A Dinner Party in Wonderland

It’s difficult to describe the multi-featured wonderland that is Ned’s home, you’ll just have to look at the photos. The very least I can say is that it’s a fantastic place for a party, full of strange and amazing things that Ned collected or built himself – most of which make very memorable photos!

Last night’s banquet featured an honored guest who made a brief but memorable after-dinner speech; tomorrow I will post as much of that as I was able to get (memo to self: larger memory card for camera!).

One thought on “A Dinner Party in Wonderland

  1. jim moore

    Deirdre, the photos are better than great. Little did I know the genius we had in our midst that memorable night. Seriously. This stuff is epoch-making. You must have won a shedload of awards. But then we agree that the original is the real wonderland, with you helping us ‘see’ it in reality. Thank you, thank you. And congratulations. Et bonne chance, Jim

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