Woodstock School Memories: The Student Survival Kit

This was the first manual/user guide I ever wrote, a student handbook for Woodstock School, incorporating the school’s rules and policies, survival tips, a fill-in class schedule and diary pages. I wanted to make the rules easier to understand, and more accessible, by applying simpler, clearer language and a sense of humor. Apparently it worked. I heard from students who worked on revisions 20+ years later that my style was still the template for student handbooks at Woodstock.

Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to get the pages in order in this gallery.

The cartoon illustrations are mostly by my classmate, Jeet Singh.

One thought on “Woodstock School Memories: The Student Survival Kit

  1. Kris Stark

    Funny… The one thing I’ve always remembered from that was the “Commando knife – for everything that moves on your plate except the Jello…”

    How true it was at times too, and most people only think of it as a joke… 😉

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