Katrina: What Happened in the Hospitals

  1. The New Projects
  2. Xes
  3. Effects on the Middle Class
  4. Don’t Bring Your Kids Here
  5. Corruption
  6. The Effects on Communities
  7. 9th Ward
  8. Celia’s Story
  9. What Happened in the Hospitals

One thought on “Katrina: What Happened in the Hospitals

  1. Hans-Christoph Haenlein

    Goodness me Deirdre – these movies are an incredibly powerful record of a catastrophe. Hearing Celia tell the story, her story, is the first time that I have got my head into Katrina in a way that I feel, to the extent possible, what happened. I am very upset, and I should be. Somehow none of this understanding was accessible to me over the news at the time.

    I’m very glad that you shared these videos with me, and glad that I saw them before heading out there for our family spring-break vacation. Also glad that I took a look before calling Celia. Of course we’ll have a great time, it is New Orleans after all, but thank you for the education.

    Brilliant little movies.


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