oraclesun Using O software to implement global supply chain
will close 2 dist centers in US and EMEA. We expect to get better customer satisfaction at lower cost #oraclesun
reducing supply chain by 50, reduce shipping locations by 60, implement 100 direct ship for all products #oraclesun
significantly reduce number of actual products we offer, have already reduced 50 of price-listed products. #oraclesun
reduce cost on distribution centers. Other changes: moving supply chain to v simple model, focus on actual customer demand #oraclesun
advantages will be that our material will be at most common usable level, so we can react fast, save on freight & logistics #oraclesun
build to order vs build to stock – Sun has been latter, which works with predictable demand. Model will change to build to order #oraclesun
Cindy Reese to explain how to do hardware delivery, supply chain changes. #oraclesun
and more here: Brendan Gregg on DTrace – Sun Video #oraclesun
improved storage mgt capability with DTrace analytics – more about that here: Sun Video #oraclesun
7000 ZFS storage appliance – first time I’ve seen that terminology #oraclesun
increasing investment in Sun 7000 unified storage will be single platform for Tier 1-3 storage #oraclesun – unique in industry #oraclesun
storage is mission critical because it holds your data. We’ve been working on telemetry svcability, add O capability to do that #oraclesun
Splane: we are also hiring #oraclesun Give us a call.
@tchrischan if the city of SF is smart, they’ll beef up BART and Muni that week
RT @GarySoup: Eat your heart out, Steve Jobs. #oraclesun is top twitter trend in San Francisco at the moment
RT @perw: RT @oracletechnet: we’re going to invest in JavaOne as dedicated conference, and taking it global to boot #oraclesun
#oraclesun accelerated and improved SPARC roadmap, working across the layers – look at how db interacts with microprocessor, how to optimize
#oraclesun Mike Splain up to talk about SPARC. improving energy efficiency, availability. As part of O we’ll be enhancing overall strategy
first integration of full on Oracle regression testing in Fowler’s systems and service farms TODAY #oraclesun
@tchrischan you can rent your sofa, like for Mardi Gras in New Orleans 😉 #oraclesun
also invest in virtualization, DTrace… slides shown too briefly! Can we download them from somewhere? #oraclesun
increase investment in Solaris, in core techs eg scalability, ZFS. If you are an OS engineer, we’re hiring. #oraclesun
#oraclesun using our capabilities for security, scale, predictive self-healing, fault management, serviceability
#oraclesun Fowler: application performance leadership will be our focus. Sounds as if performance know-how will be in high demand.
RT @oracletechnet: JavaOne co-located w Oracle Develop in SF, run in parallel to Oracle OpenWorld (not merged)-& in BRIC #oraclesun #javaone
#oraclesun John Fowler comes out quoting the Grateful Dead. Umm…
#oraclesun JavaOne call for papers opens Feb 10
#oraclesun We can invest in things that Sun perhaps couldn’t afford to do – 70 city customer interaction tour
@nonstick I guess everyone there in person, which includes some Sun people
@davest glad to be of service
#oraclesun a more balanced, focused approach to partnering to provide better svc, support, accountability
#oraclesun hiring 2000 sales professionals as soon as we can find them in storage, server, tape, enterprise software, biz intelligence…
#oraclesun direct relationship, high touch with strategic customers – top 1700 strategic accounts will have direct presenct from Oracle.
#oraclesun optimize the supply chain.
focus on engg and developing innovative products, not commodity. Let Dell do that. Producs that scale out and never go down #oraclesun
#oraclesun We want integrated solutions says CMU customer
Over last 25 yrs tech stack has gotten v complicated, it’s an immense hassle to have so many layers & try to get it all to work. #oraclesun
#oraclesun …will all continue to be available, protects our investment. You’ll be the 1st org that spans the entire tech stack
CMU guy: We run Oracle and Sun in every corner of our org, v pleasing to know that the Sun systems we rely on – ID mgt, Java #oraclesun
Great opp to secure some of the techs that Sun has, I’m going to hightight Lustre – supercomputing close to our hearts. #oraclesun
We’ve been forced for years to do this systems integration role. We like Oracle being the only one we have to call when something goes wrong
customers from the Atomic Weapon Lab in the UK, Carnegie Mellon University We’ve wanted an integrated stack for years #oraclesun
We want to create the IBM of the 1960s but on an open platform Continue to support open source such as MySQL. #oraclesun
RT @vdotw: there’s simply no other company that can claim they’re in the complete systems business. #oraclesun
RT @toddsheetz: Oracle handed out stickers this morning that say We’re Hiring. #oraclesun
We’re gonna make Sun the gold standard in servers and storage. #oraclesun
keeping Java, Sun, Solaris products and brands. It’s in our interest and customers’ interests to take care of these products. #oraclesun
We’re going to spend a lot of money – 4.3 billion on R&D #oraclesun
If you have the entire stack you can engineer in support ahead of time. #oraclesun
a lot of the breakthroughs going forward will be the interaction between layers #oraclesun
Charles Phillips: Hopefully you’ve had a better week than I’ve had. #oraclesun Love a man who confronts controversy head-on.
full conference room here in BRM 3, all waiting to hear from the new boss. #oraclesun
Note to my variegated gang of followers: it’ll be almost all technology and business from me today. If you’re not interested, mute now!
@acworkma I’ve been using Dreamhost for years, pretty happy.
let’s see if we can get #oraclesun into trending topics today. I mean, really, 5 out of 10 slots for Apple?
RT @timfoster: Looking forward to hearing why I should want to work for Oracle (other than the pay cheque & getting paid to work on Solaris)
@dboyll aww, thanks! #oraclesun
RT @ThinGuy: Apple will announce something I can’t afford. Oracle will announce things that determine what I can afford. Watching Larry.
@DeirdreS the forrester research guy?
@DeirdreS think alike?;)
@metadaddy shoot the proofreader – they misused it’s in the headline
@shawnferry I think we’re on our own on t-shirts.
having 1 large team of engineers who all talk to each other. That gives us a huge advantage. #oraclesun
that strategy made IBM most important company in the history of the Earth. We kind of like that strategy, so we’re gonna adopt it #oraclesun
RT @DeirdreS: RT @martinwake: Register: Steve Jobs uncloaks the ‘iPad’. World continues to revolve around sun. …you mean Oracle! #or …
@ditucci well done! @rohrer had heer 20th anniversary last Friday #sun
hey, Sunnies: let’s all live-tweet the #Oracle event today, just to, um, annoy the Apple fans. Can’t let Jobs hog the limelight.
RT @wendybiird: LOVE the way they’re hitting this head on & turning it into a win for the #LGBT community –
@lewellyn we’re getting audio and video feeds separately with a huge lag, so I’m ignoring the video
continuing development of JavaFX #oraclesun to provide visual designers to build visually, drag & drop app assembly
RT @hassanibraheem: RT @IgorMinar: #oraclesun Java7 VM implementation will contain the best of JRocket put into HotSpot. nice!
Glassfish will continue to be Java Ent Ed reference implementation and departmental applications. We will continue to invest #oraclesun
RT @DeirdreS: plans for Java: enhance & extend reach of Java programming model to support emerging app dev paradigms, simplif run-time p …
plans for Java: enhance & extend reach of Java programming model to support emerging app dev paradigms, simplif run-time platform #oraclesun
RT @Straxus: ZFS + OracleVM work being done, lots of performance boosts and benefits described #oraclesun
investing in StorageTek archive, we’re world’s #1 tape automation vendor, deep customer relationships #oraclesun for compliance, entertainmt
@sonyayu well, we did lose the ponytail
#oraclesun specialized sales force specializing each in their own complex technologies. We’ll be hiring a lot & have the best paid reps
RT @Danjite: Is the mayor of doesn’t give a shit about any Apple announcements on boredquared.
RT @MissExpatria: RT @repubblicait iMussolini (il Duce’s speeches) a huge hit on Italian iPhones – and maybe illegal
I’m beginning to feel like I’m sitting on top of a Saturn rocket, and countdown has begun. Gonna be one hell of a ride. #oraclesun
Oracle’s new 7-layer cake, from storage to applications #oraclesun
if you have different companies at each layer, it’s hard to get engineers to work together. #oraclesun
@ceri I don’t understand the difference, but perhaps that will become clear in today’s telethon.
No Pen, No Ink… A Visit From Larry Ellison (aka, The Day of Transition) #oraclesun
RT @jimgris: Cool. We are getting a new OpenSolaris User Group in Istanbul: All OSUGs here:
@alecmuffett the press has already told us in abundance what Jobs is going to say. At least with Larry there may be surprises.
@jeffreytaylor tell your friends to install FoxClocks in Firefox and check the damn time before they call!
Mr. Ellison said that in the next few months, Oracle planned to lay off <2,000 people, while hiring >2,000
is there a way on Youtube to share a video link with a start time other than the beginning of the video?
does this mean we’re done?
RT @dave_miner: #opensolaris text installer build 131 test images posted
…or perhaps we need a rewrite of Sunrise, Sunset. Too tired to work on it myself at the moment.
@bubbva wish @alecmuffett would take a crack at the new song – his verse scans better #solaris
Countries Beginning with I Song by Articolo 31. Once again, the theme of family and mamma.
@tgardner back to kicking ass and having fun? 😉
@tgardner suspect this falls under the heading of (they should) Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.
@lewellyn the other big event I /do/ give a damn about. After all, whose tech actually runs your digital life, even if you never see it?
is it legal to actually not give a damn about whatever Apple is doing tomorrow?
@italylogue ah, so it runs in the family!
@mfernest thank you, dear, for that cheery note.
RT @ogb: We’re working on the final bits of the new constitution and procedural documents, preparing for the annual election.
busy day filming. Really glad I don’t have to take notes on this extremely fast speaker.
@jeffreytaylor you got in! I missed that! Congratulations!
all the couples pile onto the dance floor, each singing lustily that they are the most beautiful couple in the world.
RT @c0t0d0s0: please help Barbie to get a well-paid job in the computer industry as a computer engineer:
… until we can explain them to everyone and how they will benefit anyone included – apparently we’re all going to be on Huffpo?
@DeirdreS jetlag is nobody’s friend
RT @jimpick: Trying out zfs dedup on OpenSolaris NV b130. Currently at 21GB of data represented by 18.4M on disk. Fun.
@DeirdreS On careful re-reading, yes, yes it was. Double entendre completely unintended and in point of fact inaccurate!
@jscarp when I move out there, we can start swapping. Esp once I get my books back from Italy.

Jan 19. 2010

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