Living, Room

I think I can call the living room area finished now. Ikea had this lovely and comfortable armchair on sale. Add a couple of end tables for party drinks and nibbles, and we’re done. I’ve already had a few sets of dinner guests over, and all pronounce the daybed/sofa very comfortable.

The painting on the left, by the way, is by Bombay artist Rashmi Dogra; the one on the right is by my daughter, Rossella.

The dining area is now spiffied up with a piece of ikat material bought on one of my trips to Delhi, and I hung a red and black Madras cotton scarf (actually from Madras, probably, but purchased at Fabindia) over the floor lamp to camouflage its ugly wires.

The entryway was simply too dark, especially as I propose to fill it with photographs. That was easily solved with a $5 strand of twinkle lights, long enough to string along the ceiling from an outlet in the kitchen.

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