The Twitter Diaries: July 2012

(in reverse chron order)

DeirdreS: Omg! Planeload of Mormon missionaries! How shall I keep from singing?

2012-07-31 02:24:48

DeirdreS: Ironically, video of my own talk one of the hardest I ever edited, because of need to synch the example video clips. A bit echoey at times..

2012-07-31 02:16:20

DeirdreS: @benjaminajacobs @pennjillette many of us do. We’re called atheists.

2012-07-31 17:17:58

DeirdreS: RT @scottherson: @joyent #cloud fall trainings scheduled: #dtrace , #analytics , cloud migrations.

2012-07-31 01:08:56

DeirdreS: RT @ddtrejo: @izs forking stops orgies! “if they are willing to encourage forking, they are much less likely to engage in a governance o …

2012-07-31 16:59:02

DeirdreS: 9 years ago I wrote about An Italian Tradition of Infidelity

2012-07-31 15:52:41

DeirdreS: “eggnog pizza”

2012-07-31 14:44:35

DeirdreS: RT @diamandakis: Another former AWS customer makes the switch to the Joyent cloud.

2012-07-31 14:43:46

DeirdreS: Thanks to whoever it was who followed a link from my site to Amazon (probably for a book) and then bought a $4000 hard disk – I made $160!

2012-07-31 14:21:00

DeirdreS: @jmclulow thanks! It’ll be your turn soon.

2012-07-31 14:19:51

DeirdreS: Yay! horses!

2012-07-31 12:25:09

DeirdreS: Bernie Sanders Exposes the 26 Billionaires who are Buying the 2012 Election | UPWORTHY

2012-07-31 12:20:56

DeirdreS: RT @izs: “As soon as people have to agree, guess what! It’s *governance* time!”
“Software is not democratic.”
+9000 …

2012-07-31 11:50:44

DeirdreS: My talk from #FISL “Using Video to Communicate Technology” #tonofisl13

2012-07-31 11:47:24

DeirdreS: @jmclulow It is now! Took 10 hours to upload.

2012-07-31 11:30:17

DeirdreS: New! My talk from FISL: “Using Video to Communicate Technology”

2012-07-30 22:24:50

DeirdreS: @grazianig true, but Switzerland at least has some largish lakes…

2012-07-30 22:16:23

DeirdreS: RT @strlen: You know what makes me miss Solaris? Watching @bifrosty2k try to a network install of Linux (1st Ubuntu, then FC17) on serve …

2012-07-30 22:14:24

DeirdreS: Brazilian TV showed Austria vs Australia beach volleyball match. Bet they didn’t show this in the US – commentators hopelessly confused.

2012-07-30 22:05:06

DeirdreS: …Let’s just have a “do jumping jacks in bikinis” competition. That’ll make about as much sense.

2012-07-30 22:04:13

DeirdreS: Waitaminute… How many kinds of beach volleyball are there, and is it necessary to play them ALL?

2012-07-30 22:01:31

DeirdreS: Why does Austria have a beach volleyball team?

2012-07-30 20:24:32

DeirdreS: Now it’s a race against time to see if I can compress and upload my #FISL talk video before getting on a plane tomorrow…

2012-07-30 19:59:37

DeirdreS: RT @ahl: blog post on recent DTrace usability enhancements (and implementation details that would test anyone’s patience) …

2012-07-30 19:00:35

DeirdreS: @pcrampton @equestrian_news video available somewhere? Kinda doubt they showed this in Brazil.

2012-07-30 18:52:45

DeirdreS: RT @LOLGOP: An honest version of the Republican platform would say, “We’re still trying to get straight marriage right.”

2012-07-30 18:52:36

DeirdreS: Whatever TF OnSwipe is, it mostly doesn’t work. How do I turn it off?

2012-07-30 18:35:06

DeirdreS: RT @iMilnb: “Just use pkgin. The End.” I really love that quote 🙂 (from @joyent

2012-07-30 17:20:25

DeirdreS: Finally, a goddess I can identify with:

2012-07-30 16:59:02

DeirdreS: 9 years ago I filmed cool tricks with tops:

2012-07-30 16:59:02

DeirdreS: 3 years ago I asked: “Who’s a guy?”

2012-07-30 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I filmed the Mussoorie monsoon:

2012-07-30 16:45:02

DeirdreS: 11 years ago I wrote about Supporting a Company in an Online Public Forum

2012-07-30 12:59:13

DeirdreS: RT @NomdeB: Romney continues to “wow” on the world stage:

2012-07-30 12:53:23

DeirdreS: RT @brainpicker: THIS. Henry Miller on reading, creative influence, and what’s wrong with education

2012-07-30 02:51:18

DeirdreS: @jmclulow @johnnysunshine I vote we go back to the true Greek style: naked. That’ll separate the boys from the men, as it were.

2012-07-30 02:50:28

DeirdreS: Having the unusual experience of editing video of myself. Not as off-putting as I’d feared, but still strange.

2012-07-30 01:28:07

DeirdreS: .@ProducerMatthew @reutersmedia So what really matters to everyone including the athletes is money. Grace, skill, Sportsmanship…?

2012-07-30 01:22:56

DeirdreS: RT @AnissaMayhew: this is a freaking genius idea

2012-07-30 00:50:40

DeirdreS: @hridaybala badminton would be fun to watch, but haven’t seen it yet in Brazil.

2012-07-30 00:48:52

DeirdreS: Some have told me they watch Olympics to admire beauty and athleticism. If so, what matter if time-delay means you already know who won?

2012-07-30 00:47:35

DeirdreS: @hridaybala which events is India competing in?

2012-07-30 00:05:52

DeirdreS: Feel that Olympics are going the way of big conferences: trying to do too much of everything, end up being 80% boring to most of us.

2012-07-30 00:04:43

DeirdreS: only seeing olympics because in hotel room. Just can’t bring myself to care about esoteric sports that most only “care” about every 4 years.

2012-07-29 23:47:37

DeirdreS: @kjwcode I’d go for that. At least then we’d be admitting what it’s really about.

2012-07-29 23:23:01

DeirdreS: Umm… Beach volleyball wearing bikinis over body stockings. Isn’t that totally missing the point?

2012-07-29 23:13:35

DeirdreS: RT @raypride: RT @SenSanders: Ending the Bush tax breaks for the top 2% would reduce the deficit by about $1 trillion over the next decade.

2012-07-29 21:52:11

DeirdreS: RT @VinylphileMag: If OS X Mountain Lion is the world’s most advanced desktop OS, why does it STILL not have ZFS or the option for input …

2012-07-29 21:16:30

DeirdreS: @joechung maybe there are just too many (bizarre and obscure) events?

2012-07-29 17:53:06

DeirdreS: @postwait we’re further south, where it actually is winter…

2012-07-29 04:08:31

DeirdreS: RT @ZacharyQuinto: this is straight to the core of the matter:
beautifully written.

2012-07-29 17:48:14

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: The six Walmart heirs are worth as much as the bottom 150 million. Meanwhile, 1 in 7 kids lives in poverty.

2012-07-29 04:05:47

DeirdreS: How has snoring not been weeded out by evolution? Surely being murdered in your sleep by your mate is not conducive to reproductive success.

2012-07-29 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I filmed Tenzing’s Monkey Tales

2012-07-29 03:44:33

DeirdreS: Truly epic snore coming from somewhere nearby in this hotel.

2012-07-29 16:45:01

DeirdreS: 11 years ago I posted a picture of a funny garbage can:

2012-07-29 03:41:02

DeirdreS: @Danjite sorry, I’m actually in Brazil at the moment, don’t know if there’s a stream. Mind,like everyone else’s, coverage v local-centric.

2012-07-29 03:34:55

DeirdreS: Olympic coverage on Brazilian TV is nearly ad-free, and no less comprehensible to me than it would be in English.

2012-07-29 02:57:04

DeirdreS: Btw one very cool thing about Equestrian events: no separate men’s and women’s.

2012-07-29 02:55:46

DeirdreS: Someone tell me when they show the equestrian events. Otherwise, don’t care.

2012-07-29 02:55:05

DeirdreS: RT @vambenepe: So many “How To Watch The Olympics From Anywhere” articles. So few “How To Not Hear About The Olympics” articles.

2012-07-29 02:53:45

DeirdreS: @jonasthaler next time I visit I demand that as my wakeup tune!

2012-07-29 02:48:47

DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: Celebrating OS X’s integration of pgrep and pkill with an anecdote that had to be told: #wchan

2012-07-29 02:43:25

DeirdreS: Not surprisingly, had this song stuck in my head all evening – but didn’t expect to find such a charming rendition!

2012-07-28 20:31:32

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: My #FISL13 slides: Performance Analysis: The USE Method

2012-07-28 20:30:30

DeirdreS: RT @lindsaycampbell: Listening to everyone tweet about how much #nbc sucks at doing the Olympics is the most boring thing on twitter, ev …

2012-07-28 20:10:15

DeirdreS: RT @hemantmehta: Church to Couple: We Can’t Let You Get Married Here Because You’re Black

2012-07-28 20:07:29

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: If you are at #fisl13, @merlyn is starting now in the Tux room on git. @Deirdres is filming

2012-07-28 20:06:26

DeirdreS: RT @F4Fake1: L’Italia vince l’oro con l’arco e la spada. L’argento con la pistola. Dovesse scoppià na guerra medievale spaccheremmo svar …

2012-07-28 19:28:00

DeirdreS: @chris_st_pierre they did the waistband thing to me, too, and I think it’s a new emphasis. New intelligence on waistband bombs?

2012-07-28 17:17:13

DeirdreS: My #FISL talk went well, I’m happy. Thanks to @brendangregg for filming, should have video up in a few days.

2012-07-28 16:59:01

DeirdreS: 3 years ago I attended a Woodstock School reunion on houseboats:

2012-07-28 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 8 years ago I filmed a very funny talk about growing up in India:

2012-07-28 13:24:28

DeirdreS: New @bcantrill video from #FISL: Corporate Open Source Anti-Patterns: Doing It Wrong #tonofisl13

2012-07-28 13:23:41

DeirdreS: Today #FISL I’m speaking at 13:00 on Using Video to Communicate Technology, @brendangregg at 15:00 on Performance Analysis #tonofisl13

2012-07-28 04:52:38

DeirdreS: Watching the opening ceremony with commentary I can’t understand in Portuguese is probably a plus. HRH looks grumpy.

2012-07-28 04:42:32

DeirdreS: RT @indutny: #joyent is really awesome

2012-07-28 04:38:52

DeirdreS: RT @anildash: “Now sing if the Queen’s wearing a precious stone stolen from your country!”

2012-07-27 06:34:24

DeirdreS: @samueldean umm what?

2012-07-27 06:31:24

DeirdreS: @tomcoates it’s only fair – we made London see Romney

2012-07-27 06:29:39

DeirdreS: @feepk excellent, thanks!

2012-07-27 02:19:58

DeirdreS: The suggestion is that we take this home to try on our spouses. Not sure that’s a good idea…

2012-07-27 02:18:22

DeirdreS: Dessert

2012-07-27 02:17:16

DeirdreS: Drunken geek conversations. Fascinating, but I won’t remember a thing in the morning.

2012-07-27 23:13:18

DeirdreS: New @bcantrill video from #FISL: Corporate Open Source Anti-Patterns: Doing It Wrong #tonofisl13

2012-07-27 20:23:43

DeirdreS: RT @postsecret: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou”

2012-07-27 19:41:03

DeirdreS: .@alizasherman @PamelaSchure Grace was perhaps correct about most humans, but some of us embrace change, perhaps because we’ve had no choice

2012-07-27 19:34:28

DeirdreS: @StopRush Heartbroken I’ll never have a job with Rush – not!

2012-07-27 19:34:09

DeirdreS: My talk for #FISL tomorrow is coming together nicely, now to edit together all the example video clips I want to use…

2012-07-27 18:19:07

DeirdreS: RT @yesthattom: New post: Dear Mom And Dad: Dear Mom And Dad,

Many times I’ve tried to explain to you what I do for a living. … http …

2012-07-27 18:17:21

DeirdreS: RT @hij1nx: A two day, intensive, hands-on #nodejs training camp — #javascript

2012-07-27 18:17:00

DeirdreS: RT @feepk: We will give our 2nd talk at #fisl at 5 PM in 40T. Come around if you want to know more about coding on VLC and using it in y …

2012-07-27 17:04:37

DeirdreS: Video from @bcantrill ‘s talk #FISL uploading to YouTube now, but will take >4 hours given large size and limited hotel bandwidth.

2012-07-27 16:59:02

DeirdreS: 8 years ago I wrote about Summer Fun, Italian Family Style

2012-07-27 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I filmed Arriving in Delhi

2012-07-27 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago, my daughter was leaving home:

2012-07-27 16:45:02

DeirdreS: 11 years ago I wrote about how to write newsletters that customers love:

2012-07-27 13:40:22

DeirdreS: RT @mischakrilov: Happy 13th annual International System Administrator Appreciation Day! Have you hugged your IT Professional lately? ht …

2012-07-27 13:03:50

DeirdreS: node.js and the Real-Time Web at #FISL by @bcantrill Tux right NOW #tonofisl13

2012-07-27 12:49:55

DeirdreS: RT @trochej: New #SmartOS Wow 🙂 #illumos #in

2012-07-27 12:49:24

DeirdreS: @trine In the limited test case of my own family, I grew up in chaos and seem to thrive in same. Daughter had stable chlidhood…

2012-07-27 12:38:53

DeirdreS: @feepk I’ll be at Bryans talk in Tux this morning at 10, will come to the speaker lounge after

2012-07-27 07:43:43

DeirdreS: People want to give their kids stable, predictable childhoods. Which is not good preparation for the real world they’ll grow up into.

2012-07-27 07:23:31

DeirdreS: RT @sidneidasilva: Sat next to @brendangregg for dinner. Heat map from my talk, put together by @chipaca was inspired by his blog post! …

2012-07-27 07:22:44

DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: If you’re at #FISL, I’m going to be giving a talk tomorrow on node.js and the real-time web at 10a in Tux #fisl13 #tonofisl13

2012-07-26 22:22:36

DeirdreS: Lunch buffet salad art

2012-07-26 21:07:17

DeirdreS: RT @miguelinlas3: Corporate Open Source anti-patterns by @bcantrill

2012-07-26 21:04:29

DeirdreS: @nahumshalman @bcantrill yup, starting production right now!

2012-07-26 21:03:50

DeirdreS: Sorry for the tweet silence today – no bandwidth. Miss me? 😉

2012-07-26 19:59:02

DeirdreS: 3 years ago I photographed some geek humor at Sun’s MPK campus:

2012-07-26 14:55:02

DeirdreS: 6 years ago I wrote about online reputation management:

2012-07-26 11:41:44

DeirdreS: If you’re at #FISL, join us for @bcantrill’s talk on Corporate Open Source Anti-patterns – 11am in Gnu T40 #tonofisl13

2012-07-26 02:46:13

DeirdreS: @cdwillie76 apparently so. I’ll record our talks myself, but don’t know how good a camera angle I’ll be able to get.

2012-07-26 02:11:30

DeirdreS: . @bcantrill’s talk at #fisl 11 tomorrow – Open Source Anti-Patterns – gonna rock the house.

2012-07-26 02:05:38

DeirdreS: Being still fluent in Italian means I can understand a lot of Portuguese, but it’s a workout.

2012-07-26 02:04:46

DeirdreS: It’s very good to get a mental vacation via non-quotidian challenges, outside my usual environment. Language + public speaking + schmoozing

2012-07-26 02:02:20

DeirdreS: @SandyBoynton yes, I did. Then I ate it. Artisanal Brazilian chocolate in Brazil FTW!

2012-07-26 01:59:21

DeirdreS: Feeling happy. Two caipirinhas probably have something to do with that.

2012-07-26 01:57:37

DeirdreS: @vdotw heh. Not sure if the Oracle stuff is making me famous or infamous.

2012-07-26 01:20:06

DeirdreS: RT @ahl: temporal DTrace and a bunch of DTrace fixes from @mahrens1 and me: enjoy!

2012-07-26 01:04:35

DeirdreS: @ditucci doesn’t have to cost the planet much. “if it’s yellow, let it mellow…”

2012-07-26 01:03:18

DeirdreS: @vdotw aww thanks, which post was it?

2012-07-26 01:02:23

DeirdreS: @ericschrock we jut saw your twin here in Porto Alegre. Drinking beer.

2012-07-26 00:59:06

DeirdreS: Before the printing press, the Church has a monopoly on information and truth. @falkvinge at #fisl

2012-07-25 21:48:15

DeirdreS: @fakedansavage well of course – they want to save her soul, not her life in this world. </sarcasm>

2012-07-25 21:27:02

DeirdreS: RT @alizasherman: Humans are allergic to change. They love to say, “We’ve always done it this way.” I try to fight that. –Rear Admiral …

2012-07-25 21:25:34

DeirdreS: Porto Alegre is warmer than I expected, but the conference center is at least as cold as I remembered. Glad I brought that cashmere sweater!

2012-07-25 21:00:10

DeirdreS: @mcavage for fear of lawsuit, no one will go on record against bad ex-colleagues. But I’ll bet a lot could be inferred from hiring patterns.

2012-07-25 19:50:20

DeirdreS: In tech (& prob any other industry), A teamers follow A teamers to their next jobs, C teamers follow B teamers. LinkedIn needs to graph this

2012-07-25 17:39:22

DeirdreS: RT @DiasporaAtState: “We are well aware that our diversity is one of our greatest assets in the 21st century” #SecClinton at #2012GDF @S …

2012-07-25 17:38:05

DeirdreS: @jmurowaniecki @falkvinge I didn’t say this was a moral stance that the US govt shares!

2012-07-25 17:30:12

DeirdreS: 600 contributors in lifetime of VLC, 150/yr. none paid. Collaborate via annual team mtgs, gitHub, irc, mailing lists. #tonofisl13

2012-07-25 17:27:47

DeirdreS: VLC libcaca converts video to Unicode. Very silly (and I think meant to be). #tonofisl13

2012-07-25 17:23:36

DeirdreS: To do: set up a VLC server for future live streaming – so we don’t have to be annoyed by ads, and can be seen on more platforms. #tonofisl13

2012-07-25 17:17:13

DeirdreS: Apparently VLC versions are named after Discworld characters. I approve! #FISL

2012-07-25 17:17:08

DeirdreS: The VLC icon is a cone because the campus where it was developed had a collection of 200 traffic cones. Yup, that’s geeky. #FISL

2012-07-25 17:17:01

DeirdreS: Interesting history of VLC and VideoLAN talk #FISL 1998 demo only worked for 40 sec at a time – which was fine, demos only last 30. 😉

2012-07-25 16:48:33

DeirdreS: Established industries pretend to embrace new technologies, as long as those support and don’t threaten their power. @falkvinge #FISL

2012-07-25 16:48:27

DeirdreS: It’s moral that we share information, knowledge and culture. @falkvinge #FISL

2012-07-25 16:48:25

DeirdreS: Hollywood built on massive patent infringements – film industry moved out of NYC early on to get away from Edison’s patents @falkvinge #FISL

2012-07-25 16:48:19

DeirdreS: Colonial Britain had a monopoly on manufacturing luxury goods. Samuel Slater memorized cotton mill designs, built mills in US. @falkvinge

2012-07-25 16:48:08

DeirdreS: Postal mail can be anonymous and untracked – it’s our choice. And the mailman is never responsible for what we send. @falkvinge #FISL

2012-07-25 16:48:05

DeirdreS: Brazil’s Marco Civil recognizes that net access is vital to citizen participation. @falkvinge #FISL (I must read up on this.)

2012-07-25 16:47:56

DeirdreS: When a dominant authority wants to safeguard its monopoly, it tries to persuade us that its stance is “moral”. @falkvinge #FISL

2012-07-25 15:41:37

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: You people need to learn to stand on your own feet after they’ve been chopped off.

2012-07-25 15:40:44

DeirdreS: RT @dangillmor: State university UC Berkeley joins EdX, offering free online courses along with Harvard and MIT

2012-07-25 15:40:25

DeirdreS: RT @trondn: What a fun surprise in the mail today! Thanks @DeirdreS 🙂

2012-07-25 13:44:15

DeirdreS: Jet lag going east is really hard. I’m usually a morning person, but…

2012-07-25 13:43:55

DeirdreS: @David_P_Mullins And here I am. 😉

2012-07-24 19:17:05

DeirdreS: Made it to the hotel. Chatted on the bus with the founder of the Pirate Party – a man after my own heart. 😉

2012-07-24 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I wrote about Living with the Threat of Terrorism in Italy

2012-07-24 01:08:18

DeirdreS: RT @cjane87: A standing ovation for @oatmeal. One of the great comics of our time.

2012-07-23 05:43:44

DeirdreS: As much as I love to be in different places, I hate the process of travel. Always afraid I’ve forgotten something.

2012-07-23 05:01:23

DeirdreS: RT @hemantmehta: This describes every Q&A session ever conducted:

2012-07-23 04:59:34

DeirdreS: @natashabadhwar @indianmemory start telling what you know of her stories, and be sure to get them wrong. She’ll have to correct you, no?

2012-07-23 04:50:54

DeirdreS: RT @vambenepe: Teenagers can be very annoying. Especially those in their 20s.

2012-07-23 04:49:48

DeirdreS: RT @Montberte: The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is because they have a common enemy. #stevec

2012-07-23 03:27:46

DeirdreS: @bdha ok, I think I’m officially bored of superhero movies

2012-07-23 03:23:08

DeirdreS: RT @MoorganFreeman: Apologizing does not always mean you are wrong. It just means that you value your relationships more than your ego.

2012-07-23 03:18:15

DeirdreS: @gleicon @msleal I’m always interested – tell me more?

2012-07-23 02:30:23

DeirdreS: So, off to Brazil in the morning. Not the warm, sexy part, but I expect to have fun anyway. Cachaca and churrasca will keep me warm!

2012-07-23 02:29:30

DeirdreS: @SaraGrafton Puzzled over it for a bit, but I got there. 😉

2012-07-23 02:25:17

DeirdreS: @benbangert Please do! We’re always happy to know more about what it’s like for people, noobs and experts.

2012-07-23 23:43:37

DeirdreS: Had forgotten that my KLM platinum card would work on Delta, too. Line-skipping privileges FTW!

2012-07-23 23:36:18

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine @joyent @bigflatslager that Commonist dunt appreciate great beer!

2012-07-23 23:34:03

DeirdreS: RT @DavidOAtkins: An uninsured critical #Aurora victim has $2 mil med bill. I’m glad the killer’s gun “freedom” is saved while we oppose …

2012-07-23 18:20:33

DeirdreS: RT @OpenStorage: @OpenStorage Go! Go! Go! Registration is now open for OSS 2012!!!

2012-07-23 18:16:41

DeirdreS: @sogrady saw a kid on the street actually have to put down everything he was carrying to pull up his pants. Don’t be that guy. 😉

2012-07-23 18:14:37

DeirdreS: .@brendangregg just found his ideal candy: ginger hot coffee chews

2012-07-23 16:59:01

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote about (and took pictures of) an amazing meal:

2012-07-23 16:51:02

DeirdreS: 11 years ago I wrote about How to Write a Product Newsletter That Will Get Raves

2012-07-23 15:53:54

DeirdreS: “Obscenity at the beginning or end of the speech significantly increased the persuasiveness of the speech”.

2012-07-23 15:48:56

DeirdreS: RT @ElReg: Greenbytes crunches up ex-Apple man’s Zevo ZFS: Flash array vendor gets Tens Complement Networked flash array ve… http://t. …

2012-07-23 15:40:09

DeirdreS: @umairh either way, we feel helpless to stop the powerful ruining our world.

2012-07-23 14:57:41

DeirdreS: RT @dancres: If you only hire experienced people, leaving training to others, you’d best hope those others don’t have the same attitude …

2012-07-23 14:57:19

DeirdreS: @monkchips an apology is always a good place to start

2012-07-23 14:55:21

DeirdreS: @andiamo you know “when I am old I shall wear purple”? I say: wear it now and to hell with what anyone thinks!

2012-07-23 14:50:15

DeirdreS: RT @10gen: 10gen is donating two tickets to #LXJS to women technologists. Interested in attending? Ping us!

2012-07-23 14:48:33

DeirdreS: @hij1nx @3rdeden @nodejitsu great news for all of us!

2012-07-23 14:48:18

DeirdreS: RT @hij1nx: We are extremely proud to announce that @3rdEden is now working with @Nodejitsu!

2012-07-23 13:29:02

DeirdreS: In case fou missed it on the weekend, my new piece “On Having Beauty”

2012-07-23 13:20:25

DeirdreS: Reflecting further on my recent blog post, perhaps the best weight loss is getting out from under the weight of others’ expectations

2012-07-23 07:15:13

DeirdreS: @AlecMuffett great list!

2012-07-22 23:16:39

DeirdreS: RT @TheNewDeal: Jason Alexander on Aurora

2012-07-22 22:46:52

DeirdreS: @SaraGrafton Thanks! Glad you liked it!

2012-07-22 18:23:28

DeirdreS: RT @moronwatch: #IStandWithBachmann because she embodies American values: hatred, fear and deep stupidity

2012-07-22 18:22:11

DeirdreS: @hudsonette …just ironic that in the US the threat is more from whackos than terrorists.

2012-07-22 18:21:48

DeirdreS: @hudsonette Ironically, I then spent a month in the UK, where the threat was IRA bombs. The rest of the world is used to this…

2012-07-22 15:52:15

DeirdreS: @hudsonette familiar territory for me:

2012-07-22 15:49:38

DeirdreS: RT @hudsonette: tv news had pointers on what to do if a gunman shoots in a theater. So is this going to become routine? Just STOP IT. #g …

2012-07-22 05:54:48

DeirdreS: RT @maxogden: today @substack taught a buncha Oakland high schoolers how to use github to make math test apps in js!

2012-07-22 05:03:36

DeirdreS: Buckley’s cough mixture may be effective, but it tastes like used kitty litter.

2012-07-22 05:02:20

DeirdreS: @bdha we have to fix that.

2012-07-22 05:01:28

DeirdreS: RT @brainpicker: “Love is being happy knowing that she’s happy…but that isn’t so easy.”

2012-07-22 04:59:13

DeirdreS: RT @vdotw: Definitely not. They eat what’s available, or go hungry!

2012-07-22 04:57:51

DeirdreS: .@hridaybala Zevo got bought? I hope that’s good news for Don.

2012-07-22 04:52:52

DeirdreS: @peteryorke far be it from me to tempt any good Christians into the sin of extramarital sex.

2012-07-22 04:41:29

DeirdreS: Facebook keeps thinking I want to meet seniors looking for faithful women. Can I get a big FU on that?

2012-07-22 04:25:37

DeirdreS: @vdotw Twilight was /better/? That’s a scary thought. That was one of the worst-written books I’ve ever read. Didn’t bother with the rest.

2012-07-22 03:27:55

DeirdreS: @vdotw thanks! It took a while to get here.

2012-07-22 02:52:16

DeirdreS: New: “On Having Beauty”

2012-07-22 02:21:45

DeirdreS: @vdotw @NomdeB I suspect part of the appeal is it has made smut socially acceptable and mainstream. But there’s far better smut out there!

2012-07-21 03:57:22

DeirdreS: @melaniegin Ah, nice. I hope they were inspired by their t-shirts!

2012-07-21 01:03:18

DeirdreS: @milouness we saw a probably 6 year old at that film, screaming in fright. Wanted to leave and her sadistic parents wouldn’t take her out.

2012-07-21 00:59:33

DeirdreS: @mlaffs @lianamaris I won’t be ageist if you won’t. 😉

2012-07-21 00:57:14

DeirdreS: @milouness Somebody needs to say it. Even wealthy people having a lot of kids is unfair to the resources of the planet.

2012-07-21 00:53:59

DeirdreS: @LianAmaris @mlaffs not to mention “old age and treachery will beat youth and skill, every time”.

2012-07-21 00:36:12

DeirdreS: Serious question: do internet petitions ever actually accomplish anything?

2012-07-21 00:19:44

DeirdreS: @JeffElder I would like to see more gun control; my point is that all the sides seem more interested scoring points than solving problems.

2012-07-21 22:00:54

DeirdreS: RT @jenelleriley: Found the girl who bullied me mercilessly in school on Facebook. Her interests include Mitt Romney, Nicholas Sparks, a …

2012-07-21 22:00:27

DeirdreS: RT @mikestill: Conservatives: it’s either gun control or a system of universal healthcare with easily accessible metal health services. …

2012-07-21 20:56:02

DeirdreS: The best response to 50 Shades of Grey is this one:

2012-07-21 17:14:56

DeirdreS: @philiph Oh, yeah, I’ve seen some truly disgusting paintings of that. “Oh, you’ve got an open wound? Let me just stick my hand in there.”

2012-07-21 16:33:05

DeirdreS: “I fear for impressionable young women who read this and think that this is how an ideal relationship should operate.”

2012-07-21 16:24:02

DeirdreS: @philiph Yes, I’ve seen some very disturbing artwork in various parts of Europe. Hideous emphasis on the torture, not so much on the love.

2012-07-21 15:47:40

DeirdreS: RT @surgecon: Ok just for all you Node.js people: David Pacheco, Software Engineer, Joyent at Surge 2012 with When Node.js Goes Wrong ht …

2012-07-21 15:44:04

DeirdreS: Jesus torture porn photo on FB. Just what I needed before coffee. Some Christians are into this crap to a disturbing degree.

2012-07-21 15:26:51

DeirdreS: RT @deirdresm: Amazing self-written obit worth reading. RIP.

2012-07-21 07:56:22

DeirdreS: And I stood on the mountain in the night, and I watched it burn…

2012-07-20 23:49:01

DeirdreS: @JeffElder unfortunately, that gets us about as far as arguing that birth control reduces abortions…

2012-07-20 23:47:51

DeirdreS: My daughter has unfriended me again. Maybe Facebook needs an “it’s complicated” for parent-child relationships.

2012-07-20 23:24:18

DeirdreS: RT @sjc_mis_jobs: Check out our job opening for a ILLUMOS/SOLARIS DEVICE DRIVER SOFTWARE ENGINEER in Santa Clara, CA! Chief Peopl #Jobs …

2012-07-20 21:35:12

DeirdreS: .@Lsabaan Vote with your remote: don’t watch irresponsible media outlets whose coverage of tragedy does more harm than good.

2012-07-20 21:29:12

DeirdreS: @ahl They were looking to fill that date, but there will be other chances. Let me know next time you’re headed that way.

2012-07-20 20:18:00

DeirdreS: What NOT to do when covering mass murder RT @pattonoswalt: Everyone PLEASE watch this. And THANK YOU @charltonbrooker:

2012-07-20 20:12:29

DeirdreS: RT @slashdot: Lenovo CEO Gives His $3M Bonus To 10k Workers – With the fat bonuses some US CEOs get…

2012-07-20 19:45:10

DeirdreS: RT @indutny: Dtrace, splunk, and interesting investigation: Really nice reading by Michael Zeller

2012-07-20 18:41:05

DeirdreS: RT @ahl: performance tuning at the next @LSPEMeetup — looking forward to presenting on DTrace

2012-07-20 18:39:15

DeirdreS: @ahl Hey, BackBay LISA looking for a SmartOS/illumos speaker mid Sept, any chance you or one of your colleagues will be out that way?

2012-07-20 18:38:12

DeirdreS: RT @rickygervais: “@stuartbakeruk: enjoy this Terry Pratchett quote. It’s right up your street.”

An amazing man. B …

2012-07-20 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I collected som Italian animal idioms:

2012-07-20 16:41:16

DeirdreS: RT @nahumshalman: I think I’m in love with the #dtrace pid provider. – Aww…

2012-07-20 16:07:46

DeirdreS: @ryancnelson You def get HUGE karma points for that! She will forever remember you as the hand of an angel.

2012-07-20 16:06:40

DeirdreS: @m0_o Depends what you’re trying to accomplish.

2012-07-20 15:57:13

DeirdreS: “@NRA_Rifleman: Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?” the NRA thinks Iike this all the time. Why is anyone shocked?

2012-07-20 05:56:02

DeirdreS: Scariest Facebook ad yet…

2012-07-20 04:21:48

DeirdreS: I’m not good, I’m not nice – I’m just right. I’m the witch. You’re the world.

2012-07-20 04:02:21

DeirdreS: I saw these two in the original Broadway cast, 1988 or thereabouts. And it does take two…

2012-07-19 23:09:03

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Hey #OSCON-Thx to all our new & old friends for coming by booth 427 to chat. Be sure to check out that free offer PS the …

2012-07-19 23:08:30

DeirdreS: @heinz_gies works now, first time gave me a login page

2012-07-19 22:51:30

DeirdreS: @heinz_gies wrong link? #ProjectFiFo #SmartOS

2012-07-19 21:55:07

DeirdreS: RT @sbraswe1: @DeirdreS Not the best angle but here is a photo of Dave during his OSCON talk.

2012-07-19 21:19:49

DeirdreS: @NomdeB There’s a Curious George episode about that. Tip: tuna not a good addition. But toddlers find it screamingly funny. #blendfrenzy

2012-07-19 19:47:38

DeirdreS: RT @dapsays: Thanks to those who attended my #oscon talk on NodeJS postmortem debugging and performance analysis. Slides are here: http: …

2012-07-19 19:31:24

DeirdreS: RT @nahumshalman: A rite of passage… using #dtrace in anger: #illumos #smartos

2012-07-19 19:30:49

DeirdreS: RT @melaniegin: Two devs matching shirts = so cute! @joyent @Travelstrings

2012-07-19 19:30:46

DeirdreS: @melaniegin Aww – where and who is this?

2012-07-19 16:59:02

DeirdreS: 4 years ago I wrote about pets and the expatriate life:

2012-07-19 05:49:27

DeirdreS: The “traditional family” has not been kind to me, mostly an excuse for others to exploit me and get mad when I resist. Must be a better way.

2012-07-19 01:14:35

DeirdreS: Protip: If your LinkedIn resume claims credit for work someone else did, it’s not a good idea to ask them to link to you, “old friend”.

2012-07-18 23:45:22

DeirdreS: @korch Agreed, we’d love to see more like that on the SmartOS wiki. Have at it. 😉

2012-07-18 23:44:25

DeirdreS: @pborenstein I thought of that. Couldn’t come up with any way to phrase it that wouldn’t seem suggestive…

2012-07-18 23:43:57

DeirdreS: RT @tenderlove: I made this wiki page about DTrace probes for Ruby:

2012-07-18 23:03:19

DeirdreS: @PeterKretzman which one was it?

2012-07-18 22:55:04

DeirdreS: I suspect the era of the big, expensive formal conference is drawing to a close. People seem to prefer unconferences these days. Agree?

2012-07-18 22:54:16

DeirdreS: @sbraswe1 I haven’t been posting that stuff to the list because it’s on the blog where people can find it when they want.

2012-07-18 22:27:09

DeirdreS: SmartOS News: July 18, 2012

2012-07-18 22:16:43

DeirdreS: I’d have to say Tom Lehrer nailed the Boy Scouts pretty well 50 years ago:

2012-07-18 18:17:33

DeirdreS: RT @RepJackKimble: Boy Scouts continue ban on gays. Makes sense. Would you rather trust your kid to a homosexual or a straight married …

2012-07-18 18:16:12

DeirdreS: RT @OVH: Promising #SmartOS is now available on OVH dedicated servers for alpha testing ! #ZFS #DTrace #Zones #KVM

2012-07-18 18:16:04

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Joyent is talking #SmartOS at booth 427 with our #illumos friends @nexenta. Special offer just for you #OSCON!

2012-07-18 17:54:25

DeirdreS: Rocky and Mayur visit Woodstock School in Mussoorie

2012-07-18 17:04:49

DeirdreS: RT @OhVeeAitch: New distribution: SmartOS

2012-07-18 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote about (more) reasons to send your child to Woodstock School:

2012-07-18 16:11:26

DeirdreS: @jedisct1 AFAIK, DTrace fro Oracle Linux is still in beta – pretty sure I’d have heard otherwise.

2012-07-18 16:10:50

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Webinar in 1 hour! 10am PDT @xeround & #Joyent show you what a scalable database-as-a-service can do for you …

2012-07-18 06:31:18

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine can you still demo?

2012-07-18 06:30:17

DeirdreS: RT @paulwsj: Economics Journal: Why Many Wealthy Indians Live in Decrepit Areas – @rupasubramanya on navigating the …

2012-07-18 06:17:41

DeirdreS: @JeffElder Forward! Boldly into the past!

2012-07-18 04:17:54

DeirdreS: RT @davewiner: The Bain Ad That Romney Should Fear the Most.

2012-07-18 04:15:19

DeirdreS: @hollyburns Spend half an hour with a colicky baby that can’t be comforted. This will immediate/y squelch all motherhood fantasies.

2012-07-18 04:13:16

DeirdreS: @ajit_ranade “You can trust us, we’re bankers!”

2012-07-18 04:11:12

DeirdreS: @kjwcode If that’s the case, I’m afraid for the future.

2012-07-18 03:55:29

DeirdreS: Strange how the supposed/y trending topics on Tw and FB are NEVER ANYTHING I CARE ABOUT. I listen to actual people for that stuff.

2012-07-18 03:50:01

DeirdreS: @fitzage Yes, they drank all the Big Flats! #fb

2012-07-18 00:59:08

DeirdreS: @adambusch Better yet: don’t wait for an invitation, make your own dance!

2012-07-18 00:44:15

DeirdreS: RT @johnnysunshine: Now I’m a booth babe – And a very cute one! And, according to HR, I’m allowed to say that you have nice legs.

2012-07-17 23:43:46

DeirdreS: RT @wanderingitaly: Whoa! Italian kids poised to take the freakishly fattiness prize from the US! Make them stop!

2012-07-17 23:41:42

DeirdreS: RT @TheEconomist: Can you write an Economist picture caption? Here’s a new chance for you to see your wit in print

2012-07-17 23:35:47

DeirdreS: RT @vinch01: @SteveStreza We had a lot of issues with Linode when the traffic has become serious on Storify. We switched to Joyent Cloud …

2012-07-17 23:14:46

DeirdreS: Open Source Leaders to Keynote the Liferay North America Symposium – Houston Chronicle

2012-07-17 23:09:24

DeirdreS: @Shingla @Neemrana_Hotels – of course it will be quite different in the monsoon!

2012-07-17 23:08:14

DeirdreS: RT @carrero: Si tienes infraestructuras en #Amazon #AWS tienes que probar #smartOS y #ZFS 🙂 Escribeme y hablamos! #cloud

2012-07-17 23:00:11

DeirdreS: RT @DavidBrin1: Sousveillance: Is it possible for citizens to shine enough light upward to remind our civil servants that they serve US?

2012-07-17 22:57:57

DeirdreS: @ryancnelson Hook ’em Horns!

2012-07-17 22:50:54

DeirdreS: @HannaIngber I actually had the opportunity to try bringing my newborn to the office, v supportive boss. Just impossible to work.

2012-07-17 21:25:41

DeirdreS: .@HannaIngber Her reality is so far from that of most working mothers that her success cannot help, tho her failure would hurt. #yahoo

2012-07-17 21:22:05

DeirdreS: RT @PeterKretzman: Puzzled by people getting hugely excited about handwriting recognition. I do everything I can to avoid handwriting an …

2012-07-17 20:41:17

DeirdreS: an interesting Italian translation question…

2012-07-17 18:49:08

DeirdreS: RT @TheTweetOfGod: Due to recent events, this year’s Penn State Altar Boy Scout Aqua Campout ‘n’ Baptism-palooza has been moved to the V …

2012-07-17 18:26:46

DeirdreS: RT @SeemaC: When this came to my inbox, I got goose bumps. Yes, @natashabadhwar it has happened to me too. Thanks f …

2012-07-17 18:26:42

DeirdreS: @SeemaC @natashabadhwar oh, yes, the X-ray technician – I got that particular grope, was too naive to realize what was going on.

2012-07-17 17:42:01

DeirdreS: @ditucci @thinguy they would have, if allowed, but…

2012-07-17 17:35:58

DeirdreS: RT @MissyByte: Ok so Marissa Mayer is pregnant and CEO of Yahoo. More impressed by working moms who don’t have access to a nanny, maid, …

2012-07-17 16:59:01

DeirdreS: 8 years ago I wrote about Integrating Muslim Students into Italian Schools

2012-07-17 16:27:01

DeirdreS: 11 years ago I wrote about how to moderate a discussion list:

2012-07-17 06:52:27

DeirdreS: @Shingla @neemrana_hotels I can attest that the Hill Fort is well worth it, even without a pool!

2012-07-17 06:50:21

DeirdreS: @mmayo always be closin what?

2012-07-17 05:44:33

DeirdreS: @lhawthorn sorry to miss it, I did my MBA with OU. They do some cutting edge online Ed stuff.

2012-07-17 05:37:21

DeirdreS: Sacred music

2012-07-17 05:29:40

DeirdreS: @timkennedy oh, sorry – there’s supposed to be a link to my email! Deirdre@joyent

2012-07-17 04:19:35

DeirdreS: @faseidl @pborenstein Once met a 20YO w a 4YO+a baby. My daughter asked “What’s that lovely ring you’re wearing?” “My purity ring.” Uhhhh…

2012-07-17 02:25:17

DeirdreS: Eh, si’… e qui é proprio il caso di dire: “Lei non s√° chi sono io.”

2012-07-17 01:44:52

DeirdreS: RT @faseidl: “I want to be a wife… I would hate to go off and spend thousands of dollars on an education that I wouldn’t use” http://t …

2012-07-17 00:47:40

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: It’s suuuch a surprise the economy isn’t roaring back when banks are looting, the middle class is imploding, and the young a …

2012-07-17 00:34:00

DeirdreS: @glynnfoster cool. I live in Rockridge now, taking off for FISL Monday am.

2012-07-17 00:28:04

DeirdreS: @glynnfoster would love to see you if you’ve got time for a few beers in the city!

2012-07-16 23:52:00

DeirdreS: You might consider sending an e-mail to your boss tonight . . . say, around midnight.

2012-07-16 23:13:05

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: It’s the definition of insanity that the richest 400 are worth as much as the bottom 150 miilion–while 1 in 7 kids lives in …

2012-07-16 23:11:46

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: Frankly, I think history will look at “advanced economies” tolerating poverty and misery in their midst–and connect the dots.

2012-07-16 19:47:44

DeirdreS: @markimbriaco @triangledevops that sounds great. Is someone going to film/stream?

2012-07-16 19:05:58

DeirdreS: RT @maxogden: ATTENTION BAY AREA RESIDENTS: for the love of pete go to this

2012-07-16 19:02:59

DeirdreS: @bdha please tell me you got out of there very very quickly?

2012-07-16 19:01:26

DeirdreS: RT @rod11: Why @Joyent is a High Performance Cloud? Read Joyent guys like @rmustacc and @brendangregg can fix anyt …

2012-07-16 19:00:45

DeirdreS: @leapingwoman you probably also saved the driver a lifetime of trauma.

2012-07-16 18:32:27

DeirdreS: @johnkwaters they’re not calling it “Silicon Shore”, are they?

2012-07-16 18:28:06

DeirdreS: kill it now, before Americans feel the abundant rewards.

2012-07-16 18:19:53

DeirdreS: RT @dapsays: Looking forward to presenting at #oscon Thursday on Node.js postmortem debugging and profiling in production! …

2012-07-16 18:18:46

DeirdreS: @johnkwaters shoot me now. I don’t even watch TV, but the tweets about it will annoy me to death.

2012-07-16 18:16:07

DeirdreS: RT @rmustacc: Landed per-thread caching for libumem. See for the details and for the code.

2012-07-16 17:36:06

DeirdreS: @leapingwoman did he thank you?

2012-07-16 17:26:22

DeirdreS: Life isn’t fair. It’s just a lot fairer than death, that’s all.

2012-07-16 16:59:02

DeirdreS: 6 years ago I wrote about Education – What Skills Should We Build for a Lifetime?

2012-07-16 15:59:02

DeirdreS: 3 years ago I wrote about Social Media Production: What I’m Doing in Brisbane

2012-07-16 15:05:00

DeirdreS: @dberkholz fix link please!

2012-07-16 15:02:13

DeirdreS: RT @andiamo: Hey, bloggers, wanna win a 9-day trip to Florence later this year? Ahem: Post an entry by August 27. # …

2012-07-16 15:01:13

DeirdreS: RT @GoAngelo: I mean seriously. If nearly half of Americans get paid so little they fall under the taxable threshold. Wages is the issue …

2012-07-16 04:48:33

DeirdreS: RT @jewelia: Loved it when Github used to say “hardcore forking action…”

$100M in funding later, now it says “forking repository.”

2012-07-16 03:56:51

DeirdreS: @NomdeB I’d go with the Jerry Garcia look, if I were him…

2012-07-16 03:21:30

DeirdreS: @andiamo @johnnysunshine is a friend and colleague covering this week’s events for the #illumos community, sorry I’m not there myself!

2012-07-16 03:16:07

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine meet @andiamo, a Portland native who cam tell you which food is worth a line, or how to avoid a line altogether I suspect…

2012-07-16 03:12:10

DeirdreS: My string bracelet from Lakshmi puja last Diwali finally came off. And I’m not rich yet. Is there a Goddess complaints bureau?

2012-07-16 02:01:14

DeirdreS: Driving around the hills above Berkeley, I realize there’s been a lot of money around here for a long time. Where did it come from?

2012-07-15 05:58:20

DeirdreS: RT @jeffbullas: 5 Creative Ways CEO’s Use Twitter

2012-07-15 04:27:27

DeirdreS: RT @HumanityCritic: Romney took the day off while Obama campaigned in the rain. I’ve seen enough Rocky movies to know that the guy who w …

2012-07-15 02:33:50

DeirdreS: @JeffElder more a question of who’s buying them.

2012-07-15 00:12:48

DeirdreS: Dude, that’s not a beard – it’s a statement. Unless you’re a displaced hillbilly.

2012-07-15 23:30:22

DeirdreS: RT @pourmecoffee: This is the case. “Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Losses”

2012-07-15 22:42:03

DeirdreS: RT @johnnysunshine: Aww, yeah. So this is coming home with me to Canada /cc @notmatt @wayfaringrob @konobi @BigFlatsLager …

2012-07-15 22:16:20

DeirdreS: I am failing as a geek this week: not at Comic-con nor going to OSCON. I guess speaking at FISL will count for something.

2012-07-15 20:46:04

DeirdreS: “300 years ago we would have been burned for it, I call that progress.”

2012-07-15 20:29:33

DeirdreS: You often don’t see what’s messed up about your country and culture until you step outside of it.

2012-07-15 20:19:54

DeirdreS: @deirdresm but black cats are so beautiful!

2012-07-15 20:19:20

DeirdreS: Dr called me (yes, on Sunday morning!) to tell me that what I have is probably viral. Time to stay home and not infect my colleagues.

2012-07-15 19:56:27

DeirdreS: RT @davewiner: Why does technology celebrate ageism?

2012-07-15 19:28:45

DeirdreS: A really good look at my beloved Woodstock School today: – back in my day, NOT known for good food!

2012-07-15 18:59:46

DeirdreS: RT @oliviawilde: New word: Hangry. As in: “If you contemplate murder while in line for brunch… Bitch you be hangry.” #Don’tLetMeGetHangry

2012-07-15 18:56:31

DeirdreS: RT @avbelow: Can anyone tell me where they hide the power outlets at Zurich Airport?

2012-07-15 15:56:27

DeirdreS: RT @riccardo_iommi: RT @InfoAtac: 20/7 sciopero trasporti ore 8.30-12.30 #Roma << che cosa anomala, di venerdi e d’estate

2012-07-15 15:48:12

DeirdreS: RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: The most important message of a crucifix, was how cruel supposedly sane human beings can be when under orders from a …

2012-07-14 20:48:30

DeirdreS: RT @arclight: Economic stress, lopsided income distribution, & media consolidation let a small group play the public consciousness i …

2012-07-14 20:36:37

DeirdreS: @jasonh @photomatt omg that expression. Definitely yours.

2012-07-14 18:47:19

DeirdreS: RT @newsyc150: The Silent Majority of Experts ( #guru

2012-07-14 18:44:28

DeirdreS: @deirdresm omg! If you’re going to dump someone by email, at least dump the right one!

2012-07-14 18:32:23

DeirdreS: @deirdresm @jasonh @pborenstein @joyent one summer shared a house with a Deidre pronounced Daydree. Third roomie Mary eternally confused.

2012-07-14 18:30:52

DeirdreS: @jasonh @pborenstein @joyent could be worse:

2012-07-14 18:10:10

DeirdreS: @jasonh @pborenstein @joyent I guess we could just call you The Jason.

2012-07-14 17:52:32

DeirdreS: @jasonh @pborenstein @joyent hmm, don’t think I’ve heard those. I’ve always been the only Deirdre in any situation, except that once…

2012-07-14 17:49:26

DeirdreS: Two of my favorite songs, 275 of my favorite men! via @youtube

2012-07-14 17:33:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote about Where Italians Go on Vacation

2012-07-14 17:31:27

DeirdreS: Two-day screaming headache cured by coffee. Let that be a lesson to me…

2012-07-14 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I translated a song about a cub who loves cougars:

2012-07-14 16:47:41

DeirdreS: RT @hackernewsbot: You Might be a Unix Geek…

2012-07-14 16:44:51

DeirdreS: @pborenstein @joyent I think we’ve hit our Ryan limit. Don’t think we have any duplicate female names, tho.

2012-07-14 16:28:27

DeirdreS: @pborenstein there are now two Phils and Fil at Joyent, it’s messing me up. The world needs more diverse male names!

2012-07-14 04:36:50

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine ride going ok?

2012-07-14 01:50:49

DeirdreS: “@Zee: an √úber town car for one journey, cost me $21. Took the exact same journey back in an UberX cost $11. Now we’re talking.” want!

2012-07-14 01:09:16

DeirdreS: Mindless games on the iPad are exactly perfect for the brain-dead state I’m in.

2012-07-14 00:25:23

DeirdreS: @NomdeB @more_miscellany @proforganizer @jeridansky how about buying less crap?

2012-07-14 00:22:59

DeirdreS: @dberkholz I use the term “content” because certain crowds understand it, otherwise it’s “stuff you want to read/watch/see”.

2012-07-14 00:21:36

DeirdreS: @PRDH @tomcoates decapitated toffees, you mean.

2012-07-14 00:19:44

DeirdreS: @dberkholz @jonobacon sorry won’t make it this year – going to FISL following week. @johnnysunshine will be representing #illumos #smartos

2012-07-13 22:23:28

DeirdreS: RT @insideHPC: Just in: Intel Acquires Whamcloud #HPC

2012-07-13 22:22:21

DeirdreS: RT @jayrosen_nyu: The Big Digg Lesson: A Social Network Is Worth Precisely as Much as Its Community When that break …

2012-07-13 21:50:35

DeirdreS: RT @sullydish: The GOP once impeached a POTUS who committed perjury. Are they now going to nominate someone who did it as well? http://t …

2012-07-13 21:14:18

DeirdreS: What does it mean that when I feel horrible, only dragged myself out to get meds, some idiot rolls down his car window to make noises at me?

2012-07-13 18:40:17

DeirdreS: RT @ahl: how destroying clones on ZFS just got 100x faster by @mahrens1

2012-07-13 16:54:15

DeirdreS: @vdotw what I mostly find is that they withdraw and probably think I’m rude. Cultural difference.

2012-07-13 16:45:01

DeirdreS: 11 years ago I wrote about The End of an Era

2012-07-13 04:29:24

DeirdreS: RT @NomdeB: RT @stuckinspincycl: The hypocrisy of shaming women who breast feed in public, summed up in a convenient cartoon. http://t.c …

2012-07-13 02:13:08

DeirdreS: I am not afraid to talk about politics, religion, or sex, because I can and do respect most people, even those whose beliefs I do not share.

2012-07-13 02:10:44

DeirdreS: …but I expect that same respect in return.

2012-07-13 02:03:29

DeirdreS: RT @tactix: Getting ready to perform at Laramie!

2012-07-13 01:33:38

DeirdreS: “they don’t understand how the systems work, they don’t understand the impact.”

2012-07-13 01:22:00

DeirdreS: Been a… day. I can’t think of an adjective that covers it all, so it’s just been a… day.

2012-07-12 22:53:52

DeirdreS: RT @csanz: wow, the @joyent wiki is the most complete and up to date hosting resource I’ve seen in a while, search works really well too …

2012-07-12 22:52:44

DeirdreS: @GoAngelo just the Milky Way ingeneral? Saw it 2 wks ago from just outside Santa Rosa NM but there are many places. Altitude+clear will do.

2012-07-12 22:44:08

DeirdreS: .@philiph I’ve known many real Christians who spent thr lives helping the poorest worldwide. Do not understand US conservative “Christians”

2012-07-12 21:08:16

DeirdreS: America still the wealthiest nation in the world. That so many Americans have no hope, live in fear is a disgrace. How do you not get this?

2012-07-12 21:06:50

DeirdreS: Baffled by the very American assumption that poverty somehow equals sin and the poor, in essence, deserve to be downtrodden.

2012-07-12 20:57:06

DeirdreS: @MathSimon Oh good on rocording – please let me know when it’s available.

2012-07-12 20:44:02

DeirdreS: @MathSimon Let us know how it goes! #illumos

2012-07-12 20:43:51

DeirdreS: RT @MathSimon: Measuring interest french-speaking interest on #illumos. I got last time slot, not that ideal, still nice feedbacks http: …

2012-07-12 19:58:16

DeirdreS: Weird and interesting to see people addressing my dead friend on his FB wall as if he could see their good wishes for “the onward journey”.

2012-07-12 18:06:13

DeirdreS: illumos» Blog Archive » illumos News: July 12, 2012

2012-07-12 17:53:46

DeirdreS: @tomkersten How can we help you learn more? #illumos #smartos

2012-07-12 17:53:31

DeirdreS: FISL schedule with @bcantrill @brendangregg and me:

2012-07-12 16:14:10

DeirdreS: RT @mentalexotica: Good-to-know of the day –> Hobson-Jobson: The words English owes to India

2012-07-12 16:11:22

DeirdreS: If I gotta be damned, you know I wanna be damned dancing through the night with you.

2012-07-12 15:11:08

DeirdreS: @NomdeB hadn’t, thanks. Suspect Jeet is behind it in some way, and/or @tedchris

2012-07-12 15:10:29

DeirdreS: RT @NomdeB: > @DeirdreS have you seen this: #Literature #India

2012-07-12 14:22:34

DeirdreS: Sudhir Thapliyal has died in Mussoorie. Some of you know why this matters to me, those who don’t – it’s a hell of a story. Damn damn damn.

2012-07-12 07:33:39

DeirdreS: People who knew us when we were young have trouble seeing that we’ve matured and learned. This is as true in professional life as personal.

2012-07-12 05:47:27

DeirdreS: RT @cynditefft: RT if you’ve ever bought a book from an author you first met on Twitter. #thepowerofTwitter

2012-07-12 05:04:14

DeirdreS: @jimgris earthquake? This kind of tweet from you always scares me now.

2012-07-12 04:53:12

DeirdreS: RT @stevenbjohnson: Clearest sign of global warming: it’s July and you almost don’t need a sweater in San Francisco.

2012-07-12 04:50:08

DeirdreS: RT @dlsspy: It feels pretty awesome when a database eats itself* and I can roll back to a ZFS snap taken within 15 mins of corruption (* …

2012-07-12 01:58:25

DeirdreS: RT @ptribble: Node.js v0.6.20 package for Solaris 10 x86

2012-07-12 01:57:58

DeirdreS: RT @purp: Dear @atlassian: taking away wikitext was a horrible choice. Every time I have to deal with a page I want to stab my eyes out. …

2012-07-12 01:55:09

DeirdreS: @DEVOPS_BORAT you forgot green

2012-07-12 01:44:44

DeirdreS: @QueenofSpain and said he needed remote control of your computer, right? This scam is going on worldwide.

2012-07-11 16:55:01

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote about Death by Waiting

2012-07-11 15:52:45

DeirdreS: RT @substack: Employees should insist on being able to release open source at companies that insist on github profiles for hiring. Two-w …

2012-07-11 15:16:16

DeirdreS: RT @backbaylisa: TONIGHT! 11 Jul Jim Mauro (Sun) “Solaris Dynamic Tracing – DTrace #bostonma #cambridge #cambridgem …

2012-07-11 15:06:19

DeirdreS: @reiddraper Ah, I see Filip gave you the definitive and exhaustive answer.

2012-07-11 15:05:14

DeirdreS: @reiddraper Are you looking to do this on a Joyent SmartMachine or your own SmartOS install?

2012-07-10 21:53:11

DeirdreS: headline “Missing Ohio Mom of 2 Allegedly Strangled” – Sigh. Would it be somehow better if she was “just” a woman and not a mother?

2012-07-10 21:18:52

DeirdreS: RT @dexterous: Automated VirtualBox SmartOS installs courtesy @jperkins

2012-07-10 21:18:38

DeirdreS: @thinguy Is that an official title at O? 😉

2012-07-10 21:17:58

DeirdreS: @perreaultsebas Yes – thankfully!

2012-07-10 19:17:51

DeirdreS: My job is mostly about listening to people, getting them to talk to other people, and in other ways conveying conversation. Which is fine.

2012-07-10 16:20:53

DeirdreS: RT @GoAngelo: lol. This is so accurate, it hurts. RT @tusk81: Via @MoveOn: The Gay Agenda Exposed:

2012-07-10 16:09:30

DeirdreS: @vdotw In Colorado, I highly recommend: for massage.

2012-07-10 15:13:37

DeirdreS: RT @tthtlc: “9,000 packages for SmartOS and illumos” by @jperkin

2012-07-10 03:22:04

DeirdreS: Hurt shoulder lifting a toddler this weekend. Emergency appt w Nathan this eve, sooo much better. Highly recommend him!

2012-07-10 02:41:43

DeirdreS: RT @notmatt: Hey programmer! Beer.js Wednesday, 6pm, at the revel room! Come!

2012-07-10 02:33:47

DeirdreS: RT @ShannonCNeeser: A2: remember interviews go 2 ways. They also need to impress you. They need good employees as much as you need a goo …

2012-07-09 05:05:54

DeirdreS: Amused: real-time traffic on my site shows people reading what I just posted, and searching on “mi fa cagare” (a rudely apt Italian phrase).

2012-07-09 04:47:10

DeirdreS: Part 4: Into the Belly of the Beast

2012-07-09 03:25:31

DeirdreS: Come to think of it, maybe I should have titled this piece “Cannery Row”.

2012-07-09 03:08:47

DeirdreS: RT @ryancnelson: Good morning New Delhi!
I’m up at 5:30am for breakfast. Next, we install the fastest production @joyent cloud on the s …

2012-07-09 22:30:59

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Congrats to Joyent customer @goinstant Acq’d by Salesforce after scaling w #Node.js #SmartOS. See how @jevon did it http://t …

2012-07-09 22:27:06

DeirdreS: RT @tenderlove: “Your order of “Best Form American Flag Pants” has shipped!” – TMI!

2012-07-09 22:24:42

DeirdreS: I’m guessing GitHub buys Geeklst not too long from now.

2012-07-09 22:14:38

DeirdreS: “Individually, I love you all with affection unspeakable, but collectively I look upon you…”

2012-07-09 21:53:02

DeirdreS: SmartOS News: July 9, 2012

2012-07-09 21:10:14

DeirdreS: RT @teepark: look under your seat everyone, there’s a job offer from github.

2012-07-09 21:02:41

DeirdreS: RT @mccrory: GitHub raised $100 Million!?!?!?!? –

2012-07-09 20:58:09

DeirdreS: @kirkwy Dying from not-surprise. I love Heathrow until I actually need to get in or out of it.

2012-07-09 20:39:36

DeirdreS: @sturadnidge US or EU? Looks as if we’ll get critical mass on that pretty quickly either way.

2012-07-09 20:38:28

DeirdreS: @sturadnidge Thanks! Much appreciated. There probably needs to be a book…

2012-07-09 20:28:42

DeirdreS: @reiddraper Cool! How can we help?

2012-07-09 20:28:31

DeirdreS: @sturadnidge @mrbruning Hmm, maybe the training page for that course once we get it onto

2012-07-09 19:26:36

DeirdreS: @sturadnidge <in my silkiest sales voice> How can I help you with that? 😉

2012-07-09 18:26:33

DeirdreS: in case you missed this Friday: SmartOS News: Upcoming Joyent Talks

2012-07-09 18:21:31

DeirdreS: illumos ZFS Internals Training from Joyent

2012-07-09 17:46:48

DeirdreS: Just “being me” may appear to be the lazy approach to some situations. OTOH, I have invested years in learning to be me, and I’m good at it.

2012-07-09 17:40:34

DeirdreS: @paolovalde I take it you’re in town again. Meet up?

2012-07-09 17:38:25

DeirdreS: RT @garannm: Looking at somebody’s photos from a tech conference and there are literally more closeups of food than photos with women in …

2012-07-09 17:32:36

DeirdreS: RT @mushenska: Whenever my authors panic about amazon reviews I like to send them this:

2012-07-09 16:51:49

DeirdreS: @sriramnrn It’s for a Joyent client. Can’t say who, but you can imagine that we (especially I) are psyched to be working in India!

2012-07-09 15:27:42

DeirdreS: RT @mrbruning: Why learn Internals? See #SmartOS #illumos #opensolaris #zfs #solaris

2012-07-09 15:27:31

DeirdreS: RT @meinardi: #SmartOS e #illumos ridanno vita a #OpenSolaris @wireditalia @riccardowired @joyent #opensource

2012-07-09 05:33:17

DeirdreS: “it’s like the history of Australia – the history that matters” @brendangregg

2012-07-09 05:07:18

DeirdreS: @nyyrajvggranhre You may prefer one of the other illumos distros, OpenIndiana or OmniOS maybe.

2012-07-08 23:32:19

DeirdreS: RT @thinkprogress: Pennsylvania city defies court order, unilaterally reduces pay of police officers and firefighters to minimum wage ht …

2012-07-08 21:43:43

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine @richlowe I’d take that. I’m a lot more creative at all aspects of life after/during a change of scene and habits.

2012-07-08 21:42:32

DeirdreS: @gflarity A mash up of my mathematician ex and a lot of people in tech.

2012-07-08 17:29:37

DeirdreS: @richlowe @johnnysunshine we also need a different definition of “success”, one that includes time to raise kids well, for those who wish to

2012-07-08 17:27:38

DeirdreS: @richlowe @johnnysunshine I’d like to think career doesn’t have to go on hold with kids, tho it does require at least 2 cooperative parents

2012-07-08 17:05:58

DeirdreS: “No great math is done after age 30. Everything great in tech is accomplished before 40.” Writing off half your professional life? Stupid.

2012-07-08 17:03:34

DeirdreS: One sign of immaturity is fixation with the idea that, at some particular age, you are too old to make a valuable contribution in your field

2012-07-08 16:49:32

DeirdreS: @annapickard @tomcoates Now that sounds like a good reason for sport to exist, but we could just leave out the sport part.

2012-07-08 16:45:55

DeirdreS: @fossdotin I need info on the event, mailed you on the site days ago, no answer. I’d be asking others from Joyent to submit, not me.

2012-07-08 16:10:35

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine I don’t mind the people talking about sports they do, bored out of my mind with those talking about sports they watch on TV.

2012-07-08 16:08:54

DeirdreS: @fossdotin can we do this by email? I wrote before on the site, no reply. Can’t register a talk without travel budget.

2012-07-08 05:37:15

DeirdreS: My Twitter feed some days feels like it’s all sports and food. Can we have an argument to liven things up

2012-07-08 00:13:22

DeirdreS: RT @politico: Rep. Barney Frank marries his longtime partner as the first sitting member of Congress to enter a same-sex marriage: http: …

2012-07-08 00:10:26

DeirdreS: RT @smokejack: I think it’s worth repeating everywhere to everyone that over £1 Trillion pounds has been spent saving failed banks whils …

2012-07-08 00:09:27

DeirdreS: RT @bakadesuyo: Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it. – Tallulah Bankhead

2012-07-07 19:41:24

DeirdreS: RT @LOLGOP: I’m GUESSING Jesus wouldn’t spend his summer trying to take health care away from 30 million poor people.

2012-07-07 19:30:44

DeirdreS: @bubbva @davetong hmm. When I had a horse, I didn’t get to write it off. I want the number of her tax adviser!

2012-07-07 19:27:33

DeirdreS: @fossdotin I can’t know I’ll get the funding, need more info! Also, we might do a mini-track, but I have to find the money. Won’t be quick.

2012-07-07 19:20:42

DeirdreS: Flowers from this morning’s walk

2012-07-07 16:55:01

DeirdreS: 3 years ago “Churrascaria” – and going again soon!

2012-07-07 16:39:04

DeirdreS: @kjwcode which is true of many of the finest people I know, so that’s ok

2012-07-07 16:11:21

DeirdreS: RT @bakadesuyo: Do women desire sex more for emotional intimacy or physical pleasure?

2012-07-07 16:09:20

DeirdreS: @nonstick so you’re both right

2012-07-07 16:08:54

DeirdreS: Maybe I should be worried about a two-year-old who has few words – and one of them is “coffee”.

2012-07-07 15:14:02

DeirdreS: @AtulChitnis @fossdotin hey I sent a message on the site. Need stats on previous editions so I can sell my bosses on us going!

2012-07-07 02:11:21

DeirdreS: “@bloatedlesbian: CEO To Receive $44 Million Payout Despite Resigning On His First Day” highest paid workday ever?

2012-07-07 01:29:49

DeirdreS: My god! It’s full of tourists!

2012-07-06 23:45:17

DeirdreS: SmartOS News: Upcoming Joyent Talks

2012-07-06 23:24:28

DeirdreS: RT @robinbloor: God and Country are an unbeatable team; they break all records for oppression and bloodshed. ~ Luis Buquel #quote

2012-07-06 22:10:19

DeirdreS: “I’m here because God called me here” – but apparently God didn’t give you a brain of your own to think with.

2012-07-06 21:54:17

DeirdreS: @pborenstein something to do with mass-changing categories. Should have been tipped off by the fact that it didn’t work.

2012-07-06 21:14:55

DeirdreS: .@superxero3 Good to know, thanks. So I could have been hacked regardless of hosting. WP needs a trusted source or I can’t use anything.

2012-07-06 21:00:34

DeirdreS: Just learned the hard way that I can’t trust WordPress to have vetted the plug-ins offered thru their site. Got hacked because of one.

2012-07-06 18:39:12

DeirdreS: Update: got a picture of the batcave.

2012-07-06 18:13:13

DeirdreS: RT @copyblogger: If you see something you care about being done poorly, don’t complain. Do it better.

2012-07-06 17:49:04

DeirdreS: RT @csanz: #devops with @joyent is #funops

2012-07-06 17:32:10

DeirdreS: @missbhavens but it suits itself perfectly!

2012-07-06 17:11:36

DeirdreS: @surgecon You do realize the stage will explode with both of them on it?

2012-07-06 17:11:20

DeirdreS: RT @surgecon: Woot! Bryan Cantrill and Brendan Gregg, Joyent, at Surge 2012 on The real-time web in the real world-DIRT in production ht …

2012-07-06 17:10:57

DeirdreS: @izs Yup, that’s how I was able to make a fun video when most of what I had was conference footage:

2012-07-06 15:43:29

DeirdreS: If you ever do a presentation, you should watch this:

2012-07-06 15:23:42

DeirdreS: New! “Fishworks and Me” – another piece of Sun history

2012-07-06 03:11:30

DeirdreS: Thank you, I need this financial break:

2012-07-06 00:43:35

DeirdreS: Fixed broken video on ZFS the Next Word by Bonwick and Moore, Kernel Conference Australia, 2009

2012-07-05 03:19:25

DeirdreS: Summer cold and no particular plans = a very quiet holiday with lots of time for writing. Which is not a bad thing.

2012-07-05 03:13:32

DeirdreS: RT @othiym23: Want to play around with all the SmartOS stuff @dapsays demonstrated at #nodeconf / #fluentconf? Cheap? Here’s how: https: …

2012-07-05 01:02:18

DeirdreS: Sigh. Yup.

2012-07-05 23:40:23

DeirdreS: Well, look what I found: some of the lost footage from the 2009 Open Storage Summit

2012-07-05 22:47:20

DeirdreS: RT @comay: Interesting infographic on the so-called “tax” associated with the ACA.

2012-07-05 22:45:16

DeirdreS: @vRobM Oh yes, growing up all over the world and traveling a LOT will do that for you. #notshy

2012-07-05 22:35:44

DeirdreS: @ActuallyNPH Are you sure there’s not a hidden camera somewhere? #tweetpercussions

2012-07-05 22:35:10

DeirdreS: @vRobM Yeah, I get it, it makes sense. Just never been a fan of the trailing spouse role.

2012-07-05 22:31:00

DeirdreS: Want to keep up on #DTrace news and have a place to ask questions? There’s a list for that:

2012-07-05 21:42:10

DeirdreS: @spousetivities …and when there’s a tech conference, it’s usually me attending and/or speaking.

2012-07-05 21:41:28

DeirdreS: @spousetivities That’s what I’m trying to parse. I occasionally attended math conferences with my ex, didn’t need anyone to organize me.

2012-07-05 21:30:27

DeirdreS: @spousetivities @vRobM There is something creepy about this but I’m not quite sure what it is… #Spousetivities

2012-07-05 20:03:14

DeirdreS: historical background: how I got started filming at Sun

2012-07-05 19:22:16

DeirdreS: At the “please just kill me now” phase of this cold. Maybe that means it’ll be over soon, one way or the other.

2012-07-05 18:58:24

DeirdreS: @meineerde Have you tried SmartOS or OmniOS?

2012-07-05 18:11:29

DeirdreS: “SmartOS News: July 5, 2012”

2012-07-05 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I wrote/filmed: MBA: Collecting My Dues from the Open University

2012-07-05 15:51:19

DeirdreS: SmartOS office hours today! 10am-11am Pacific (1700-1800 UTC) in #smartos on

2012-07-05 15:15:45

DeirdreS: in case you missed it yesterday, new post: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting – to Be Acquired”

2012-07-05 15:04:06

DeirdreS: “It’s hard to find anything to say about life without immersing yourself in the world, but…”

2012-07-05 14:51:11

DeirdreS: RT @mrbruning: Any interest in a ZFS internals course? #zfs #illumos #solaris #FreeBSD #smartos #storage

2012-07-05 06:37:56

DeirdreS: @jonasthaler Ouch and ouch!

2012-07-04 21:12:58

DeirdreS: “The Church says we’re ‘different’. They’re right – we like ADULTS.”

2012-07-04 20:54:00

DeirdreS: At least the neighbors having a loudish barbecue are playing The Eagles.

2012-07-04 19:13:57

DeirdreS: RT @dapsays: For a more complete preso of DTrace in Node (incl custom probes) see @mcavage’s: + vid: …

2012-07-04 18:45:07

DeirdreS: Guess whose routers I’m never, ever buying?

2012-07-04 17:41:13

DeirdreS: New: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting – to Be Acquired”

2012-07-04 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 6 years ago I wrote about Watching Football (soccer, to you Americans)

2012-07-04 16:55:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote about Biopsy: Digging to China Through My Breast

2012-07-04 15:23:08

DeirdreS: Hmm, I’m writing a lot lately.

2012-07-04 14:59:57

DeirdreS: The irony is, I don’t often use LinkedIn to reach the people I actually need to contact for work/community reasons.

2012-07-04 14:55:20

DeirdreS: @StillSusan @hudsonette Nah, you just need other… stimulants.

2012-07-04 14:55:02

DeirdreS: 2 years ago I photographed a dinner party in wonderland:

2012-07-04 14:54:33

DeirdreS: RT @neiltyson: You just wait Europe, science in America will rise again — some time this millennium.

2012-07-04 14:36:51

DeirdreS: I need a LinkedIn button that responds “Are you f*ing kidding me?!?” to certain link requests.

2012-07-04 14:31:30

DeirdreS: Awake way too early for a holiday.

2012-07-04 14:30:30

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine I wonder what what happened to our pictue of HRM?

2012-07-04 08:55:01

DeirdreS: 1 year ago I photographed Fine with That:

2012-07-04 04:57:09

DeirdreS: @denizrende Hmm, I’m not sure a Sun mousepad is hip…

2012-07-04 02:03:45

DeirdreS: RT @nodeconf: The party tonight, sponsored by Joyent is at Holoscene at 8pm. Holoscene is at 1002 SE Morrison st at SE 10th ave. A short …

2012-07-04 01:52:16

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I filmed: “International Marching Show Bands in Lecco”

2012-07-04 01:17:56

DeirdreS: @webmink Probably neither.

2012-07-04 01:17:45

DeirdreS: @bdha Good for you both – about time you took some time off, and a Nora Ephron commemorative viewing is exactly right.

2012-07-04 01:16:19

DeirdreS: @bdha For your sake, I really hope not.

2012-07-04 01:13:30

DeirdreS: RT @delyabak:
OSCON- if you want to come hang out with Nexenta and Joyent let me know . I have booth passes

2012-07-04 01:13:19

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman No, at least so far no one seems to think I have a dog.

2012-07-03 23:51:58

DeirdreS: Dear Twitter and FB: I will happily PAY YOU MONEY to not have to be annoyed by poorly targeted ads. There’s your monetization strategy.

2012-07-03 23:46:46

DeirdreS: @notmatt Well, you know – up north there somewhere.

2012-07-03 23:43:19

DeirdreS: @sevanjaniyan Nah, I have @brendangregg to do the shouting.

2012-07-03 23:42:54

DeirdreS: @SniperWulfzen I get extra hipster cred for ensuring that everyone knows they are Italian designer socks, right?

2012-07-03 23:36:34

DeirdreS: So I was working on my hipster cred yesterday. The socks, shoes and skinny jeans def get points. Not sure about book.

2012-07-03 23:35:19

DeirdreS: @WinnieWongSF are you present back in SF yet? Wd love to see you

2012-07-03 23:19:16

DeirdreS: Oh great, now I get to see completely irrelevant crap promoted by Twitter. Dear world: not buying a car or a house anytime soon! Give up.

2012-07-03 22:22:23

DeirdreS: “Welcome to Solaris, have a beer.”

2012-07-03 21:22:44

DeirdreS: RT @dshaw: Dtrace, Node.js and Flame Graphs @ NodeConf 2012

2012-07-03 20:47:34

DeirdreS: “SmartOS: Max Bruning’s Talk at NOSIG” UStream raw video

2012-07-03 19:59:07

DeirdreS: “they completely blew it because of the bureaucracy”

2012-07-03 19:55:05

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine It’s certainly one of our colleagues with small children in daycare/school. Those places are hotbeds of infection.

2012-07-03 19:54:21

DeirdreS: “Tracing Windows – just what I’ve always wanted to do…”

2012-07-03 19:49:31

DeirdreS: Good thing tomorrow is a holiday. May spend it sleeping off what appears to be a summer cold. Gah.

2012-07-03 19:29:31

DeirdreS: Max talking about porting KVM to illumos:

2012-07-03 18:34:20

DeirdreS: RT @bubbva: BJ’s great! MT @leapingwoman: i am looking for my next community management position! – she is!

2012-07-03 18:33:30

DeirdreS: Getting in to the details of SmartOS CPU caps:

2012-07-03 18:18:10

DeirdreS: If you’ve go questions for Max about SmartOS, let me know or use the chat window on

2012-07-03 18:15:30

DeirdreS: UStream hint: view in fullscreen, then you’ll be able to read the slides:

2012-07-03 18:11:29

DeirdreS: Download slides for Max’s talk from

2012-07-03 18:10:01

DeirdreS: Video stream of Max Bruning on SmartOS running smoothly now:

2012-07-03 17:58:55

DeirdreS: Nice to see the old Solaris logo…

2012-07-03 17:54:32

DeirdreS: Sound working now! About to start.

2012-07-03 17:25:40

DeirdreS: Starting soon! Max Bruning on SmartOS at NOSIG, will be streamed here:

2012-07-03 17:13:14

DeirdreS: From the Archives: Visualizations for Performance Analysis (and More)

2012-07-03 16:47:33

DeirdreS: @lusis Italians have some very weird names:

2012-07-03 16:09:02

DeirdreS: @lusis could told you that 😉

2012-07-03 16:08:39

DeirdreS: @heinz_gies so do we

2012-07-03 15:00:13

DeirdreS: New! “Resistance is Futile: The Oracle Acquisition” ‘ part 1 of…?

2012-07-03 07:28:31

DeirdreS: Plan your next move from where you are now. No point regretting where you might have been, if only…

2012-07-02 22:30:04

DeirdreS: @SniperWulfzen From the few eps I saw, that’s pretty much exactly what it’s going to feel like. 😉

2012-07-02 21:49:42

DeirdreS: @SniperWulfzen Nah, not really – and I’m a wimp.

2012-07-02 21:46:47

DeirdreS: @bdha Still no sleep?

2012-07-02 21:44:56

DeirdreS: @_dpim “We had to walk 5 miles every day to our datacenter, barefoot in the snow.” #DTrace

2012-07-02 20:58:57

DeirdreS: TOMORROW: July 3: Max Bruning will present on SmartOS, will be live streamed on

2012-07-02 18:19:34

DeirdreS: From the Video Archives: Visualizing DTrace –

2012-07-02 16:27:31

DeirdreS: RT @bimboalieno: disoccupazione giovanile in Italia al 36,2%: abbandonati perché senza tessera sindacale, mica come i pensionati

2012-07-02 16:26:06

DeirdreS: FB served me an ad for a site for single black men looking for “faithful” women. #targetingfail

2012-07-02 15:24:52

DeirdreS: Anderson Cooper: “The Fact Is, I’m Gay.”

2012-07-02 12:54:57

DeirdreS: @bcantrill Ouch! At least it the photo he looks more proud of the cast than in pain.

2012-07-02 01:54:43

DeirdreS: Spent most of the flight (and many hours this morning) writing. I guess this will need to be 4 or 5 blog posts.

2012-07-01 04:52:52

DeirdreS: @kjwcode you mean Smart Data Center? No purchase required for SmartOS

2012-07-01 02:46:42

DeirdreS: RT @korch: took the plunge, ramped up on installing & admin Joyent’s Smartos = wow! SunOS is a better, leaner Unix than Linux. green …

2012-07-01 02:45:02

DeirdreS: RT @bdha: Solarish machines all still happy. New Linux boxes running on those Solarish totally fucked.

2012-07-01 02:43:12

DeirdreS: @bdha ouch. I’m sorry, bro. Sleep well when you can.

2012-07-01 02:40:12

DeirdreS: @signed8bit @vdotw I hate to break it to you, but some people do make vodka martinis. Which should be called something else, I would think.

2012-07-01 02:39:19

DeirdreS: @bdha ok, now I’m lost. Where do trees come into it.

2012-07-01 02:35:48

DeirdreS: @bdha doesn’t pay as well, but maybe the hours are better. Otoh – scaring kids, plus or minus?

2012-07-01 02:33:50

DeirdreS: @vdotw gin, not a huge vodka fan

2012-07-01 00:44:55

DeirdreS: I must learn to make a good martini. Apparently equipment is needed.

2012-07-01 00:43:40

DeirdreS: .@KellyOSullivan @lakerosenberg @hsessoms always have, in the US – lots of friends and my daughter have lived on tips. No-brainier.

2012-07-01 00:41:32

DeirdreS: @hemantmehta “One does not just walk into… Vatican City.”

2012-07-01 00:38:53

DeirdreS: Above Santa Fe

2012-07-01 00:20:32

DeirdreS: @sbraswe1 great! I won’t be there, sadly, but be sure to stop by and say hi.

2012-07-01 23:03:35

DeirdreS: @kjwcode @jasonh glad you got that sorted, and apologies for the confusion.

2012-07-01 22:39:22

DeirdreS: @lusis but the thinks he’s being all rebellious, right?

2012-07-01 22:38:42

DeirdreS: RT @chunsaker: Life-planning. Cause we’re ALL doing what we thought we would be doing five years ago. #fucketlist

2012-07-01 22:35:24

DeirdreS: Really ABQ? I need to stand in this big long line just to print a boarding pass? Sheeesh.

2012-07-01 15:02:20

DeirdreS: @nedryun @aubreynb so, as Christians, where’s your plan to care for those who are currently uninsured and cannot afford health care?

2012-07-01 14:45:45

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