The Twitter Diaries: Sept 11-29, 2010

All in all… #
@alanc Thanks; a nice evening of good French wine would help, and I can probably arrange that even here in SF, and very soon… #
@pfuetz Thanks! #
@davest @alanc Love to! Always like to learn wines w local experts. Had a long hymn to Oregon pinots at GHC last year from a fellow attendee #
RT @SunBlogs: Optimizing Legacy and Modern Application Environments with Oracle Solaris Containers at OOW2010 #
At OOW? Join Brendan Gregg and friends Monday at 4 for an Unconference session on the Sun Storage 7000 appliance #
@missbhavens the one you wanted? #
Hope today’s torture will have set me up to go to a really cool party tomorrow night, as well as to do my many tasks at #oow starting Sunday #
@koberoi wow, whose is that? I have a pic of zfsguy, but I know who that is. #sun #
@openstorage Yes, I will be filming it. 😉 #
Amusingly, one of the colleagues I hope to see during #oow week, I’ve known since age 14 at boarding school. #
@myinnervoice Really? That’s what happens when I need distraction. I hope at least some of them were enjoyable! #
@gbrunett In the Solaris demo booth Mon-Tues am, Solaris unconference sessions otherwise – I think I’m filming you, no? Looking forward! #
If you’re coming to #oow, stop by the Solaris demo booth and let me scan your badge. I think I get points or something. 😉 #
@ItalianoWJodina L’avevo dimenticato; spiega molto di quello che e’ successo oggi. #
@StopBeck O’Donnell actually has contemplated enjoying the naked body of a putative future husband? Gasp! That’s lust! #
@myinnervoice Shh! They’re watching. 😉 #
@LusciousPear Not up to it tonight, but definitely want to meet you. Coming to #oow? #
@thinguy Actually, correct vodka sauce actually does involve vodka, and is YUMMY. Will have to make that, haven’t in ages… #
@KatieS I thought tweeting while intoxicated was the whole point of twitter. 😉 #phoenix #
@thinguy The actual alcohol probably cooks off anyway, but maybe some kids would find the idea of eating vodka sauce cool. #
The Mother of All Sinus Infections Countries Beginning with I  #
@NomdeB I think you’ve been through at least as much, but I fully understand if you don’t want to read about any more! #
@ #PHB: Bryan Fischer: Christians must control the govt or atheists and pagans will take over – go atheists and pagans! #
@GodlessAtheist Good point – I don’t want pagans in power any more than any other believers. #
@hemantmehta Travelling while brown… #United #
Ian McKellan’s shirt on the anti-Pope march: I’m Gandalf and Magneto Get over it Excellent!!! (via @SpaceAvian) #
It is one of the greatest lessons in humanity learning empathy and understanding for what does not touch you personally #
@Roam2Rome those are the days you can only wear black or white scrubs #
FB advertising is irrelevant, offensive, or just plain dumb. Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I’m always in the market for appliances. #
Americana: Blogs about how to collect random stuff. Then about how to display it. Then how to organize it. Then how to manage debt? #
@jimpick I’ve been paid in (excellent) wine for re-translating an Italian winery’s website, which needed it badly. #
@apperceptions hmm, will it grow on a balcony? #
@oraclenerd I suspect they’re feeling a bit overrun by DBAs #
@missbhavens I think Cole Porter wrote a song like that, but you’ve got the lyric slightly wrong. #
@oraclenerd Keep in mind this year’s OOW is sandwiched between Talk Like a Pirate Day and the Folsom St Fair. Make of that what you will. #
@oraclenerd Wouldn’t it be great if Larry did his keynote in Pirate? #
@missbhavens Being ladylike is overrated. #
Contemplating the follow-nomics of a TwitChange bid. But it was more fun to pick a fight, er, have a debate with @adamsbaldwin 😉 #
@Roam2Rome It’s like a black and white ball, only in the hospital. 😉 #
@avinash It’s an awesome joke, who cares if it’s photoshopped? #
Once a year or so I buy packaged mac&cheese, out of some vague childhood nostalgia. But it never tastes good. Must just make my own. #
Ask yourself: who paid for this ad? – Especially if it involves demon sheep. #
@avinash True, both are good. And pithier than Wizards and evil geniuses for equality! #
So many people seem to identify themselves primarily as parents. Does this place a psychic burden on the kids? #
…or am I overinterpreting the people who mention they are proud parents of and/or use their kids’ photos in their profiles? #
@italofileblog yes, lusingare means to flatter @italofileblog #
I’m getting close to a nice, round 1000 Twitter followers. Which is meaningless: probably half are bots or dead accounts. #
…it is sweet of Stephen Fry to still be following me, though surely he doesn’t read his 53k followers. #
I wish Twitter would clean out every account that hasn’t been touched in over a year; lots of warped numbers based on these. #
@sergiusens Which, clearly, I’m not – just spent half an hour cleaning out followers who had been inactive for >6 mos #
At some point I will have to figure out what I’m going to wear this afternoon, and (shudder) iron it. I really look better in jeans. #
@DeepakChopra What does that mean? How does a person turn into love? You become some sort of disembodied love spirit? #
@glynnfoster True, I did see a lot of people in jeans on opening day last year. Will you back me up to the boss on that? 😉 #
@bubbva You can read my longish follow up to a comment on this on FB (scattered conversations are a problem…). #
@bubbva Interesting book. But celebrities aren’t the only narcissists; ordinary narcissists =ly damaging in their own families, at least. #
@timminchin Plead a migraine. #
@bubbva Would be good to have you there; I’ll be filming, too. #
Rahul Gandotra’s short film The Road Home will be playing in Chicago on Oct 28th – highly recommend! #
@glynnfoster I thought he /wrote/ that wiki. 😉 I’ll take his word for it – save me ironing. Thanks! #
@BrentSpiner Don’t tell me you’re coming for Oracle Open World too? #
Who among my tweets has press/blogger credentails for #oow? #
RT @feliciaday: Saw Eat, Pray, Love. (aka First, World, Problems.) – Beyond first world, comfortable elite problems! #
@KeithBurtis Whom? #
@jeffhuber Buy. Now. Or be subjected to more cute banter with Gwyneth Paltrow. #oow10 #
@jeffhuber You misunderstand. You don’t get to do banter with Gwyneth, you just have to listen to it. 😉 #
@dboyll He could wear the suit AND talk like a pirate! #Oracle #oow10 #javaone10 #
@pelegri I could have helped with that… way more t-shirt experience than anyone needs. #glassfish #
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice: What i tell you three times is true.  #
Granny, Get Your Gun – there’s no hope left for Grandpa #sadmusicals #
That’s the way they like us in the United States, dark, boisterous, uninhibited #
NB: People usually look a little more excited than that to get free t-shirts. #
@KeithBurtis in response to Just need to execute – whom? #
RT @melanierenzulli: I hereby anoint thee lol RT @Z_Everson: Pop culture tip: There is no Lord Gaga. – Maybe there’s a Gaga Consort #
RT @DarylOrts: #oow10. 41,000 attendees: 36,236 are currently asleep. Thanks #hp. – and the rest are tweeting their discontent #
RT @arungupta: YAAAAWWWWN …. ZZZZZZZ #oow10 wake me up when Larry is on the stage! – I’m sure there will be plenty to wake you up shortly #
Umm, let me guess… Larry fell asleep, too? #
judging by the tweets, video stream is running a minute or so behind reality #
RT @ORCL_Linux: Customers can run #Linux on the new #Exalogic Elastic Cloud #oow10 – and Solaris #
RT @Mrgareth: By far the fastest computer for running Java, Larry says the secret sauce in Exalogic is #Oracle Coherence. #OOW10 #
RT @Radu43: Oracle Now mobile application now available on the Android platform.  #oracle #oow10 #javaone10 #develop10 #
Yup, absolutely my kind of town. #
@SoLoKeii: No offense but all agnostics and atheists are going to hell. <– Our thoughts towards you are far more Christian, my dear. #
New followers: if you want news about Oracle Solaris, yes, I supply that because it’s part of my life. But I also tweet about other things. #
At the ZFS demo W079 Moscone North #
Huh. Avid is advertising on my personal website (The Videoblogging Manual Countries Beginning with I  #
Heading up to the Parc 55 to film three Solaris Unconference Sessions #oow – DTrace, Containers, 7000 Series Appliance #
Waiting at a street light in SF, I see a familiar figure draped in a Brazilian flag… #
No coffee even for speakers?!? #
Brendan and Roch on DTrace #

Sysadmins are all artists. #
So many people I enjoy spending time with are in town; very frustrating to be so ill and tired. #
Oracle Solaris 11 Outlined (Oracle Solaris)  #
fingers crossed – may not need more sinus surgery after all. A few days on a different antibiotic should tell. #
Not really sure what HDR is, but I think I like it. #
photo gallery: Sept 11 Walk in San Francisco Countries Beginning with I  #
My appetite is so weirded out, I have to eat whatever seems appealing. Afternoon snack was an entire avocado with balsamic, & tortilla chips #
RT @SAGEProgram: Fastweb is offering a 2000 Study Abroad Scholarship!!! It expires tonight so enter your name in the drawing NOW!!! ht … #
RT @riccardo_iommi: Officials investigating #Vatican Bank in money laundering probe << this was lost news locally #
Evaluating the inside-my-head sitch. Books to take over for the ZFS hands-on lab, then Mason St tent for live DTrace Tech Cast at 1:30 #
Now watching: Oracle Technology Network Live #
Live now: Dave Miner on Deploying Solaris 11 – Oracle Technology Network Live  #
If you’re at #oow, you can talk to Dave in person at the Unconference today at 3, Parc 55 Mason Rm (#OTNLIVE live at ) #
RT @Schlomo: @sogrady As previous owner of HoS, just want to say thanks for always being good to us. New yuppie HoS will open soon – yay! #
@plsleet nothing else is being live webcast afaik, don’t know how much is recorded for future viewing #
Coming up at 1:30 Brendan Gregg on DTrace – Oracle Technology Network Live  #
Filming under very poor conditions. I apologize in advance for how bad this will look. #
@dave_miner speakers good as always, hotel lighting terrible. #
What you get when you pay for professional filming. Plus the filming, of course.  #

@tpenta I must think so – I keep putting him in front of the camera. 😉 #
Kindle: wifi only or wifi+3G? Which do you own and why? #
@davest Athletic Wednesday joins Causal Friday? #
Video Romance Countries Beginning with I via @DeirdreS #
RT @SAGEProgram: Congrats to Kodaikanal International & Woodstock School – once again ranked #1 & #2 India’s Top… #
I’ve been confused about what day of the week it is all week, probably because my work week started on Sunday. #
@italylogue Found reverse expectations prob with Italian families who went to EuroDisney, were bored. But didn’t actually go on any rides. #
@vupine I Watussi always works. #
Down, Boojum down I say! #
DTrace book coming soon : Brendan Gregg #
What I thought I’d be filming didn’t come off, so I turned it into something other, possibly better. That’s the value of guerrilla video. #
Weird collection of headlines all featuring Mom – murdered mom, murdering mom, miracle mom. Umm… it’s hard being a mother? #
This was a really bad week in which to still be pretty desperately ill, but am beginning to have hope that I’ll be well soon. #
@timfoster Sorry I missed you. I’m not going regularly to SCA – the commute is awful and co. shuttle non-functional til it changes Oct 1. #
Who’s Next? #
@StephenAtHome You won’t be any more fictional than a lot of the characters who have testified before Congress. #
@oracletechnet how about the TechCast of Brendan Gregg that couldn’t be streamed live? #
@oracletechnet Thanks, not there yet. #
did find another familiar Aussie, though:  Jake Carroll of Queensland Brain Institute #
@tpenta ooh, I didn’t know you were a musician. I love great guitar, and you’re delivering! #
Uh oh, new tweet hack? I’m pretty sure these two people would not be tweeting about making money by uploading files. #
I have a few ?s for those disappointed enough to crave a reversal of course after <2 years of different tactics… #
Just generated a #TweetCloud, my top words are: oracle, solaris, video – ( #
Just generated a #TweetCloud, my top words are: oracle, solaris, video – ( #
saw a guy with a t-shirt Slavonic Heathen Metal. Oddly specific. #
Daughter in 2nd round of interview process today; fingers crossed that she’ll soon be happily – and literally – embarked. Well, emplaned. #
@vdotw That is bad. My pattern lately is to wake up (for no reason) at 4 am and then have trouble getting back to sleep. #
@vdotw Yeah. I’m used to waking up a lot at night, the big question is always whether I’ll be able to get back to sleep easily. #
P. W -Q #
RT @richburridge: Need to improve my lizard wrangling skills. – Huh? #
Spent the weekend quietly – didn’t really have a choice. But enjoyed it. #
@jlb13 I loathe nights like that. Fortunately, for me, last night was not one of them. #
Apparently even birds find me relaxing to hang out with – two mourning doves are dozing on my balcony rail, just mellowin’. #
Pain is very selfish. It really doesn’t want you to think about anything else. #
@sogrady Pet gecko? #
@melanierenzulli I have a boilerplate web page I send them to, which explains why they can have a link – for a price. #
The domestic land lobster under its cushion reef  #

@lskrocki @willsnow Oh, THAT terminal. You have to go about halfway back to the main terminal to get to the wifi. Then it’s fine. #
Margaret H, whose family owned a printing co, gave me something I have long coveted #

@xiehicks Interesting idea, thanks, tho the one I have wouldn’t lend itself to that. #
Damn, damn, damn. #
just for a change from techie stuff: Customs and Etiquette When Dining Out in Italy Countries Beginning with I  #
my apt is infernally hot this afternoon, but I’m too tired to go out in search of A/C. The solution? Home made lassi. #
@urbanturbanguy Sorry, drank it all! Now I need some soda to make fresh lime soda. #
@scrabb_ly what do I do when I’m boxed in and can’t play any further? #
By and large, I could have done without today. # is fun, though a bit slow at times, and maybe runs better on Safari than Firefox. #
I always think I’m fine, I should be doing x,y,z when this is very much wishful thinking and I should be RESTING. #
I’ve always tried to ignore illness, work in spite of it (otherwise I get bored). Problem is, then no one believes me when it’s serious. #
waiting for my Kindle to arrive. #
Antibiotic, painkiller, and ginger beer: breakfast of champions? (Yes, I did actually have food earlier.) #
Damn, damn, damn, damn… #
So of course the first book I bought for my new Kindle was Terry Pratchett’s latest. #
@tomcoates There is no such thing as too may Legos. #
@corey_latislaw I’ve been using it since I learned that you are not forced to share every location update, in fact I share very few. #ghc10 #
Leaving Oracle : Bill Pijewski’s Blog #
Balcony tomato harvest #

@digitalsista All I can think is They must have rented those sofas from the same place Oracle got them. #womenintech #tcdisrupt #
Some very kind friends came over last night, cooked me dinner, and provided company. Big help for the cabin fever I would otherwise suffer. #
@NomdeB So far I like it, comfortable for reading and I can load all sorts of stuff on it, tho a pdf to kzw tool would be good. #
Dunno if the dr will want to torture me again today, might almost welcome it, if it would relieve the current pain/pressure. #
Thanks to everyone tweeting from #ghc10 – very useful (and some consolation) for those of us who can’t be there #
SAGE Program alumna Weezie Yancey-Siegel speaks at TEDx on youth, philanthropy, and creating change  #
RT @SethGreen: Utah rules accidental miscarriage= Criminal homicide? – being a fertile woman in UT is dangerous #

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