The Twitter Diaries: May 22-June 5, 2011

@trine I wish there was an automated tool that would grab all those embeds etc for me – it’s a manual process right now #
@NomdeB At some point, every organization or part thereof, Fed or private, is more concerned about perpetuating itself than in doing its job #
@NomdeB to many at lower levels, the exec suite is the exclusive domain of them. It’s a gulf that only execs cd bridge, few choose to try #
@LusciousPear catch up for a drink / meal this week? #
@nicolamattina speriamo anche prima! #
I’m at Zip Zap Hair (245 Fillmore St, btw Haight & Laussat, San Francisco) #

I’m at Burgermeister (138 Church St, at Reservoir St, San Francisco)  #
5 years ago a bunch of videobloggers observed the end of the world: Node666 The Italian Correspondent #
Laid-back weekend in which I did a lot of small necessary stuff, right down to vacuuming floors and scrubbing the tub. That’s enough of that #
You don’t have to dig far to realize few people have had a normal life. And so what? Whatever else normal may be, it’s vastly overrated. #
@izs At least you got a note. I just got a crumpled bumper. #
@webmink Not having much luck with it – only one song downloaded in hours #
video: Disk IO Throttling for Optimal Performance (bottom of the page)  #
The short they were filming in my garage this weekend sounded like fun, hope it grows up to be a feature-length film. #
@webmink cloud drive #
@webmink Too much demand. I trust Amazon to make it right eventually. #
@webmink Also wondering about the quality – getting some crackle on the one track I’ve got so far that doesn’t seem intentional #
more new Videos from Joyent #
@rattay where? #
@hudsonette I don’t care about these people.Maybe we all just need to realize that it rarely matters who’s having consensual sex with whom. #
comment on my site today: the word secchioni means nerd. i looked it up. wow for a smart guy ur really stupid – Maybe, but I’m not a guy #
@hudsonette I agree the gag law is stupid and ineffective. Just don’t see why people care about celebrity sex lives. #
@ikai Those books go everywhere. Not sure in the end that I actually liked them. #GameofThrones #
@rattay I’m jealous. 😉 #
@philiph hmm #
All right, Milan – are you ready for me again? June. Be there. #
@BSyria As someone once said of Jesus: Reckon they’d just nail him up if he came down again. #
Doin’ what comes naturally – which is video. #
@dexterous like the new icon – now we can finally see what you look like! #
OMG there’s a Katamari app for the iphone! #
If we refuse to persevere and solve important issues in the cloud, then we might as well turn off our computers now.  #
@philiph That’s a rationalization fos I don’t like what’s going on, but try to assume it’s all for the best… in the end… somehow… #
@trevoro Where are you going? Timing and destination are important in who you meet on planes #
Events: Joyeurs in New York, Vancouver, San Francisco and London Joyeur  #
YouTube – Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine #

@NomdeB Hon, you ARE a geek. 😉 #GeekPrideDay #
Sometimes, all you can do is laugh. #
@FouzAbd That’s what religion is mostly about – a tool used to keep (other) people in line. #women2drive #
@FouzAbd Agreed, but many religions as practiced mandate the oppression of somebody else, in the name of purity, faith, etc. #
the next war between the states will begin over the TSA? #
@portertech not necessarily: In Loco Parentis: Supervising School Trips in Italy #
Brushing up my Italian for an upcoming work trip to Milan. Yes, life is ironic.: I had to move to California to find work in Italy! #
@jimgris As someone said to me when I ldeparted: No foreigner ever left Italy wealthier than he arrived. #
@riccardo_iommi Stavolta solo Milano, ma forse dopo l’estate. #
Ok, Milan: I arrive June 5, depart June 23 (a few days in the UK in there). Tweetup? #
@bavarious You might find this useful #
RT @joyent: Joyent webinar Architecting a Drama Free Cloud starts NOW sign up here #
@ikai Press release writers never seem to take into account that we are never as excited as they are about their particular piece of news. #
@LusciousPear Looks like a lovely change of pace. #fb #
Our dreams may be intensely interesting to us, not so much to others. I dreamed I was going to Pakistan, on a train, with Bill Gates. #
@lskrocki Dunno about the ones in the bush, either, though. #unsexy #
Note to self: learn to sleep past 6 am, esp if you went to bed at midnight. #
@NomdeB uhh… set a thief to catch a thief? #
I rarely dream about people I actually know – which may be safer for them! #
@sogrady from 101? 9th st exit if you’re going to SOMA #
@sogrady from Google maps, looks like a good idea at present #
@sogrady 280 is green to 16th st #
@benr Because it’s fun is sufficient reason. #
@PavelAnni No guilt – the things I do for fun are usually also productive and profitable, whether making a video or cooking a meal #
@LusciousPear Definitely no dressage bend in that neck. #
Have discovered that straight tequila with lime rubbed around the rim of the shot glass is divine. No, no salt yet. Doesn’t seem necessary. #
Our star performer @brendangregg is stranded in NYC – flight canceled due to weather. Mad when I can’t take care of my talent. #
I would be a very good travel agent/personal assistant/butler, but it’s not something I actually want to make a career of. #
@nonstick you’re coming to CA? #
@nonstick 6 kids? Sure they weren’t Catholic? 😉 #
@nonstick It’ll be great to have you out here – we’ll meet at last! With no snow to get in the way. #
@NomdeB Costco makes a more than decent tequila, that’s what I’m drinking. #
@lq_feed This might help  #Solaris #OpenSolaris #
@fitzage at a guess, someone tried to curl their eyelashes #
Daughter, completing 2 weeks’ training at Apple, writes: I just got paid to learn stuff! Fuck the system! #
… and that, little Grasshopper, in the greatest lesson of all! #
@lderezinski Seems to be running in the family today #
@lq_feed some videos in Joyent’s YouTube channel may also help:  #Solaris #OpenSolaris #
@sacca Finally! Evidence that somebody got raptured. Probably to Vegas. #
@lderezinski ooh, ouch. Can’t figure out if my headache is due to allergies, sinus, or what. #
Speach for speech – typo, misspelling, or Freudian slip? #
@StopBeck Maybe the idea of being owned and mastered appeals to him. #
@webmink I am personally benefitting from exactly that aspect of it – and so is my daughter. Huge weight off my mind. #
Health care reform is working, folks writes some raving Communist over at Forbes 😉 #
illiterate women from India’s Untouchables as village health workers, delivering babies, curing disease, saving lives #
I would look out at the audience, hearing laughter and murmurs, but seeing only stern masks.#
Italian getting a workout but this is probably Neapolitan I’m hearing #
…if it was Sicilian I’d more or less understand it. #
@Myrna_SF Rome on its own is well worth more than a week, I wouldn’t bother going elsewhere. #
Dear @maddow We love you, but we’re very tired of that ad in your online edition. Can you find somebody else to sponsor? #
RT @planet3org: Mutual Incomprehension – a lot of insight in one short piece #
Sometimes, an activity which requires close attention but almost no brainpower is exactly what I need. #
@italylogue meet @Myrna_SF who will be in Rome soon. Bet you have some recommendations for her! #
I read that as “Even Great Scientific Thinkers like fucking @rosannecash#
Had plans to do stuff today, but feeling too lazy. At some point I’ll need food, though. #
@LusciousPear I demand photographic evidence #ohyeah #fb #
Pulling a large suitcase, while wearing peep-toe shoes with 6 stiletto heels, should be an Olympic event. No, I will not be competing. #
Just saw Blazing Saddles again. Still howlingly funny. Couldn’t be made today I suspect. #
Italy leans left again in a round slap to Berlusconi and his center right majority. I’ll enjoy my upcoming visit that much more. #
Very happy today is a holiday, because the next four weeks are going to be extremely busy, in several different ways. #
as the world fights for freedom, we are going the opposite direction The far right is declaring all-out war on progress #
@leapingwoman Let’s get together in July and compare the past month. 😉 #
The true shame of this country is that we have to take a clown like Sarah Palin seriously. #
@NomdeB Some v good points. What’s even sadder is that Obama scares people because he’s urbane and intelligent, more than because he’s black #
Well, you know Jesus said Suffer the little children. Catholic Adoption Agency Will Shut Down#
employee perceptions of work conditions may also have a big impact on the bottom line of employing organizations.  #
the 1st user manual I ever wrote: #

Google analytics for my site is always fun. Something on my site was apparently assigned as part of a college course. #
…and I’m a wikipedia citation on Italias surnames. #
The use of the PowerPoint presentation has been a disaster. It should be ditched – A-effing-MEN! #
@SmugMug well sure! #
Someday, somewhere in the world, some architect will figure out that you need more women’s restrooms. #
!@^#^^ EanyJet charges 16 euros to say for my damned ticket with a credit card. #
conventional wisdom was that bilingualism was a disadvantage. Thanks to science, we now know that the opposite is true #
@Myrna_SF RyanAir is ok, though they had different ways do cheat customers on the website, last time I looked. #
@milouness@NomdeB Doesn’t bode well for the US that we value faith and sincerely held ignorance over knowledge and facts. #
@anildash Yes, it really takes very little to let people know you appreciate them, and can mean so very much. #
I’d be glad to see a draft that included hawkish commentators & Congress who are so proud to see others heading to war #
@pelegri Some foreign parents in Italy were discouraged by drs , schools from raising kids bilingual because it wd retard language skills #
Raising a Bilingual Child  #
@pelegri Am I correct that Catalan is no longer so dominated by Castillian, at least in its mative areas? Got that impression in Barcelona #
RT @italylogue: What to Pack for #Italy: Summer Travel – attention colleagues! (went shopping this wkd – LINEN) #
Iowa State Rep. Brent Crane said rape was the hand of the Almighty at work. #
Getting rid of a car. Liked my Rav4 in CO but so don’t need it in SF. (@ San Francisco Toyota) #
I am car-free! #
.@NomdeB Got rid of mine, they let me off the lease a bit early – there’s big demand for used Toyotas night now. #
@shawnferry If Rep Crane could be raped and get pregnant himself he might change his tune. I don’t hear of any women saying this rubbish. #
@jeffreytaylor welcome home! #
It’s that time again: Apple logos going up on Moscone for WWDC . Just as well I’ll be out of town. #
Gotta love a guy who keeps his cool in the face of such sustained stupidity: @RepWeiner #
Raising a Bilingual Child #
Hmm, spam? My earlier tweet of my own article on bilingualism shows up in my bit’ly report with a spam title. Anyone else seen such? #
@notmatt hmm, strange. Both the links in the report go to the correct page, or at least now they do. #
YouTube – Rough Island Band – You Can Call Me Al #

@ditucci don’t worry, it’s just hormones., will pass in a few years. Just watch out for the ones that say: You really want ANOTHER baby. #
@philiph sorry to hear, can we help? #
One thinks, I wish you wouldn’t just look at me. I wish you would listen to me.  #
@sh1mmer What did you do? 😉 #
@gaspart Quella frase È una delle cose che decisamente NON mi manca dell’italia. #
@LusciousPear Now you like everything with a horse on it? I can dig. #startup #fb #
@LusciousPear The US is full of soccer moms; I was a riding mom #
RT @SFGMC: @SFGiants‘ #itgetsbetter video!  – first major sports org to get behind this effort – kudos Giants! #

YouTube – you’re gonna love tomorrow / love will see us through #

I will not argue with fundies. I will not argue with fundies. I will not argue with fundies. There is no good argument against stupidity. #
@jeffreytaylor Most authors seem unable to resist the need to do exactly that. #
@trevoro Sounds like a recipe for running over a bunch of hot girls when you lose control of the vehicle and end up on the sidewalk. #
@bdha It doesn’t work. These people argue Science is just another form of faith and Evolution is only a theory. #
But it’s all right now,I learned my lesson well.You see, you can’t please everyone,so you got to please yourself #

Pack up the luggage, la la la, unpack the luggage, la la la… – The Glamorous Life #
@edsai aka going to shit. Might be truer than we know. #
@philiph switch to Dvorak, it’ll slow you down while you’re learning #firstworldproblems #sysadmin #
@PCOWandre sad and true #
social media lab: added a Twitter follow button to my site, lets see if this has any .effect on my follower count. #
@brendangregg, subtitled (in English) YouTube – vmstat: Key Fields #
@cote My body wakes up early, I’m productive then. No special virtue – everyone should work when THEY are most productive. #
I guess I’m more of an entrepreneur than I thought. A market need that seems blindingly obvious to me is not being met. #
@jscarp yay! You just keep kicking its ass! #
@philiph ice cream works better in coffee #
@AmnaAhmad Sample, please! #
@milouness Many shopping carts do that themselves! #
is that @sogrady having questionable relations with a server?  #
Bachmann’s educational policies are being challenged by an amazing high school student from Baton Rouge #
@dylanbeattie What, no sound effect? 😉 #kaboomjs #
@ptribble We could make that so much easier for you. 😉 #
If the story doesn’t sound like what you read on Wikipedia, you know who to blame:the elite liberal media #
@ryancnelson not parsing the unbeknownst part of that statement #
@SniperWulfzen awwwww. Congratulations. #4years #
slept til almost 10 (higihly unusual). Now, looking at the rain, I may roll over and go back to sleep. #
8 years ago I wrote (about even earlier times): Elementary School: An Italian Experience #
7 years ago: Macho Animals with Artificial Testicles #
7 years ago: School Mortality in Italy #
7 years ago: The Family That Eats Together #
video: A Close Shave #
4 years ago: Why Send My Child to Woodstock School? #
3 years ago: Visiting Sun Bangalore #
2 years ago: Clay Baenziger is Sysadmin to Go #
2 years ago – I was busy! Upcoming Speaking Engagements #
Anyone else seeing spam links like this in I don’t see this in any way on my site, anyone?  #
@lewellyn Might have been me. I can’t tell if it’s a hack of my site or of If the latter, wd seem to be of limited use to spammers #
@philiph Deep breaths. #
@philiph Geez, there’s just no helping some people. 😉 #
After weeks of doing documentation, taking a mental break doing video again. I need variety. Even if most of my videos are of @brendangregg#
@virtualsteve At CES one year, I learned that it’s possible to overclock a John Deere combine harvester (Deere wanted to prevent it). #
@LusciousPear umm… go to a hotel for the wight? #
The Hellmouth is a new stop on the SF Muni.  #

@avbelow yup #
@sween that makes them smarter than humans #
Just posted a photo  #

damn. Didn’t realize instagram wasn’t saving all the photos I was taking, only the ones I shared. Damn damn damn. #
@avbelow when and where will you be? #
@avbelow ok, we can meet for drinks or coffee Sunday #
Couples in which one partner commutes for longer than 45 minutes are 40 percent likelier to divorce #
There are three kinds of women: Women who want to be taken care of. Women who want to be in charge. And… #
Gimme Shelter  #

we’re arguing not only over debt ceilings and budgets, but about larger questions of our vision for our country #

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