The Twitter Diaries: June 5-18, 2011

@NomdeB I don’t think age actually matters. What’s important is to be ready for each other at whatever ages you are right then. #
@bubbva yes, that is definitely a good commute. If it’s us time it hardly counts as a commute. #goodcommute #
@NomdeB Women often outlive men, so it makes sense for older women to be with younger men, rather than the more common older man+younger wmn #
@om What’s a watch? 😉 #

Just posted a photo #
photo #
Still figuring out Instagram. Damn poor UI/usability. Accidentally found hidden setting that explains why so many great pix got thrown away #
@pborenstein Been there, done that. #
@pborenstein Under iPhone settings for Instagram #
RT @vdotw: @NomdeB That’s exactly it… give/take/discuss. – Yes. And when you can no longer have productive discussions, it’s probably dead #

Interesting technical point about this ^ video (Cloud Analytics): shot on my iPhone 4. Just need a good mic for it…  #
@bubbva Escaping the brutal SF-SCA commute was a big motivator for me to leave. #
@NomdeB Lots of women having kids in their 40s, might be better with a more energetic younger man around to co-parent #
@urbanturbanguy I think I’d need an actual course #
After years of being the family technician, I should now become an iPhone app developer so I can make my daughter give ME tech support. #
the mix cornbread I made last week wasn’t very good, but it has reincarnated well in stuffing and now meatloaf. #frugalgourmet #
@denizrende That’s not actually an Oracle publication. In any case, this might help:

@denizrende One of many, many videos I filmed about ZFS… #
Getting sweaty in the gym. #
Today I have cooked, cleaned, washed clothes, vacuumed, exercised, posted to my blog, edited video… day of rest? #

“The students were asking me to justify the return on investment in a college education. I just had never been called upon to think about this before. It wasn’t part of my training. We took the value of the business we were in for granted.” – this was from a New Yorker article, but the Kindle quote feature doesn’t handle magazine references properly, apparently. #

@fabiorapposelli waitaminute – you’re with @edsai ? Are my worlds colliding? #
Fresh warm brownies + a shot of tequila = yummy evening snack #
@notmatt I had home-made meatloaf earlier. #chacun #
Most people who profess a deep love of the Bible have never actually read the book #
@pelegri Come to think of it, I left Oracle for Joyent about the same time. #
@philiph Better slap a TM on that, huh? #
@jamesaduncan nice to have you back here! #
I guess I’ll sign out of Twitter for the rest of the week. All I need to hear of WWDC is a one-paragraph wrap-up an the end. #
@quasi42 Those trees did not die in vain. 😉 #dtrace #

^ SmartDataCenter Performance: Disk IO Throttling for Optimal Performance  #
Cloud Analytics: an hour-long conversation covering Definitions and Context, Basic & Adv Visualization, Ease of Use [see above]  #
Need to understand viewer behavior: how many of you watch my vids on iPhone or other small screen? #
@mattgillard Figured. Guess I’m gonna have to break down and buy one. #
@postsecret He hasn’t been, did you see last week’s shows? #

YouTube – Tight Rope / Leon Russell  #
@trevoro Compensating for years of school teasing? Tho Santorum did not originally signify what it does today. He brought that on himself. #
@NomdeB Aww, but all my geeks are so cute! #
@wayfaringrob I am a happy Apple user, but get bored with the fanboys #
@zaps Condoglianze. 😉 #
Getting some new video done for you folks, ~90 minutes of (who else?) @brendangregg #
@BootsnAll @italylogue The intent may be Do it while you’re still physically able. I’ve seen too many people put off travel til too late. #
the people who comprise that press corps are incapable of focusing on things that matter and uninterested in doing so #
.@NomdeB I’m still looking for a way to automatically dedupe my sprawling mess of a music library. #
From the Joyent office #
A new magnum opus from @brendangregg: MySQL Query Latency with DTrace YouTube – the Director’s Cut (90 mins) #
Forgot that a martini is almost 100 alcohol. Maybe I need another one to forget some more. #
RT @standaloneSA: Holy Moly. The Computer Man video, via @thinkgeek – are we supposed to know that guy? #

When you put me through a phone tree, I am in a bad mood before I ever reach a human being. #
doing anything by phone is torture because it’s so hard to spell or pronounce my name, I’m tired at the beginning of the conversation #
@riccardo_iommi non molto. Almeno gli Italiani, sentendo una chiaramente straniera, s’aspettavano di dover ascoltare piu’ attentamente #
@ProfOrganizer @NomdeB I’d rather have or be a parent who goes to absurd embarrassing lengths to show love, than a parent who doesn’t care. #
@LusciousPear Let’s at least have a drink this time! #
What? You don’t want to be got a hold of? #
.@badnima Alamo Drafthouse IS awesome. We had Thanksgiving dinner there while watching Fabulous Mr Fox #
@ProfOrganizer As with most parents, probably a good amount of both. #
@nilofer And dangerous, if you hit the wrong button. Far too easy ho broadcast a private message to the world. #
@edsai You tease! The video is private. #DellSF11 #infosmack #
@edsai Geez, and they said /my/ videos lacked polish. at least I keep the camera oriented correctly. 😉 #
@NomdeB …says the gril from Bombay. 😉 I’d probably enjoy 100 and humid right now, tired of shivering in SF. #
Winners And Losers In Silicon Valleys War For Talent – Nicole Perlroth – Everything Ventured – Forbes#
iPhone ToS changes again. Apple already has my firstborn, so I guess there’s not too much to worry about in these 62 pages of agreement. #
@apperceptions At least they’re paying her overtime. 😉 #
The Economist only Zimbabwe and Haiti had lower GDP growth than Italy in the decade to 2010 #
@WinnieWongSF You made me laugh – thanks. Tho the neon socks would NOT do it for me. Pink, maybe. #1931 #
@NomdeB Exactly. They all suddenly realized there’s a hugely dangerous gulf between D and @ #
Apparently there’s an outdoor party associated with WWDC tonight. Would in be mean of me to hope they get rained on? 😉 #
I’m not sure I actually care about public figures lying about things that are none of the public’s or the media’s damned business. #
I do care when they hypocritically and clandestinely engage in behavior that they fulminate and perhaps even legislate against in public. #
Don’t gripe and whine behind my back. Say it face to face, I’m open minded – then go and pack (the door’s thataway!).  #

Mother: please return to the Tennessee Williams play from which you seem to have escaped. I have enough drama in my life already. #
@obscurebug Oh, so it wasn’t just the 2-block distance from my window that made them sound so bad? #
One thing y’all should know about me: passive-aggressive is not my style. I’m more aggressive-aggressive. #
@jasonh Unique, absolutely unique. #
Poptarts for breakfast. I will probably regret it. #
@lovelylady60 @bubbva My only dislike of the show is that the Aggies won the championship. 😉 #
a #
@binarycrusader Earlier they ran one of Berlusconi in front of a horse’s ass #
@alecmuffett I am SOOOOO jealous #
Italian policies discriminate heavily in favour of the old, driving large numbers of talented young Italians abroad #
This week saw not one but two of my Woodstock family on unexpected visits. It’s always so easy to talk with my fellow TCKs. #
@ebertchicago Cindy Williams? #
we might as well take risks. It probably won’t make us any less at risk, and today… it might even make us safer. #
8 years ago: So I assumed that her exam results would be of interest to the middle school she’d be going on to #
5 years ago: Italian Baby Names I Happen to Like #
@kebesays Kathy Sierra who, sadly, dosen’t blog anymore #
3 years ago at Woodstock: We expect everyone to dance. Except my mom, because that would be embarrassing. #
3 years ago: Rajdhani Thali: Great Food, Great Price #
2 years ago: Gallery: OpenSolaris User Group Bootcamp #
2 years ago: ZFS Discovery Day: Demo #
@NomdeB I’d be tempted. There is a lovely brass lota at my old place that I want to get back… #
@saramaternini Congratulations! You are exactly the person who wll thrive and flourish in a new environment! Much love te tho whole family. #

Yum!  #
@PeterKretzman I learned early on how to take tests without studying much, so have little use for formal testing as a measure of learning. #
Jantr Mantr, 1979 #
Anthony Weiners Bad Judgment: That is SO Not the Point #
.@tomlenk Ok, you got me – gotta have the comic! 😉 (I also suggested my employer do the t-shirt in your movie – we have cool t-shirts.) #
The No. 1 Reason We’re Drowning In Red Ink via @moveon #


Don’t quite understand the point of baseball caps with the logos of football or hockey teams. #
@ezekiel existe ancora per un’immagine di dolce vita che purtroppo non c’e’ piu’ nella realta’ #
@ezekiel 17 anni tra Milano e Lecco #
You have got to be f&king kidding me. Showing the Tonys on a time delay? In SAN FRANCISCO?!?!? #
The Book of Mormon cast album for $1.99 on Amazon? I’ll take that! #
@rhetro24 Raunchy and 3rd grade is more fun that sanctimony, and may, from what I hear, yet contain truth, wisdom, and kindness. #
@rhetro24 ah, the Christians. Always so tolerant and forgiving of anyone who doesn’t think like them. #
@rhetro24 Don’t have cable. #
It’s not just for gays anymore! – The 65th Annual Tony Awards 2011 06 12 Part 1  #

Ok, so for once this year I’m glad I do now have a TV (with an antenna) – the Tonys were a blast. Even Joseph Smith got a co-author credit. #
Their crisp white shirts and bright smiles are the virgin tapestry of an American innocence that remains impervious… #
@nonstick Watch out, there are real-life Mormons lying in wait on Twitter to tell you what a lousy choice that is. 😉 #
@HirokoTabuchi @danilop Is Italy also saying no to all the nuclear energy it buys from France? Won’t make much difference otherwise. #
.@BookofMormonBWY This music is the best Monday morning pick-me-up EVER. #
OpenSolaris user group meeting in Menlo Park Weds: Illumos update & panel with Garrett, Bryan and Adam #
Hmm. @badnima mrought back melon-flavored Kit Kats from Japan. They are, well – melony. #
If I ever say I just don’t get it about a new technology, it will be time to put me to sleep. #
Can Heterosexuality Be Cured? –  #
.@groby Drive for power correlates to drive for sex, maybe in women too. Doesn’t make anyone inherently a pig. How you deal w it another ? #
@groby Ah, I see. Yes, that is confusing layout. #
YouTube – Sesame Street: SpiderMonster, The Musical – Sneak Peek!  #

@vRobM But usually they stop only temporarily on their way to somewhere else #Brilliant #
best children’s book EVER (for parents)  #

They prefer to get info from those who know it best the engineers and don’t want marketing spin on it #
Who cares what happens when we’re dead? We shouldn’t think that far ahead. The only latter day that matters is tomorrow  #

Our own @bcantrill joins @gedamore and @ahl for an #Illumos discussion at SFOSUG tonight – we will try to stream, too #
@sh1mmer Congratulations – I’ve had to do driving tests in 4 different states so far, plus Italy. #
I am eternally grateful for the service of good travel agents. For complex travel, no website can replace their experience. #
@obscurebug old home week for you #
.@obscurebug Someone alert @scottmcnealy ! #
LIVE NOW – Illumos update with Garrett D’Amore #

Illumos panel #
talking about contributions to Illumos  #

Just posted a photo  #

want to talk about commercial opps for Illumos? Get in touch with Garrett #
we’re back #
Matt Ahrens talking about the ZFS working group #
discussing how to get help with Illumos #
I hope the office isn’t burned down by tomorrow morning. Those chairs were expensive. #
@MathSimon I’ll try to get a rough cut up before upcoming travel. #
@rtosman Yes, I hope soon, before I start traveling. #
.@billstreeter Italians must be baffled. Italy’s prime minister has sex with underage prostitutes. Twitter pics of a penis? So what? #
In the past, not sleeping for days before a trip meant less jetlag upon arrival. Apparently I am going to test this strategy again now. #
photos: Illumos Meetup – video is in process #
@adrianco there is no other kind of Bryan Cantrill talk 😉 #velocityconf #
@JessiDG Sadly, adulthood has not made me any less clumsy. I stub toes, bang elbows and shoulders on dorrframes, etc. all the time #
@JessiDG Nah, just as many random injuries. But, therefore, you should not give up playing in the mud. Grownups call this Burning Man. #
@randommood This will help: DTrace book #velocityconf #
.@seanwalbran @adrianco I sure hope this got filmed. Will sure be mad if it didn’t. #velocityconf #
@bcantrill Please tell me this was filmed #velocityconf #
Illumos Meetup Video  #


It’s less comfortable to talk about interest groups and their contributions to Congress. #
@NomdeB @vdotw Thanks, I love taking photos of architecture in SF #
in case you missed it yesterday: Illumos Meetup Video #
I am pretty fucking epic. #
This is not just a pretty tool, but the culmination of years of experience with file system and disk performance #
So it looks as if I might actually get off the ground on Sunday, and be in Milan Mon-Fri morning. Who will be around? #
@zalez Not that I’m aware of. I don’t have tho scope fro travel that I did with Sun (and I miss it). #

part of the big happy Illumos family  #
Just lost half an hour’s work ,thank you Confluence… #
RT @lyzadanger: @brianleroux @bcantrill ‘s presentation was the besthands downof the whole conference. #
@jacques No, it’s fine as far as server behavior, just a dumb bug in the wysiwig. But thansk! #
Watching a Rachel Maddow video: Weiner succumbs to media circus via @msnbc #
Found something to put on my Kindle for the plane trip, Philip Pullman’s The good man Jesus & the scoundrel Christ #
@flexrex Was actually quoting someone else about himself, but I’ll take it. 😉 #

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