The Twitter Diaries: May 15-22, 2011

YouTube – Visualizing Latency with Heatmaps  #

The Twitter Diaries: April 24-May 15, 2011 #
I would not have imagined that any short string of characters could fail to find something on Google, but I was wrong. #
Dear @adobe : Just NOW downloaded and installed a trial of your design suite. When I try to run it, says I have 0 days left. WTF? #
@NomdeB I need to see if it does one specific thing, but I guess I’ll never find out since the trial is apparently broken. Adobe+Mac=suck #
Got tired of trying to figure out how to give Adobe lots of money, and found a 5 app that does exactly what I need. Monday looking better. #
@elijahwright Studs was an early influence forme, I think it shows in many ways. this was another influence: How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive 19 Ed: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot #
@fitzage I’ll be sure to schedule lots of meetings with you and then cancel them. #
there may be no better snack in the world than good crusty bread with good dark chocolate #
@WinnieWongSF Nutella is also good, but sometime try a chunk of dark choc, thin if possible #
@johnnysunshine metal is vegan? #
Cooking from scratch takes time, but it gets my hands off the keyboard, and is more fun than any other domestic work. #
video posted ~4 years ago: Hot Chestnuts! Two Romans Explain How #
Giants to Create It Gets Better Video for LGBT Youth – San Francisco News  #
So many people have great stories, if only they could find an audience. #
another gray day. I’m too sleepy to think of anything clever to tweet. #
Need screenshot of output which Keynote thinks is misspellings. Can’t tell it to turn off red lines, can’t do screenshot in Slideshow view #
Found it. Still wondering why Keynote disables screenshot in Slideshow view. #
The 1-L lama, he’s a priest. the 2-L llama, he’s a beast. And I will bet my silk pajama there isn’t any 3-L lllama! – Ogden Nash #
@sogrady I only ever slept in BA business class with beds that lie totally flat. Then I discovered drugs. Now I can sleep in any seat. #
@sogrady Or, @stephenfry reading Harry Potter. Not boring by any means, but somehow soothing. #
.@lebrun The act of reading a newspaper might in some theoretical sense be relaxing, until you pay attention to the actual news. Or news. #
@redtwitdown you dislike the term, the fromat, or both? (you have my sympathy on all fronts) #
@saraford you’re going to watch them all at once? #
In reality, Im a white Indian. #
The Lord in His wisdom made the fly – and then forgot to tell us why. – Ogden Nash #
@Stana_Katic I might actually be able to help a little with Bollywood, looking into it. #
Though diligent and zealous, he Became a slave to jealousy.(Considering her beauty,’Twas his duty To be that!) #
new video: Cloud as a Business: A Context for Cloud Computing #
experimenting on my site/lab, added a video player with a playlist of all my YouTube vids #
Argh. Everyone stop talking about food! I’m hungry! #
Yes, I am actually in a gym again. After 2 days of overeating, this is needed. Doesnt mean I’m enjoying it. #
@johnnysunshine I only like exercise if it’s disguised as something else. #
Religious and non-religious people have the same kinds of sex, at the same age of onset, at pretty much the same rate #
@HumanityCritic Didn’t stop to ask if he intended it ironically? #
@KatieS I hope she’s too young to automatically think of secretary as a woman who types and fetches coffee #SecState #SecState #progress #
Oracle Solaris Video – column too narrow, no longer possible to access the fullscreen button on the vids, argh #
However, all those Solaris videos are also available on my site, with fullscreen etc.  #
Aww… never realized til digging into my site’s analytics that a famous Italian band blogged about my site #
@rbanffy good point (not enough coffee yet), though I’m using a 1680×1050 screen res and any page layout should just work . Bad user exp #
@BrendanG Never too late to learn. 😉 #
@NomdeB And accompanied by a yummy soundtrack. Plot, schmot. #
I think I’ll just listen to this all day – Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides Soundtrack Compilation Mix  #

Been a long time since I had much to do with actual paper. #
Tonight 7:30pm: @brendangregg on DTrace. Copies of his new book to give away. No pizza tonight though.  #
Congratulations to LinkedIn Joyeur #
Everybody Loves My Baby #

TiVo and Clustrix and LinkedIn and Dreamworks Animation are hiring Sysadmins (and devs). #BayLISA #
You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. Anne Lamott #
@SniperWulfzen I had a cemetery checkin last week. 4Sq’s attitude about it creepily cheerful. #FoursquareIsEverywhere #
YouTube – R.E.M. – It’s The End Of The World  #

migraine on a sunny Friday afternoon = suck #
@philiph Hey, you got elite chauffeur service last night. 😉 #sfgoodbye #
@brendangregg will be speaking 5/26 at Percona Live MySQL Conference, New York #
it’s Saturday morning, time to work on my blog. Here’s another rescued video: Windy Sunday on Lake Como #
@quirk The files are just too damned big – takes days to upload. I use a lot of cheap HDs local. #
@jeffreytaylor @trine The ultimate videoblog! #
@jeffreytaylor How very beautiful and appropriate. My memories of John will always be strongly associated with flowers. #
someone is filming an action sequence in my garage #
@kirbysayshi Can you show us a screenshot or two? We always love to see cloud analytics in action! #
@kirbysayshi I was trying it out but in Chrome can’t figure out where to drag the bookmarklet to #
Am I sleepy from lack of caffeine, allergies, burnout, or just sheer laziness? #
damn, they’re all STILL HERE – YouTube – After The Rapture  #

isn’t that the kind of disgusting immorality we should all join together in the spirit of the Bible to repudiate? #
@jamesaduncan At least eat well while you’re [in Milan] #
@vambenepe I someitimes want a Ctrl-Z in life. #
Religion is used by dishonest people who claim to know the way to the one thing humans want most: immortality.  #

“You cannot make Italians really progressive; they are too intelligent. Men who see the short cut to good living will never go by the new elaborate roads.” Shared on May 21st, 2011 from Kindle #

Wilfully unreconstructed, France is a society in which women collude in a continued phallocracy. #
willfully stupid:  As bad as it appears, have not found anything close to the faithfulness of Family Radio #
the best argument I know against an almighty, all-knowing God is the people who claim to know exactly what God intends. #

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