The Twitter Diaries: August 2012

(in reverse chron order)

DeirdreS: 11 years ago I wrote About Woodstock School

2012-08-31 23:52:48

DeirdreS: RT @blakeirvin: htop on #smartos! this one’s for you, @kig 😀 @joyent

2012-08-31 23:48:28

DeirdreS: @egrigson We’re hoping for something early next year, maybe with LOSUG – @chrisridd where did we get on that?

2012-08-31 23:36:56

DeirdreS: @sturadnidge Will we see you there?

2012-08-31 23:09:22

DeirdreS: @AlecMuffett hmm, thanks – dunno where that stray came from

2012-08-31 23:02:07

DeirdreS: @AlecMuffett Where’s that?

2012-08-31 22:57:26

DeirdreS: @cwebber Seriously, we’re hoping for fun, friendly and free. Due to the timing, hotels are scarce I’m afraid.

2012-08-31 22:55:07

DeirdreS: @cwebber Your time and kind attention.

2012-08-31 22:44:50

DeirdreS: @cwebber What cost?

2012-08-31 22:42:02

DeirdreS: Just a quiet little announcement for you to chew on over the weekend. 😉

2012-08-31 21:47:52

DeirdreS: @missbhavens How does it taste?

2012-08-31 21:31:08

DeirdreS: RT @BorowitzReport: I’m waiting for Obama to do a bit at the convention where he talks to Mitt’s invisible tax returns.

2012-08-31 21:30:44

DeirdreS: RT @HumanityCritic: There is actually a piece entitled “Clint Eastwood puts liberals in full panic mode”. Man, Crystal Meth is one hellu …

2012-08-31 21:27:06

DeirdreS: RT @benr: Joyent Operations is still hiring! Get paid for working with SmartOS and work with the best! Send me your resume if interest …

2012-08-31 20:23:31

DeirdreS: Joyent engineering had a “barn raising” writing C programs for DTrace labs next week. Expect diabolicalness. (Diabolia? Diaboliality?)

2012-08-31 20:10:32

DeirdreS: @glassresistor Always love to hear that! Let us know what we can do to make the transition easier for Linux folks like yourself.

2012-08-31 19:27:32

DeirdreS: @melindabyerley Hey! Nice to see you again! Looking good! How did you like Warhorse?

2012-08-31 19:21:28

DeirdreS: So did the twitter API changes break @tweetdeck such that search columns no longer work?

2012-08-31 17:20:08

DeirdreS: Btw, since it’s come up several times recently: if you need to reach me by email, smartos at Joyent dot com will do it.

2012-08-31 17:04:11

DeirdreS: @hij1nx hmm, I dunno. What have you done for SmartOS lately? 😉 (I kid- I know what you’re doing. Email me.)

2012-08-31 16:56:55

DeirdreS: RT @HumanityCritic: RT @EdgeofSports Ann Romney said it’s “time for a grown-up” to be President. Just gross. #dogwhistle

2012-08-31 16:54:13

DeirdreS: RT @Tenzer: Pimped my new laptop with some stickers I had lying around

2012-08-31 14:00:02

DeirdreS: 3 years ago I wrote about “blogging this for Sun”

2012-08-31 06:38:34

DeirdreS: There’s no use in me a-crying, I’ve done everything and now I’m sick of trying…

2012-08-31 04:29:21

DeirdreS: “So Ryan’s just upset that Obama broke a promise that would have been physically impossible to keep”

2012-08-31 04:01:11

DeirdreS: RT @InvisibleObama: One nation! Under God! Invisible!

2012-08-30 06:12:42

DeirdreS: #WarHorseSF was amazing. Highly recommended. @shnsf

2012-08-30 00:16:22

DeirdreS: “Lyrics taken from and inspired by the It Gets Better Project”

2012-08-30 00:14:05

DeirdreS: @quasi42 Oh, lord! What course is that? #stayingcurrent #fail

2012-08-30 00:12:38

DeirdreS: Looking forward to dinner and theatre with @Myrna_SF !

2012-08-30 20:56:40

DeirdreS: RT @BrighidWood: Unfortunate sign placement at the Republican National Convention (cc @katies)…

2012-08-30 18:48:24

DeirdreS: @izs I see you understand the true romance of modern air travel.

2012-08-30 18:47:17

DeirdreS: @NomdeB This was the stage play, very stylized with puppets, yet captured the spirit and ways of horses, and their relationships with people

2012-08-30 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 6 years ago I was going through hell with Telecom Italia: (Yes, even worse than AT&T and Comcast!)

2012-08-30 16:24:46

DeirdreS: RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: So let me get this straight: Ryan lied in entire speech, didn’t present a single solution, and we’re supposed to thi …

2012-08-30 16:24:08

DeirdreS: RT @avinash: 30 Shocking and Unexpected Google Street View Photos: #awesomeness

2012-08-30 08:05:02

DeirdreS: @lewellyn oh, so trickle-down works after all? 😉

2012-08-30 08:02:00

DeirdreS: I still get teary – I mean, damn! We put stuff into SPACE! #RBSP

2012-08-30 07:53:10

DeirdreS: RT @LindaNagata: MT @gregvaneekhout: If you’re an American citizen & will be at least 18yrs old by 11/6 &aren’t yet registered t …

2012-08-30 07:16:44

DeirdreS: RT @llcrowe: Wow. Even Faux says Ryan lies. MT @sacca: For all who said I cited biased sources, FOX confirms Ryan is full of shit: http: …

2012-08-29 23:59:15

DeirdreS: Another beauty from ZenPencils.

2012-08-29 23:56:13

DeirdreS: ‘It Gets Better’ wins Emmy Governors Award – Entertainment News, TV News, Media – Variety

2012-08-29 23:07:32

DeirdreS: @gklst How do I add events? I’ve got one or two things you might like to know about…

2012-08-29 23:01:57

DeirdreS: @wolfeidau

2012-08-29 22:59:13

DeirdreS: @ramondevesag sure, smartos at joyent dot come will reach me.

2012-08-29 22:56:24

DeirdreS: RT @ibannieto: Ya veo que el IRC sigue siendo tan √∫til como siempre: en 5 minutos me han resuelto dos dudas que me traían de cabeza con …

2012-08-29 22:18:11

DeirdreS: @wolfeidau I believe this was taped (not by me, unfortunately):

2012-08-29 18:49:19

DeirdreS: Note: we may get cancellations for @brendangregg’s DTrace training, get on the wait list if you want a chance to join!

2012-08-28 23:12:33

DeirdreS: My relatives and some other dear ones are in NOLA, awaiting Isaac. I don’t want the city of my birth to get wiped out again.

2012-08-28 22:48:50

DeirdreS: @samueljohn_de We do training about that…

2012-08-28 21:32:25

DeirdreS: @mysticarossella E ci sta arrivando pure l’altra Rossella anglofona!

2012-08-28 21:01:29

DeirdreS: Announcing the 2nd Annual Solaris Family Reunion!

2012-08-28 20:54:57

DeirdreS: “Shreeya grew up in India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.”

2012-08-28 20:43:58

DeirdreS: “If yr masculinity depends on imaginary superiority over women, you don’t actually have any. Manliness comes fm within”

2012-08-28 19:32:53

DeirdreS: @antonwhalley Following you now. DM or email my first name at Joyent if there’s anything else we can help with.

2012-08-28 19:17:36

DeirdreS: RT @ahl: proud of this patent that was just granted more info: (free license from @oracle for …

2012-08-28 17:38:20

DeirdreS: here’s one for my bronies: “@paul_irish: Like ponies *and* web browsers? Boy, do I have the goods for you:”

2012-08-28 17:36:55

DeirdreS: RT @TheOnion: On today’s #RNCschedule: Some awful shit about opportunity delivered by a limp-dicked old fuck who has everything http://t …

2012-08-28 17:36:04

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: LOL. Indeed. The half that has the most to lose from doing so. RT @hamiltonguy: @umairh Approximately 50% of America will vo …

2012-08-28 16:49:25

DeirdreS: RT @kbeninato: Isaac now upgraded to Category 1 hurricane. Would be accurate if headlines said: Hurricane hits New Orleans on Anniversar …

2012-08-28 16:46:27

DeirdreS: @noebie we’re backtracking on everything, very scary.

2012-08-28 16:25:28

DeirdreS: @noebie my parents worked in the Civil Rights movement in New Orleans in the early 60s.

2012-08-28 16:23:49

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan oh my @reptoddakin has some kinky fantasies. He should move to SF, no one minds here – as long as you’re not forcing others.

2012-08-28 16:20:55

DeirdreS: @khushil @brendangregg just those on credit cards 😉

2012-08-28 16:00:02

DeirdreS: 4 years ago…

2012-08-28 04:05:12

DeirdreS: Dear Twitter and Facebook: I will PAY YOU MONEY to NOT have ads shoved in my face. What part of this do you not understand?

2012-08-28 03:53:19

DeirdreS: @NexentaBillRoth I saw your tweet – cool!

2012-08-28 03:34:15

DeirdreS: @NexentaBillRoth @nexenta the full results, actually more than one chart. Oh I see, totals cn be >100%, it’s confusing…

2012-08-28 03:30:44

DeirdreS: “definitive biography and a unique look into the Byronic soul of the Republican nominee”

2012-08-28 03:23:57

DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: I personally didn’t think the question dignified a response, but ever the gentleman, @izs nails it anyway …

2012-08-28 03:02:03

DeirdreS: @NexentaBillRoth @nexenta the “will be using in 12 mos” – either the # is wrong or the chart is wrong for VMware

2012-08-28 02:22:14

DeirdreS: RT @JoshuaHol: RT @OTOOLEFAN: ACTUAL line from CNN Romney doc: “In 1968, France was a dangerous place to be for a 21 year old American.” …

2012-08-28 01:31:15

DeirdreS: @ianhf which client is that? I want it!

2012-08-27 23:45:31

DeirdreS: RT @sijoe: blog: SmartOS now booting from Tiburon

2012-08-27 23:24:39

DeirdreS: Announcing the 2nd Annual Solaris Family Reunion!

2012-08-27 21:11:53

DeirdreS: SOLD OUT: DTrace by @brendangregg next wk SF. If you’d like a chance to take this course in future, let us know here:

2012-08-27 20:27:55

DeirdreS: @sjorge Not that would admit it. 😉

2012-08-27 18:52:11

DeirdreS: @brooke Oh, that would be great – so I could totally ignore it. #privateplanes #casesofRose #eyeroll

2012-08-27 18:22:13

DeirdreS: Amazon abuses a heatmap

2012-08-27 18:16:20

DeirdreS: @konobi yup. I did send a couple of extras to the Vancover office, but they may not be the right sizes

2012-08-27 18:10:35

DeirdreS: @sintaxi I think we’ll grandfather you in on a shirt, email me size and postal address

2012-08-27 16:50:18

DeirdreS: Only 3 tickets left for @brendangregg’s DTrace training in SF next week, and registration closes Weds night!

2012-08-27 15:50:15

DeirdreS: Delicious brunch at the Four Seasons, with fab entertainment and interesting celebs, Sun Oct 14. Who wants to join me?

2012-08-27 15:35:45

DeirdreS: Adding Stuff to SmartOS

2012-08-27 15:26:09

DeirdreS: In case you missed it: SmartOS goodies! because “…developer communities run on coffee, pizza, beer, and t-shirts”

2012-08-27 15:24:43

DeirdreS: “I don’t need a hero and I don’t need saving – I am not in distress.”

2012-08-27 14:52:15

DeirdreS: “I’d rather pay more for my wine and not worry about affording health care than the other way around.”

2012-08-27 14:47:31

DeirdreS: @sjorge Outed yourself as a brony? 😉

2012-08-27 14:47:07

DeirdreS: @Tenzer Ah, thanks! I was looking for that and didn’t find it (or know what to call it).

2012-08-27 06:59:28

DeirdreS: “a sampling of recent Tweets about SmartOS”

2012-08-27 06:35:43

DeirdreS: RT @KellyOSullivan: The GOP wants to redefine rape but fears redefining marriage. This tells me all I need to know.

2012-08-27 04:52:28

DeirdreS: @seldo @izs The headline he tweeted had him threatening the whole country! Dangerous man, that.

2012-08-27 04:42:04

DeirdreS: @izs And presumably in tones of fear, indignation, or awe! I can be pretty sure there will never be a hurricane with my name, at least.

2012-08-27 03:30:32

DeirdreS: @fnichol You might particularly enjoy this.

2012-08-27 03:23:32

DeirdreS: Sigh.

2012-08-27 02:18:50

DeirdreS: @milouness I certainly hope so – I’d hate all this mess and pain to be for nothing!

2012-08-27 00:20:21

DeirdreS: RT @Emergency_In_SF: CITYWIDE SIRENS were inadvertently activated… there is no emergency in SF. < That’s what the invaders WOULD say.

2012-08-27 00:15:39

DeirdreS: RT @fnichol: If you think ZFS is awesomesauce great tech, then we can be good friends

2012-08-26 06:52:21

DeirdreS: “You learn nothing about men by crushing their pride. You must ask them what they can do in this world, what they alone can do.” Mantel

2012-08-26 04:06:38

DeirdreS: @wolfeidau You’lre very welcome! Tons more where that came from… #smartos #joyent

2012-08-26 03:48:50

DeirdreS: Dinner: sautéed peaches w aged balsamic, crusty bread, goat cheese, walnuts.

2012-08-26 03:24:21

DeirdreS: RT @jayrosen_nyu: The Economist wants to like Romney. It would like to endorse him. But… “Nobody knows who this strange man really is. …

2012-08-26 01:16:32

DeirdreS: @wolfeidau Welcome home. 😉

2012-08-26 22:02:33

DeirdreS: @benjaminws Isn’t there a hellmouth there?

2012-08-26 21:59:30

DeirdreS: Hmm. Wonder if I should make DTrace schwag with the cute version of the pony?

2012-08-26 21:53:03

DeirdreS: RT @MarkAgee: Rush Limbaugh blamed Obama for the Tampa hurricane. You do what you want, but I’ll def vote for THE GUY WHO CAN CONTROL TH …

2012-08-26 21:23:45

DeirdreS: @maudeapatow Mine did, it was no big deal. Dried out and worked fine after a day or so.

2012-08-26 21:23:17

DeirdreS: @KI4OTK It was!

2012-08-26 20:17:36

DeirdreS: Making pasta with summer squashes

2012-08-26 19:49:08

DeirdreS: SmartOS goodies! “It is a well-known truth that developer communities run on coffee, pizza, beer, and t-shirts”

2012-08-26 19:38:42

DeirdreS: RT @benr: Finished my slide deck for DevOps LA; should be pretty good I think. “DevOps Demystified” is the new title; lets see if i cha …

2012-08-26 19:36:25

DeirdreS: How is it that my “day of rest” turns into “day to catch up all the home crap I don’t have time for during the week”?

2012-08-26 19:16:23

DeirdreS: RT @dangillmor: Facebook’s latest tricks to reduce your privacy, via @techcrunch slimy is an understatement

2012-08-26 19:16:15

DeirdreS: @sevanjaniyan Heh. Cute. This SmartOS one is the first, we’ll see how many different shirts we end up with a few years from now!

2012-08-26 16:34:40

DeirdreS: Wryly amused every Oracle marketing account on Twitter seems to follow me. Mayhap I have more to say about future of Solaris than you do?

2012-08-26 16:24:21

DeirdreS: @sevanjaniyan Contribute. 😉 That doesn’t just mean code. Every open source project needs more docs, for starters.

2012-08-26 15:56:12

DeirdreS: Aww, all these people installing (and loving) SmartOS. My baby is growing up!

2012-08-26 15:38:24

DeirdreS: “the Apollo project, one of the mightiest achievements of big govt & big science seems more alien w every passing year”

2012-08-25 22:37:54

DeirdreS: Met a chiropractor, now I’m somewhat adjusted (needs more work) and taped up. I can pretend I was in the Olymics, apparently.

2012-08-25 19:26:13

DeirdreS: “@KatieS: And one giant loss for humankind…RIP Neil Armstrong” – this makes me sad.

2012-08-25 19:25:03

DeirdreS: I might be falling in love with Instapaper. Thanks @izs for the reco!

2012-08-25 19:23:42

DeirdreS: RT @kalpenn: Yeah, Mitt Romney said President Obama wasn’t born in America. Don’t just rant about it on ur fb wall, volunteer!

http:// …

2012-08-25 18:55:17

DeirdreS: Lobster in a basket

2012-08-25 18:42:35

DeirdreS: @harrymccracken Even more likely if they went to Catholic school, the left hand being the devil’s hand and all…

2012-08-25 18:42:12

DeirdreS: @khushil I hope the iPhone agrees that it is now time to go enjoy lunch with old friends and new…

2012-08-25 18:39:59

DeirdreS: @jasonh Ask @josh_diamond about a demo reel for the Black Magic, IIRC…

2012-08-25 18:39:16

DeirdreS: RT @jasonh: That’s funny ==> RT @hij1nx: you heard of the LAMP stack, well now there’s SNARC, SmartOS Node.js And Redis+CouchDB 😉

2012-08-25 18:16:05

DeirdreS: Turns out my phone knew best: the yoga class I ended up going to, since I did wake up in time, did me good.

2012-08-25 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I wrote about The Soul of a School:

2012-08-25 16:02:22

DeirdreS: @wolfeidau Here’s @benr’s SmartOS primer for SAs – may be useful!

2012-08-25 16:01:01

DeirdreS: iPhone is losing its mind. I turned that alarm OFF before bed last night, dammit – who are you to decide I should get up on Saturday?

2012-08-25 15:56:48

DeirdreS: @dberkholz @edsai Great! Would love to meet/see you both.

2012-08-25 14:50:02

DeirdreS: 8 years ago I wrote about The Family That Eats (and Drinks, and Talks) Together

2012-08-25 06:58:57

DeirdreS: @dberkholz We’re not involved with the VMWare event, but maybe can arrange to meet you one evening anyway. Would love to talk community.

2012-08-25 06:57:19

DeirdreS: @dberkholz We’re not doing anything for the

2012-08-25 02:50:54

DeirdreS: Reading the local paper’s “how to survive UC Berkeley” for new students makes me glad I was in boarding school before college. So childish.

2012-08-25 02:15:41

DeirdreS: RT @yesthattom: Imagine we miss flipping the house by 1 race. Nov 7th you’ll say, “Damn, if I had known I would have donated $xyz”. Dona …

2012-08-25 02:15:05

DeirdreS: @KI4OTK lovely! I’d be tempted, but they’re too heavy to move around

2012-08-25 02:14:29

DeirdreS: A day begun in the dentist’s chair should rightfully end with a drink.

2012-08-25 01:49:47

DeirdreS: “resorting to outright lies reveals a whole new level of cynicism, a profound disdain for what remains of civility”

2012-08-25 01:11:15

DeirdreS: @KI4OTK @JeriDansky I did manage to get a type tray, another thing I always wanted. For someone who writes almost only electronically…

2012-08-25 00:46:26

DeirdreS: RT @JeriDansky: Live near Seattle? Want to buy an old wooden card catalog? – I think we need this for Joyent Seattle

2012-08-25 00:46:04

DeirdreS: @JeriDansky Damn. Wish I was near Seattle – I’ve always wanted one of those. God knows why.

2012-08-25 00:38:42

DeirdreS: YouTube machine transcription comes up with some winners. “whole-body his wife” ???

2012-08-25 00:02:31

DeirdreS: I still say it’s outrageous.

2012-08-24 03:04:04

DeirdreS: @vdotw Hugh Jackman… Yum.

2012-08-24 02:31:25

DeirdreS: O.M. G. How did I not know about this?!?

2012-08-24 23:46:57

DeirdreS: @davewiner Romney clearly is not sensitive to /anything/.

2012-08-24 23:43:17

DeirdreS: @dberkholz We’d love to have you over for a visit!

2012-08-24 23:26:05

DeirdreS: @SteveStreza …I do like your hipster brony avatar, tho

2012-08-24 23:22:57

DeirdreS: RT @CalebGarling: BREAKING: Patent Attorneys Win Again

2012-08-24 23:22:08

DeirdreS: RT @nahumshalman: Dipped my toe in #illumos device drivers. First person to run #SmartOS with E1000_DEV_ID_I350_SERDES NICs. Thanks @ric …

2012-08-24 23:20:26

DeirdreS: @zephoria Ah, then you also know my boss. 😉

2012-08-24 23:02:41

DeirdreS: SmartOS News: August 24, 2012

2012-08-24 22:46:23

DeirdreS: “Breathing life into dinosaur courses using DTrace” – an intriguing idea in CS course design.

2012-08-24 22:40:28

DeirdreS: @ahl Oh, you know @zephoria ? Cool. I admire her work and dimly recall corresponding ages ago; don’t actually /know/ her.

2012-08-24 22:26:34

DeirdreS: @ahl which worlds?

2012-08-24 22:23:35

DeirdreS: “True Americanness is about fidelity to a creed that by design transcends color or place of family origin.”

2012-08-24 22:19:50

DeirdreS: @zephoria (when my daughter was a teen) that she might bully others. Not that she’s a mean person, but I saw one incident get out of hand.

2012-08-24 20:42:18

DeirdreS: RT @superxero3: check out some of the nagios plugins we’ve written and open sourced at @voxer, specifically for #smartos …

2012-08-24 20:29:38

DeirdreS: Luna Rossa – a few photos from the America’s cup. For the traumatized: no photos of that other team.

2012-08-24 20:03:47

DeirdreS: “tax avoidance is a primary aim of some of his investments.”

2012-08-24 18:40:57

DeirdreS: Thanks @johnnysunshine for a new release of SmartOS!

2012-08-24 16:54:43

DeirdreS: RT @tomcoates: That’s like 13,000 people *each year* who wouldn’t be murdered if the US was more like other Western democracies ‘in some …

2012-08-24 16:54:34

DeirdreS: RT @JessicaValenti: Paul Ryan: Please don’t refer to rape as a “method of conception.” It’s insensitive and creepy.

2012-08-24 16:53:49

DeirdreS: RT @tomcoates: Seriously? This is what we do? There are nearly FOUR TIMES as many per capita homicides, 17000 a year, and that’s not eno …

2012-08-24 15:45:12

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: I don’t have a huge issue with guns.
But with making a gun easier to get than a decent job, healthcare, education, or a hap …

2012-08-24 12:49:57

DeirdreS: RT @pborenstein: Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews

2012-08-24 12:28:07

DeirdreS: RT @sapinker: Read it and weep: Timothy Egan: The Crackpot Caucus

2012-08-23 22:03:05

DeirdreS: New video: “DTrace in the Non-Global Zone” @bcantrill at BayLISA

2012-08-23 20:40:56

DeirdreS: RT @bn2600: Ghosts in the ROM – Images extracted from the Mac SE ROM

2012-08-23 16:19:41

DeirdreS: New video! Adding Per-Thread Caching to libumem

2012-08-23 15:25:54

DeirdreS: @pborenstein Hadn’t you figured this out yet? It’s ALWAYS your fault.

2012-08-23 14:56:22

DeirdreS: Are you a sysadmin? Been wondering what SmartOS can do for you? Ben Rockwood presents a primer, in video.

2012-08-23 14:47:47

DeirdreS: Morning wakeup laugh – thanks, Ed!

2012-08-23 14:28:56

DeirdreS: RT @jperkin: New post: How to create local SmartOS packages suitable for pkgin, useful for installing your stuff #p …

2012-08-23 06:37:46

DeirdreS: @bgaff Don’t see how you can resist experimenting with this high-class ingredient!

2012-08-23 06:24:39

DeirdreS: “The mean-spirited and intolerant platform represents the face of Republican politics in 2012.”

2012-08-23 06:18:09

DeirdreS: .@isz !!!

2012-08-23 06:16:22

DeirdreS: @bgaff Not involved or just not willing to admit it? 😉

2012-08-23 06:14:38

DeirdreS: RT @trondn: Being able to utilize dtrace to analyze my app is enough for me to want to use the Joyent cloud! #asaService

2012-08-23 06:13:28

DeirdreS: Also actually managed to buy some clothing I liked today, which rarely happens.

2012-08-23 06:07:19

DeirdreS: @bcantrill Hmm, I dunno about that. I’m happy for @bgaff to compete, but I think in fairness you have to cook for yourself. 😉 #thirtytwice

2012-08-23 06:06:19

DeirdreS: @pijewski Yes, I’d prefer to postpone.

2012-08-23 06:05:26

DeirdreS: “Be proud to be a decent American, rather than just a wanker whipping up fear.”

2012-08-23 05:59:01

DeirdreS: @pijewski @bcantrill @bgaff Oh, drat – are we on for this week, or postponing?

2012-08-23 05:46:28

DeirdreS: I want to live in this building.

2012-08-23 04:49:14

DeirdreS: Great day wandering around SF with an old friend from the other India segment of my life. It’s so easy to be with multicultural people.

2012-08-23 04:38:19

DeirdreS: RT @zachbraff: There is no difference between what #Akin said and what Paul Ryan believes. It wasn’t a gaffe, he accidentally said what …

2012-08-23 04:37:31

DeirdreS: @davewiner aside from the fact that they don’t seem to have asked any actual women who they find hot.

2012-08-23 04:33:50

DeirdreS: @defunkt a vacation. And a school in the Himalayas.

2012-08-23 04:32:32

DeirdreS: RT @petdance: “I wish I had enough money to run Oracle instead of Postgres.” “Why do you want to do that?” “I don’t, I just wish I had e …

2012-08-23 04:29:50

DeirdreS: @NomdeB well geez I’m on the wrong coast!

2012-08-23 04:28:47

DeirdreS: RT @garannm: Reading 50 Shades of Grey synopses is making me want to write erotica. Not in a sexy way, but, like, in defense of sex and …

2012-08-23 04:27:02

DeirdreS: RT @Brock: Fuck everything. MT @behets: When raped women choose not to abort, 31 states can allow their rapist visitation rights. http:/ …

2012-08-23 04:26:08

DeirdreS: RT @sayrer: “Engineers’ Disease, in which high competence in one area of study leads one to believe that one must be similarly competent …

2012-08-23 04:22:11

DeirdreS: @NomdeB give my love to all – wish I was there!

2012-08-22 21:57:36

DeirdreS: @lewellyn no seriously, they came that close. Italian driving!

2012-08-22 21:57:03

DeirdreS: Come shoot the race with Canon’s finest, free to try out today through Saturday.

2012-08-22 21:52:15

DeirdreS: Uhh… Not zoomed at all

2012-08-22 19:39:21

DeirdreS: RT @KuraFire: The thing about “Traditional values” is that traditionally, values were far worse and more shameful in the past than in th …

2012-08-22 17:23:03

DeirdreS: RT @LiteratePervert: Please note: @TheOnion is a *parody* web site. I know that’s hard to remember sometimes, with the GOP striving to o …

2012-08-22 17:00:02

DeirdreS: 2 years ago I translated an Italian satirical song

2012-08-22 16:53:14

DeirdreS: RT @dscape: I’m talking on a @joyent hosted webinar in about 45m. Register at #nodejs

2012-08-22 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote about and photographed Toys of Empire – Teaching Young Bengalis to be Bureaucrats of the Raj

2012-08-22 16:00:02

DeirdreS: 2 years ago I wrote “Give!”

2012-08-22 15:00:09

DeirdreS: Video: Bill Pijewski on SmartOS ZFS Architecture

2012-08-22 11:31:22

DeirdreS: RT @shelleyinrome: Gas in Italy hits nearly $9.50 a gallon via @SkyTg24

2012-08-22 11:28:32

DeirdreS: @lusis there’s never a choice I’m totally happy with, but the lesser of two evils is usually the one who’s not a complete nut job or idiot

2012-08-22 07:00:22

DeirdreS: RT @sijoe: blog: started playing with SmartOS for the day job

2012-08-22 06:36:15

DeirdreS: @thinguy Hasa diga ebowai…

2012-08-22 06:29:53

DeirdreS: RT @thinguy: RT @MittRomney RT @ToddAkin All Your Vagina Are Belong To Us

2012-08-22 06:28:49

DeirdreS: @lucaconti The doctor misses the point.

2012-08-22 06:17:36

DeirdreS: @thinguy sure! I assume many non-vagina-possessing people also agree, I’m just baffled as to how any woman could go along with these abuses.

2012-08-22 06:01:27

DeirdreS: Can I get a big “FUCK YOU, GOP” from anyone who owns a brain as well as a vagina?

2012-08-22 05:54:01

DeirdreS: @AmnaAhmad You’re never too old to run away from home!

2012-08-22 05:39:17

DeirdreS: Damn, Democratic Party, I Like It When You Talk Like That

2012-08-21 23:53:01

DeirdreS: Video from last week’s BayLISA meetup at Joyent: @bcantrill’s Intro to SmartOS

2012-08-21 23:25:22

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Tomorrow we’re hosting a DIY vs #asaService webinar & meetup Read topic intros from panelists + register for each-> …

2012-08-21 19:18:05

DeirdreS: RT @bdha: “We have added DTrace probing in Riak CS and we are working on SmartOS packaging.” # I love you, @basho. Take my money.

2012-08-21 17:26:40

DeirdreS: RT @KellyOSullivan: WTF is going on? Do people just not understand how it works? This is what happens when you replace biology education …

2012-08-21 17:26:30

DeirdreS: RT @iPeggy: NOW THIS: Rep. Steve King: I’ve never heard of a girl getting pregnant from statutory rape or incest.

2012-08-21 16:45:34

DeirdreS: RT @BetteMidler: Behind every great fortune is a great crime…Balzac

2012-08-21 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I photographed and filmed Roasted Green Chiles at the Las Vegas Flea Market

2012-08-21 05:14:02

DeirdreS: @lusis please elaborate.

2012-08-21 05:00:50

DeirdreS: @amcmanus @lusis That all makes sense… Until you have a uterus.

2012-08-21 04:12:00

DeirdreS: @ramarob judging by the “people who bought this”, it’s a fave with the chicken-obsessed.

2012-08-21 04:07:29

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine yes to both

2012-08-20 05:34:33

DeirdreS: @jasonh At least Stefano had the good taste to keep in short.

2012-08-20 05:32:02

DeirdreS: @jasonh Looks like a governance orgy to me. <shudder>

2012-08-20 05:21:12

DeirdreS: “You’re pretty good, old son, but sit down in that chair right there, and let me show you how it’s done.”

2012-08-20 05:10:57

DeirdreS: @kebesays Yup, that’s one.

2012-08-20 04:32:55

DeirdreS: RT @dysinger: My stoke for #smartos has been reified thanks to @jperkin & @mamash fixing GHC 6.8.3! I have #haskell 7.4.2 alive on t …

2012-08-20 03:42:19

DeirdreS: Got a few good photos from today’s visit to the Berkeley Botanical Garden.

2012-08-20 03:21:32

DeirdreS: Seems to me that way too much of our economy depends on advertising, at a time when people are buying far less than they used to.

2012-08-20 03:18:34

DeirdreS: .@myinnervoice I know I will eventually write some form of autobiography, but there’s a lot I don’t put on Twitter (believe it or not!).

2012-08-20 03:17:00

DeirdreS: @NodeDublin How ironic – we were just all an FISL with @Falkvinge

2012-08-20 00:34:24

DeirdreS: RT @AngieMacMcA: The female body also has ways of shutting down your whole election @RepToddAkin. #legitimaterape

2012-08-20 00:34:11

DeirdreS: RT @rosannecash: Wow, I’m energized. Thank you, @ToddAkin! I donated to both @emilyslist AND @clairecmc today! This feels good…

2012-08-20 00:21:55

DeirdreS: RT @bdha: @johnnysunshine I always appreciate when politicians say what they’re actually about. It makes it easier to not vote for them.

2012-08-20 23:57:12

DeirdreS: “Surely by the end of the journey they would have a totally different attitude.”

2012-08-20 23:07:51

DeirdreS: RT @joyent: Our own @BCantrill kicks off the first of the videos from @NodeSummit! “Instrumenting the Real-Time Web:”

2012-08-20 22:36:17

DeirdreS: “Americans fussy about making a distinction between which and that. Good writers of British English less fastidious.”

2012-08-20 22:28:29

DeirdreS: RT @SFGMC: Reserve your seats for Crescendo, our annual season preview. Brunch, fab auctions, & live performances!

2012-08-20 21:55:35

DeirdreS: @hridaybala “Amused” is not the word. “Disgusted but unsurprised by her hypocrisy” nails it.

2012-08-20 21:11:18

DeirdreS: Are stories we can relate to the key to learning? – Barking up the wrong tree

2012-08-20 21:09:19

DeirdreS: “the process seems to indicate they’re looking to fit a pre-defined mold; top performers generally don’t do that well.”

2012-08-20 19:49:39

DeirdreS: Rose Gallery: Yellow & Orange

2012-08-20 18:50:56

DeirdreS: @ryah That’s true of most professions these days.

2012-08-19 23:45:41

DeirdreS: RT @GreatDismal: Women’s eyes go white-hot, actually luminous, when their bodies’ anciently powerful defences against uninvited sperm ki …

2012-08-19 23:43:18

DeirdreS: RT @AlisonRosen: So as long as I’m yelling NO I can’t get pregnant, right? #Akin

2012-08-19 23:41:24

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: Wow. RT @brycecovert: RT @MonikaBauerlein: Remember the GOP plan to redefine rape? Paul Ryan co-sponsor …

2012-08-19 17:24:07

DeirdreS: RT @ohboyrecords: John Prine: Playing a show in Boston, MA at 7:30 PM today at Bank Of America Pavilion

2012-08-19 17:21:18

DeirdreS: “@pourmecoffee: “if you want to see the gospel of Christ, turn off the television.””

2012-08-19 17:06:36

DeirdreS: RT @hukl: By now I wonder if Oracles motivation to buy Sun was mostly about killing OpenSource Projects like OpenSolaris, ZFS, MySQL

2012-08-19 05:59:13

DeirdreS: @reiger OOW is Sept 30th and on. Yes, there will be a 2nd annual Solaris Family Reunion.

2012-08-19 05:57:54

DeirdreS: @cpj1 oh god, you’re right – there always is one!

2012-08-19 05:56:46

DeirdreS: @reiger he’ll be a guest at a fundraiser for the SFGMC Oct 14th if you happen to be in town.

2012-08-19 05:17:28

DeirdreS: @dberkholz @johnolilly Tricky. Not everyone is made for a CS degree. Nursing programs impossible to get into.

2012-08-19 05:15:03

DeirdreS: @dberkholz @johnolilly Other articles say people are ending up with loans they can’t pay off in the low-end jobs they get. Then what?

2012-08-19 05:13:58

DeirdreS: @DrJenGunter Obvs, the rest of us need to see these shoes. Or did I miss them?

2012-08-19 04:57:59

DeirdreS: @johnolilly @dberkholz The trick now is being able to pay for a degree. Community college budget cuts have made even that route harder.

2012-08-19 04:16:47

DeirdreS: @pborenstein umm… Non-matching bridesmaid dresses?

2012-08-19 04:16:15

DeirdreS: @myinnervoice aww, thanks. Unfortunately, one needs a big name for that sort of thing to sell…

2012-08-19 02:31:02

DeirdreS: @timbray Sci-fi author David Brin had something to say about that in “Kil’n People”.

2012-08-19 02:30:39

DeirdreS: RT @timbray: What happens when there’s enough money to go around, but not enough work?

2012-08-19 02:29:29

DeirdreS: @lreitman I recently saw photos of a wedding where everyone was barefoot, and the bridesmaids in individual dresses (yay!)

2012-08-19 00:44:08

DeirdreS: @jasonh @johnnysunshine and barefoot? That would be cool.

2012-08-18 06:35:50

DeirdreS: It’s just charming that the FB iPad app crashes when I rotate it to see a portrait image.

2012-08-18 06:34:31

DeirdreS: Oh, drat , I’m hungry again.

2012-08-18 06:29:56

DeirdreS: @cjadamscollier in that case, it’d probably be cheaper just to sleep with him/her. 😉

2012-08-18 05:06:39

DeirdreS: @NomdeB dang, wish I could be there. But I’ll be seeing a friend from my college year in Benares out here! All India, all the time – yay!

2012-08-18 04:50:22

DeirdreS: @NomdeB hon, some of our schoolmates have grand kids. That’s what freaks me.

2012-08-18 04:49:41

DeirdreS: @NomdeB hugs from me!

2012-08-18 04:49:00

DeirdreS: @tactix yay! Thanks!

2012-08-18 04:46:35

DeirdreS: Somebody you hire when you’re short of help for giving you the sort of help you never get from a spouse…

2012-08-18 03:39:59

DeirdreS: @pleia2 @sfzoo let me know next time!

2012-08-18 03:39:24

DeirdreS: @tactix @shnsf let me know how it is- will probably go next wkd

2012-08-18 02:50:50

DeirdreS: @pleia2 where?

2012-08-18 02:49:22

DeirdreS: @JeriDansky Ecco. Unfortunately, twisted my ankle on the way home, may be the fault of sidewalk more than shoes. Ow ow ow.

2012-08-18 01:31:03

DeirdreS: The process of shopping doesn’t make me happy (usually the opposite), but actually finding shoes I like is exciting.

2012-08-18 23:36:40

DeirdreS: RT @KellyOSullivan: the only way people know we exist if is we tell them. #AtheistRollCall

2012-08-18 23:02:11

DeirdreS: @LusciousPear have you asked your lady that question?

2012-08-18 22:58:20

DeirdreS: RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.

2012-08-18 22:58:12

DeirdreS: RT @cracked: 5 Reasons San Francisco is the Worst Awesome City in America:

2012-08-18 22:51:48

DeirdreS: @LusciousPear least of all – have you tried?

2012-08-18 20:49:31

DeirdreS: RT @chrisbrogan: Dear every restaurant on the web: plain. Text. Period. Stop it with flash. Stop it with PDF. Stop it.

2012-08-18 20:48:34

DeirdreS: @KI4OTK Exactly. That’s how I should have phrased it to @benr !

2012-08-18 20:36:52

DeirdreS: @KI4OTK ps I like the kilt, too. Was trying to explain to @benr the other night why kilts are sexy, not sure I succeeded.

2012-08-18 20:35:22

DeirdreS: @KI4OTK Good. Every band always needs more cowbell!

2012-08-18 20:26:53

DeirdreS: …So far we’ve got a banjo player and several keyboardists.

2012-08-18 20:26:26

DeirdreS: So who in the #illumos community is a musician? Yes, we’re putting a band together.

2012-08-18 20:25:57

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman I liked the idea of toe socks and had one or two pairs, but didn’t like the feel of them.

2012-08-18 20:23:36

DeirdreS: RT @NexentaBillRoth: OpenStorage Summit 2012 Extends Call for Speakers

2012-08-18 20:22:05

DeirdreS: @bdha It is hard sometimes to know where his brain leaves off and mine begins.

2012-08-18 20:20:45

DeirdreS: @kebesays Very true.

2012-08-18 20:20:34

DeirdreS: @lewellyn Probably we got simultaneously pissed off by the same bits of news. Remind me, which lawsuit was it?

2012-08-18 20:19:23

DeirdreS: @AnastasiaAshman I was wearing loud socks long before the SF hipsters got hold of them – like, 30 years before.

2012-08-18 19:34:45

DeirdreS: Dear young people: Just be aware that NOTHING is permanent: not love, money, career, home. Except, if you’re very, very lucky, your friends.

2012-08-18 19:33:27

DeirdreS: @bdha Oh god now you’ll have me doing that, too. And I edit it all!

2012-08-18 17:57:10

DeirdreS: Slept from 1 am to 10:30. Mostly. This is rare.

2012-08-18 17:55:50

DeirdreS: @MJ all you really need is a credit card and, for international travel, passports. Everything else can be bought. Hie thee to a gift shop!

2012-08-18 17:51:26

DeirdreS: RT @drturpin: Meet the People Who Gave Birth to Hipsterism — Hint: They Aren’t White Kids from Williamsburg | A.. …

2012-08-18 17:45:22

DeirdreS: @storming yes, but adult non-parents can have balloons, too!

2012-08-18 17:42:06

DeirdreS: @NomdeB mind, the hipster infestation is a real problem in SF

2012-08-18 14:00:01

DeirdreS: 1 year ago I wrote about my father’s death:

2012-08-18 07:04:15

DeirdreS: @konobi you going to the UK? It would be most excellent if you could give a talk or two. @khushil @chrisridd

2012-08-17 23:37:17

DeirdreS: Dear tech: everybody stop suing everybody, this is a stupid waste of time for everyone except the lawyers. Sheesh.

2012-08-17 22:21:09

DeirdreS: “Most entertaining comment thread ever. Thank you.”

2012-08-17 22:12:26

DeirdreS: final slide deck (Bill’s) added BayLISA @joyent: video and (some) slide decks

2012-08-17 22:04:11

DeirdreS: God I wish a real politician had the intelligence to recognize this truth, and THE BALLS TO SAY IT.

2012-08-17 21:53:46

DeirdreS: Node.js workshop in London, Aug 31

2012-08-17 21:16:59

DeirdreS: For my musician friends, featuring violinist and audio genius Dave Sarser.

2012-08-17 21:09:45

DeirdreS: added Ben’s slides (one more deck to come): BayLISA @joyent: video and (some) slide decks

2012-08-17 20:24:52

DeirdreS: BayLISA @joyent: video and (some) slide decks

2012-08-17 18:35:10

DeirdreS: @randomfrequency LOL. Sounds as if @johnnysunshine leaned on the keyboard.

2012-08-17 16:46:07

DeirdreS: @khushil maybe @chrisridd will invite us back to

2012-08-17 16:42:03

DeirdreS: @AlexSalkever Thanks for being there and buying us beer!

2012-08-17 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 5 years ago I wrote about and photographed The Silent Screams of Dying Trees

2012-08-17 07:36:15

DeirdreS: RT @comay: Television writer David Simon’s (Homicide, The Wire) take on Mitt Romney’s tax situation just about nails it. …

2012-08-17 07:21:12

DeirdreS: RT @mgalicki: @bcantrill @benr amazing! at @BayLISA tonight. Best users group speakers I’ve seen in twelve years. Worth the price of adm …

2012-08-17 07:20:13

DeirdreS: @MJ That sounds good! @brendangregg loves black pepper. Will have to think about other flavors.

2012-08-17 07:11:17

DeirdreS: @MJ I can understand that. It’s a really bad idea to get between me and food, too. #true

2012-08-17 07:09:11

DeirdreS: @MJ Your husband is much cuter than Paur Ryan. Also, less scary.

2012-08-17 07:00:25

DeirdreS: @randomfrequency That’s to ensure that you change it.

2012-08-17 06:44:42

DeirdreS: RT @psanford: Awesome BayLisa meetup @joyent. Why cant all meetups be that intelligent. Also operating systems. #smartos

2012-08-17 06:43:03

DeirdreS: UStream capture of tonight’s BayLISA @joyent meetup available now!

2012-08-17 05:19:14

DeirdreS: Thanks BayLISA for visiting us @joyent !

2012-08-17 05:07:49

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: fds[] in zones (used in DTrace book) by @bcantrill BayLISA @joyent

2012-08-17 05:06:50

DeirdreS: @ben Yoga killed me yesterday – I need more of it!

2012-08-17 05:03:20

DeirdreS: @ryancnelson so would this be a good time to hit you up for SmartOS anniversary stats? 😉

2012-08-17 04:49:37

DeirdreS: Now up on BayLISA @joyent: DTrace in Zones @bcantrill

2012-08-17 04:37:18

DeirdreS: @sbraswe1 I hope you’ll make it out soon, tho!

2012-08-17 04:35:16

DeirdreS: I will want a midnight snack by the time I get home. Thinking Lacey’s cookies, 3 Twins vanilla ice cream, with cachaça liqueur…

2012-08-17 04:32:57

DeirdreS: RT @ElizabethKeeler: Meetup @joyent HQ My baptism by fire into SmartOS – this project is epic

2012-08-17 04:21:57

DeirdreS: Now up on BayLISA @joyent: Adding per-thread caching to libumem Robert Mustacchi

2012-08-17 04:15:03

DeirdreS: starting up again in a minute on BayLISA @joyent: Adding per-thread caching to libumem Robert Mustacchi

2012-08-17 03:54:52

DeirdreS: So happy to have @benr @joyent back in front of my camera – it’s been too long!

2012-08-17 03:50:37

DeirdreS: @redtexture I’ll do edited videos probably next week

2012-08-17 03:50:22

DeirdreS: @redtexture The UStream recordings will show up soon after recording stops tonight on the videos tab at

2012-08-17 03:48:43

DeirdreS: @timfoster live now on #smartos

2012-08-17 03:48:11

DeirdreS: @timfoster He means: we don’t do it. #smartos

2012-08-17 03:32:33

DeirdreS: @pborenstein tune in for live Bryan!

2012-08-17 03:29:11

DeirdreS: “Patching is like Nirvana – it stays in the 90s.” – @benr at BayLISA @joyent #smartos

2012-08-17 03:22:49

DeirdreS: Now live on BayLISA @joyent: @benr on SmartOS: An SA Primer

2012-08-17 03:15:31

DeirdreS: BayLISA @joyent: @bcantrill on the complexities of multitenancy

2012-08-17 03:09:10

DeirdreS: Next up on BayLISA @joyent: Ben Rockwood

2012-08-17 03:01:54

DeirdreS: .@joyent’s Bill Pijewski on SmartOS diskless boot – live now!

2012-08-17 02:57:21

DeirdreS: Up now: SmartOS ZFS Architecture – Bill Pijewski

2012-08-17 02:50:20

DeirdreS: .@bcantrill on deck introducing SmartOS to BayLISA

2012-08-17 02:41:26

DeirdreS: @dwazir Glad you can join us! Ping me if there are any problems with the stream.

2012-08-17 02:37:40

DeirdreS: BayLISA are our guests at Joyent tonight, please join us on the live stream NOW!

2012-08-17 02:24:05

DeirdreS: …Adding per-thread caching to libumem Mustacchi
• DTrace in Zones Cantrill

2012-08-17 02:23:44

DeirdreS: • Intro to SmartOS Cantrill
• SmartOS ZFS Architecture Pijewski
• SmartOS by the Rack Rockwood…

2012-08-17 01:53:50

DeirdreS: Tonight’s BayLISA/illumos/SmartOS meetup at @joyent will be live streamed at Agenda here:

2012-08-17 00:50:49

DeirdreS: @vRobM Sorry for the delay. No, I’ve never driven over here, don’t know. #SF #Parking

2012-08-16 06:17:53

DeirdreS: @bcantrill You were there? (Otherwise I can’t see how you would know for sure.)

2012-08-16 06:05:50

DeirdreS: RT @raferh: Sleeping Rafer heard his alarm and turned it of. How’d he justify this: “Well if it gets bad I can just use DTrace to figure …

2012-08-16 06:00:16

DeirdreS: “He’s a walking contradiction, partly truth, and partly fiction…”

2012-08-16 05:34:02

DeirdreS: @bubbva Thanks. Discovering that deathaverseries really, really hurt Wasn’t expecting that.

2012-08-16 05:33:17

DeirdreS: @dysinger Cool, hit us up in #smartos if you need a hand.

2012-08-16 04:53:50

DeirdreS: Dear parents: Did you have sex as a teen? So will/do your teenage kids. Have you tried not being a total HYPOCRITE?

2012-08-16 04:51:40

DeirdreS: “‘I don’t want you to do this, this is against our religion, but on the other hand, yes, I do this’” AAARRGGHHH!

2012-08-16 04:18:11

DeirdreS: @M3talmonger Heh. I’m glad Soledad gave him something of a spanking, just wish she’d cut him off for unmitigated bullshit.

2012-08-16 04:15:17

DeirdreS: @dysinger Does this help? #Haskell

2012-08-16 04:10:59

DeirdreS: My god, could Sununu be any more of a condescending prick? She was far too nice to him.

2012-08-16 04:01:27

DeirdreS: RT @brainpicker: Classic: Einstein’s advice to a little girl who wanted to be a scientist but was concerned about her gender …

2012-08-16 03:56:38

DeirdreS: @DrJenGunter In other words: your tweeps are persons of good taste!

2012-08-16 03:53:13

DeirdreS: RT @CaponeAicn: Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER is screening in Chicago tomorrow night in 70mm @musicboxtheatre, 10pm. Details here: h …

2012-08-16 03:27:29

DeirdreS: Dear advertisers: implying that “a mom” is smarter, wiser, or more anything else is just bullshit manipulation. Stop it.

2012-08-16 02:29:38

DeirdreS: 1 yr ago I was helping launch open-source SmartOS, and going through this. Wasn’t easy then, isn’t easy to remember now

2012-08-16 02:10:14

DeirdreS: Wondering if this has been a bourbon kind of day or a beer kind of day. Decided on bourbon, drinking accordingly.

2012-08-16 22:24:54

DeirdreS: RT @brainpicker: In case this endearing, entertaining gem slipped by: Charles Darwin’s list of the pros and cons of marriage …

2012-08-16 22:20:41

DeirdreS: @cwebber still working on the mug, will get crisper artwork for the next round (sample of 1 so far)

2012-08-16 20:41:44

DeirdreS: @zazzle Good job on the mug! RT @DeirdreS: Happy anniversary SmartOS!

2012-08-16 20:29:42

DeirdreS: @JeffElder My dad shares a deathazersary with Elvis (but 34 years later). That’s weird to know.

2012-08-16 19:36:53

DeirdreS: @postwait Actually, that was a piece of rather good acting, considering. #pathological #pathologies

2012-08-16 19:36:26

DeirdreS: @sturadnidge For you, special price! Let me know where to send it. #smartos

2012-08-16 18:37:35

DeirdreS: A rare moment of quiet contemplation for @bcantrill

2012-08-16 18:32:37

DeirdreS: Happy anniversary SmartOS!

2012-08-16 16:26:38

DeirdreS: @KI4OTK Keyboard of Clickniness! Noooooo! Run away! Run away!

2012-08-16 16:20:38

DeirdreS: RT @LSPEMeetup: Don’t miss the Performance Tuning talks lined up for next week’s #lspe @steveshah @ahl #tcp #dtrace

2012-08-15 22:13:16

DeirdreS: Hillary Clinton on Being Asked about Her Clothes

2012-08-15 20:40:57

DeirdreS: “women, but not men, feel caught between two social ideals cherished, central to our identities, inconsistent. Fair?”

2012-08-15 16:46:54

DeirdreS: I tear up over the Indian national anthem more than the American one. And it’s actually easier to sing.

2012-08-15 16:03:57

DeirdreS: One year ago today: Hello World

2012-08-15 16:03:23

DeirdreS: Happy birthday, SmartOS KVM!

2012-08-15 15:00:02

DeirdreS: 1 year ago I started a new job:

2012-08-15 07:29:20

DeirdreS: @sriramnrn I can still sing Jana Gana Mana from memory 😉

2012-08-15 07:23:01

DeirdreS: …He was my dad, and you could call him Al.

2012-08-15 07:22:26

DeirdreS: …Doesn’t speak the language, holds no currency, he is a foreign man, surrounded by the sound of cattle in the marketplace…

2012-08-15 07:21:17

DeirdreS: Man walks down the street of a strange world, maybe it’s the 3rd World, maybe it’s his first time around…

2012-08-15 07:06:10

DeirdreS: I guess I could have said this 12.5 hours ago, but it’s only not August 15th where I am: happy Independence Day, India!

2012-08-15 07:00:45

DeirdreS: @jenbee @bgaff Making them or eating them? And why?

2012-08-15 07:00:15

DeirdreS: RT @jnsaff: If it takes you an hour to write but ten recipients understand it in six minutes, you saved nine hours of time over having a …

2012-08-15 06:59:34

DeirdreS: @FilmCritHULK Is Hulk issuing dinner invitations?

2012-08-15 06:26:02

DeirdreS: @papertigerss You may have to listen from the corridor, but I’ll make sure you at least get beer and pizza 😉

2012-08-15 01:54:57

DeirdreS: RT @joelhousman: Here it is:

Go to that link on an iPhone or iPad. Open in Safari.

Be amazed.

NASA is fucking aw …

2012-08-14 06:42:18

DeirdreS: I grew up in the “3rd world” my parents were trying to help “develop”. Sad to see our own country progressing backwards on so many fronts.

2012-08-14 05:26:07

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan certainly smarter than the average bear. 😉

2012-08-14 05:24:04

DeirdreS: @jasonh Step 1. Have a drink. Step 2. Have another drink… Need I go on?

2012-08-14 05:21:28

DeirdreS: @AlbertBrooks otoh, we apparently have people voluntarily having their anuses tattooed…

2012-08-14 05:19:48

DeirdreS: One secret of my productivity is a boss who gets out of my way and trusts me to get things done. Try never to work for any other kind.

2012-08-14 05:17:37

DeirdreS: @bandalooping as a Woodstock alumna, of course I would. 😉

2012-08-14 03:23:06

DeirdreS: RT @bandalooping: And we’re back! Rehearsing at Oakland’s Great Wall, preparing for the busy fall season around the corner. …

2012-08-14 02:27:40

DeirdreS: RT @DalaiLama: We need an approach to ethics which makes no recourse to religion and can be equally acceptable to those with faith and t …

2012-08-14 02:27:13

DeirdreS: @milouness I gave up after <10, but I was in college at the time.

2012-08-14 02:22:06

DeirdreS: @redtwitdown the damned population keeps increasing. There’s a good chance all these wrong people breed. Worse: with each other.

2012-08-14 02:14:33

DeirdreS: I may need a new tag line: “Correcting people on the Internet since 1982.”

2012-08-14 00:58:27

DeirdreS: RT @maxkeiser: While Mitt Romney is a somewhat innocuous empty suit, Paul Ryan is a dangerous wire coat hanger looking for a womb.

2012-08-14 00:28:18

DeirdreS: @vRobM Exactly, I’m planning for 60-65

2012-08-14 00:22:56

DeirdreS: @vRobM Haven’t ordered yet, probably need 2 packages, depending what % of registrants actually show up.

2012-08-14 22:12:21

DeirdreS: RT @SezinKoehler: “don’t let anyone try to turn you into a feminist. just be one.” -Amanda Palmer

2012-08-14 20:40:59

DeirdreS: RT @jmclulow: Just in case you were wondering: Yes, I’m now in San Francisco. Excited to be starting work at @joyent next week!

2012-08-14 20:10:05

DeirdreS: .@bakadesuyo This juxtaposition is a little worrying. 😉

2012-08-14 20:08:35

DeirdreS: “a Ryan event full of people completely convinced that they’d never get sick, or be poor, or not want to be pregnant”

2012-08-14 19:05:48

DeirdreS: @jmclulow yes, people are going out now to get stuff, grab something and come on over

2012-08-14 18:26:14

DeirdreS: “Titles should be a reflection of the impact already achieved through hard work” – Engineer Anti-Patterns

2012-08-14 18:24:12

DeirdreS: @who_profession Tell me more about who you are and why I should.

2012-08-14 16:50:02

DeirdreS: 8 years ago I videod a trip on the Lake Como car ferry:

2012-08-14 16:48:36

DeirdreS: RT @SamHarrisOrg: Atheism rising….

2012-08-14 16:40:33

DeirdreS: RT @jayrosen_nyu: Pinocchios and “pants on fire” are unequipped for this kind of deception: the $700 billion Obama “steals” from Medicar …

2012-08-14 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I filmed mehndi hand painting in India:

2012-08-14 16:00:01

DeirdreS: 2 years ago I invited you to learn India’s national anthem:

2012-08-14 15:48:40

DeirdreS: RT @emilyslist: #HeyGirl, I’m from the 1970s, but my ideas about your body are from the 1950s. XO Paul Ryan #ChooseRyanLoseChoice

2012-08-14 15:37:49

DeirdreS: RT @urbanturbanguy: #IfThereWasNoPartition life would have been the same;
Minus a million lives lost in population exchange & thous …

2012-08-14 15:37:18

DeirdreS: @robinbloor or have lots of both, to cancel out the weight effects of the chocolate.

2012-08-13 23:57:51

DeirdreS: @vRobM that’s the plan

2012-08-13 23:51:43

DeirdreS: @bloatedlesbian I don’t think I even want to know what that is.

2012-08-13 23:39:55

DeirdreS: @vRobM Pizza Orgasmica and Girl Scout Cookies – that works, right?

2012-08-13 23:11:55

DeirdreS: RT @pourmecoffee: Here is Brig. Gen. Tammy Smith and her wife, who you might have gone to Chick-fil-A to protest.

2012-08-13 23:09:28

DeirdreS: RT @GoAngelo: Paul Ryan asks: “Where are the jobs, Mr. President?” Hmm. Why isn’t he asking the job creators? Everyone knows gov’t doesn …

2012-08-13 23:09:07

DeirdreS: @thejayfields don’t forget law!

2012-08-13 21:27:03

DeirdreS: @bdha

2012-08-13 21:17:29

DeirdreS: @robinbloor Except that one tends to add weight, the other reduce it. #odd

2012-08-13 20:49:34

DeirdreS: @NomdeB girls? You and your sis-in-law are most definitively WOMEN.

2012-08-13 19:38:04

DeirdreS: RT @JeffElder: How did Modigliani know 100 years ago what the hipster-cool of 2012 would be?

2012-08-13 17:53:20

DeirdreS: @umairh @ncmushonga which tradition? Who decides?

2012-08-13 16:42:37

DeirdreS: @Ycolin The same course will be offered in Geneva, taught by the excellent Max Bruning, the following week.

2012-08-13 16:09:56

DeirdreS: @avbelow Going to join the party?

2012-08-13 16:07:33

DeirdreS: Brendan’s DTrace training is turning into something of a community get-together, we’ll have to at least go out for beers…

2012-08-13 16:00:48

DeirdreS: @Tenzer It’ll be very nearby, Microtek training center at 300 Bush St

2012-08-13 15:24:22

DeirdreS: Why take DTrace training with @brendangregg? Let him tell you:

2012-08-13 15:00:02

DeirdreS: 1 year ago I visited Austin’s Cathedral of Junk

2012-08-13 04:32:33

DeirdreS: “When you’re stuck, make a list of what WOULDN’T happen next.”

2012-08-13 04:01:59

DeirdreS: RT @OxbloodRuffin: Hangry (adjective), 1. a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state. …

2012-08-13 02:55:32

DeirdreS: RT @robdelaney: Too many people expect a relationship to be “easy” or “worth it.”

2012-08-13 02:37:31

DeirdreS: RT @espinsegall: Ryan says he is as pro life as a person gets. Sadly, he defines person as someone who makes over $250,000 a year and is …

2012-08-13 00:09:57

DeirdreS: I love when I see do end-to-end metrics on something. I do performance analysis, too – but on links.

2012-08-12 23:53:34

DeirdreS: RT @jmclulow: Flight AC34 now boarding at SYD.

2012-08-12 22:39:22

DeirdreS: RT @urbanturbanguy: This Turban Stays On.
The Sikh spirit will never be broken –

via @rsjolly

2012-08-12 22:36:32

DeirdreS: RT @SalmanRushdie: Just to be clear: yes Freddie M born in Zanzibar, Indian Parsi family, grew up in Zanzibar and India, so we can both …

2012-08-12 22:34:13

DeirdreS: RT @metabrew: Still holding out for a giant monty python foot to come down and extinguish the olympic flame at the end of the ceremony

2012-08-12 20:55:35

DeirdreS: Sorry to see the Eagle Scout badge becoming a source of stigma, but the BSA brought this on itself.

2012-08-12 20:41:05

DeirdreS: “Part of our job as physicians is to help people have a good death, and, frankly, we need to do more of that.”

2012-08-12 20:35:13

DeirdreS: @aredridel Ooh, missed that, and I love ginger beer too. Will have to look for it.

2012-08-12 20:31:01

DeirdreS: Found some very good cider at Bevmo!

2012-08-12 20:25:44

DeirdreS: @webmink From that ESPN article, they’re probably sleeping off their drunken orgy. Good on ’em. #closingceremony

2012-08-12 20:24:44

DeirdreS: BTW, Anne Rice’s “Sleeping Beauty” BDSM trilogy I mentioned earlier: saw it at Costco. Does all this mean the US culture war is bogus?

2012-08-12 20:21:52

DeirdreS: The word “deliverables” in a job description makes me cringe. I generally just get stuff done.

2012-08-12 19:38:13

DeirdreS: @vRobM I know how to give good parties 😉

2012-08-12 19:33:10

DeirdreS: @vRobM Check!

2012-08-12 19:31:34

DeirdreS: @vRobM Hmm, books as prizes we could do…

2012-08-12 19:23:09

DeirdreS: Seems unlikely that Dems can outspend the <1% who have worked so long and hard to be able to buy elections. It’s going to take grassroots.

2012-08-12 19:16:50

DeirdreS: A classic Third Culture Kid …and 100% American.

2012-08-12 19:11:53

DeirdreS: Amused: Anne Rice’s 30 year old “Sleeping Beauty” BDSM trilogy rereleased for “if you loved 50 Shades…” At least it’s well written.

2012-08-12 19:04:55

DeirdreS: @vRobM Looking forward to seeing you all! Let’s see… chairs, beer, pizza, speaker lineup. What else do we need?

2012-08-12 19:03:02

DeirdreS: Puzzled sometimes by people who choose to follow me. Be aware: If you’re conservative, I’m going to do my best to make you uncomfortable.

2012-08-12 18:57:03

DeirdreS: @bartmu Thanks, on both counts!

2012-08-12 18:17:55

DeirdreS: RT @DrJenGunter: I think it should be @PaulRyanDoucheCanoe but that’s probably too long

2012-08-12 18:17:38

DeirdreS: RT @sriramnrn: 30 days of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, understanding marksmanship, and figuring out what to do next. I wish such an oppo …

2012-08-12 18:17:03

DeirdreS: RT @metadaddy: RT @cloudtoad <- Taking lasers and cats about as far as it can be taken. < Genius – my kids we …

2012-08-12 18:09:24

DeirdreS: @fnichol welcome to the family!

2012-08-12 16:26:02

DeirdreS: RT @mashable: WATCH: Lego Celebrates 80th Birthday With Whimsical Animated Short –

2012-08-12 15:32:06

DeirdreS: RT @karlgomes: In India we believe punctuality is like having an orgasm. The later you come, the more successful you are.

2012-08-12 15:30:49

DeirdreS: Literate Westerners once drew quotes and examples from Shakespeare and the Bible. Now they quote TV shows I’ll never watch.

2012-08-12 05:01:32

DeirdreS: Fair warning: this week may be pretty rough for me. A year ago, I started a great new job, while my dad was dying.

2012-08-12 04:45:53

DeirdreS: @tfanelli That a tech writer who should know to back up can turn carelessness into major media attention?

2012-08-12 04:19:02

DeirdreS: This toy set comes complete with two Village People

2012-08-12 03:12:00

DeirdreS: @llcrowe try this:

2012-08-12 00:58:30

DeirdreS: RT @PaulRyanGosling: Hey girl, I hope you’re middle class because I’m totally ready to screw you.

2012-08-12 00:57:05

DeirdreS: RT @dangillmor: Do Americans understand that a plutocracy of <200 ultra-wealthy people are buying the next government? …

2012-08-12 00:48:38

DeirdreS: “[SPAM] Dear Trusting Friend” – yes, that’s who that might work on.

2012-08-12 00:02:39

DeirdreS: RT @DavidALapham: …using Ayn Rand for a real political guidepost would be like using a third rate sci-fi writer as the basis for a rel …

2012-08-11 23:55:31

DeirdreS: @bobthomson70 That’s a different world of pain: bad UI on the shopping sites, then having to plan to be home at the right time…

2012-08-11 23:10:50

DeirdreS: RT @TeaPartyCat: Paul Ryan: “My plan shifts Medicare costs to seniors to give tax cuts to Wealthy-Americans. I will free seniors from go …

2012-08-11 23:09:17

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: LOL. “Plan”. RT @ObsoleteDogma: Mitt Romney would have paid 0.82 percent in taxes under Paul Ryan’s plan.

2012-08-11 23:08:07

DeirdreS: RT @KeithOlbermann: Just a reminder that the anti-government Ayn Rand who @RepPaulRyan says inspired him to seek office, ended up on Soc …

2012-08-11 23:06:43

DeirdreS: RT @bakadesuyo: What’s the most important thing to do if you want a successful life?

2012-08-11 23:04:12

DeirdreS: Survived Costco. My life in this country would be so much easier if I actually enjoyed shopping.

2012-08-11 22:11:57

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: For reality urgently suggests that without serious, systemic reinvention, America’s headed straight into very long, very dar …

2012-08-11 22:11:34

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: Finally, America’s “elites” aren’t just disconnected from the middle class. They’re almost entirely disconnected from reality.

2012-08-11 20:00:29

DeirdreS: RT @benwakeling: A child’s skull, before their milk teeth fall out. This is freakier than all the Alien films combined.

2012-08-11 19:59:24

DeirdreS: @brainpicker is that e one with the Sun Ray in the foreground? Former Sun people like that one!

2012-08-11 16:43:17

DeirdreS: Great words are a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for conveying great thoughts. Ayn Rand’s writing – have you actually read it?

2012-08-11 16:35:26

DeirdreS: “it’s better to work for a co who cares about you than one who doesn’t. For the co, that makes it better to care”

2012-08-11 16:00:01

DeirdreS: 2 years ago I shared photos of Rossella, then and now:

2012-08-11 15:00:02

DeirdreS: 8 years ago I wrote about The Italian Way of Death:

2012-08-11 08:21:47

DeirdreS: @RBReich @adrianco Actually, i think the GOP is aiming for feudalism.

2012-08-11 08:12:10

DeirdreS: @papertigerss fortunately, hockey fans don’t get in my way on bart

2012-08-11 07:43:30

DeirdreS: @rod11 “Self deportation” is beginning to look good to me.

2012-08-11 07:11:06

DeirdreS: @swaroop Yumm, also need to come to Hyderabad to eat biryani – managed to miss out last time!

2012-08-11 07:08:21

DeirdreS: @swaroop AAAHHHH! I’m so jealous!

2012-08-11 06:54:17

DeirdreS: Romney/Ryan: taking us back to the good old days of a feudal economy!

2012-08-11 06:17:57

DeirdreS: Especially when Bart is full of fans whose major exercise this week has been the walk up the bleachers.

2012-08-11 06:10:29

DeirdreS: For the record: i hate sports

2012-08-11 06:08:48

DeirdreS: RT @DrJenGunter: Every congress person who thinks a $9500 Medicare voucher buys any health care should be forced to use that voucher sys …

2012-08-11 06:04:11

DeirdreS: @JoeMyGod there are no humans on that ticket

2012-08-11 00:53:27

DeirdreS: @tenderlove wanna just talk? 😉

2012-08-11 00:47:28

DeirdreS: @jasonh @gigaom @derrickharris Hand it here, pretty sure I can do that.

2012-08-11 00:44:30

DeirdreS: RT @kbeninato: It’s OK to Be a Hater Because Everything Is Bad (featuring one of the better editor’s notes I’ve ever seen) …

2012-08-11 00:40:44

DeirdreS: Woman in spaghetti strap top and orange baseball hat on bart prob means there is a sports in SF tonight. Run away! Run away!

2012-08-10 04:01:32

DeirdreS: @kestelyn glad you made it out alive!

2012-08-10 03:58:38

DeirdreS: RT @leenie909: Any decent person would be. MT @mg: So my pizza will go up by $0.20, but 16,000 people get health care? Yeah, I’m fine wi …

2012-08-10 03:20:32

DeirdreS: RT @DAbitty: THIS THIS THIS! RT @LOLGOP: Fun Fact: Most conservatives are one gay kid away from an adult opinion about marriage equality.

2012-08-10 03:19:33

DeirdreS: RT @arkipelagu: RT @BorowitzReport Next time someone says, “Where has big government ever gotten us?” the correct answer is “Mars.”

2012-08-10 01:08:02

DeirdreS: And I like to end my day by… ordering t-shirts!

2012-08-10 00:21:10

DeirdreS: RT @umairh: Project the status quo a decade into the future. What do you see? Is the prospect of growing up/old in this society appealing?

2012-08-10 00:19:33

DeirdreS: New version of SmartOS available! thanks @johnnysunshine!

2012-08-10 23:08:28

DeirdreS: RT @bMunch: “I’m running a friggin’ brothel in the Olympic Village! I’ve never witnessed so much debauchery in my entire life” http://t. …

2012-08-10 22:29:37

DeirdreS: @zephoria That was exactly my reaction.

2012-08-10 22:12:14

DeirdreS: RT @pourmecoffee: Interim report from Twitter downtime: I have found time to conceptualize what I believe will be the GOP ticket: http:/ …

2012-08-10 22:03:22

DeirdreS: “$3 Million Series Seed Funding Raised by DEY Storage

2012-08-10 21:50:25

DeirdreS: Wow, we are more than sold out for this. Appropriate – SmartOS will be celebrating its anniversary!

2012-08-10 21:30:53

DeirdreS: illumos News: August 10, 2012

2012-08-10 21:21:18

DeirdreS: @hridaybala I’m the one still paying it off, but she’s moving to NYC so cheaper for me to keep it in Oakland for now.

2012-08-10 20:38:49

DeirdreS: @counternotions But… everything’s up to date in Kansas City, no guarantees about anywhere else!

2012-08-10 20:36:55

DeirdreS: @hridaybala No, I’m about to inherit my daughter’s Honda Fit, whether I want it or not!

2012-08-10 20:09:52

DeirdreS: There’s so much amazingness in this that I can’t choose what to quote. Just go read it.

2012-08-10 20:02:32

DeirdreS: Can see an old VW bus starting up across the street. I’d forgotten the very particular and nostalgic sound of those engines.

2012-08-10 17:49:21

DeirdreS: Multitasking like a mofo – what I do best! Now to take a keyboard break by hanging a large mirror.

2012-08-10 16:13:47

DeirdreS: RT @MySQLatFacebook: We have the same experience. Good performance data consumed by an expert leads to major performance improvements… …

2012-08-10 15:05:40

DeirdreS: “exertion of control is destructive; allowing developer communities to organize themselves yields successful results.”

2012-08-10 14:37:58

DeirdreS: RT @scottherson: RT and get this T-shirt while supplies last. @joyent #cloud is high performance!

2012-08-09 21:38:32

DeirdreS: “in today’s increasingly social media-infused environment, traditional marketing and sales doesn’t make sense”

2012-08-09 21:28:41

DeirdreS: IOW: If it’s valuable to you, BACK THE F* UP, PEOPLE!

2012-08-09 21:28:00

DeirdreS: So many in the world have lost everything they own, or at least many things dear to them. I have no patience when it’s self-inflicted.

2012-08-09 20:56:57

DeirdreS: “I see tiny little ideas, ideas that are almost petty in their inconsequentiality”

2012-08-09 20:31:48

DeirdreS: RT @andiamo: Vacations aren’t just fun, they’re actually good for your health. No, really.

2012-08-09 20:09:28

DeirdreS: @wcpreston It’s a wide country east-west, too populous and much of the population too low-tech to manage multiple time zones. No brainer.

2012-08-09 18:35:32

DeirdreS: @mranney Guess that makes you the poster child. 😉

2012-08-09 17:27:01

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I filmed many modes of transportation in Jaipur:

2012-08-09 16:59:14

DeirdreS: Warm enough to wear salwar-kameez even in SF today, with moccasins, though, because my feet get cold. Mixing my Indians, as it were.

2012-08-09 16:51:52

DeirdreS: RT @peteryorke: ReelSurfer just went live on Joyent.

2012-08-09 16:46:50

DeirdreS: RT @brendangregg: new blog post: 10 Performance Wins

2012-08-09 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I observed English words in Devnagiri:

2012-08-09 16:25:02

DeirdreS: “’If we could just go back there, America would be right,’ ” – “Right for who?””

2012-08-09 16:14:41

DeirdreS: “Aperol, which got its start in 1919 in Padua, tastes of orange rind, spice, with a bit of rhubarb in there somewhere.”

2012-08-09 14:00:02

DeirdreS: 3 years ago I visited Arches National Park

2012-08-09 05:24:38

DeirdreS: @llcrowe well, first you start with $200 million…

2012-08-09 05:21:41

DeirdreS: @JeffElder That wasn’t meant to be easy? 😉

2012-08-09 04:52:04

DeirdreS: The advice is good, but all I can think is “W.T.F. Huh? What? HOW DID YOU EVER FOR A SECOND THINK THIS WAS OKAY?”

2012-08-09 04:28:51

DeirdreS: @JeffElder Joni Mitchell Blue (I think that was the title and Carole King Tapestry

2012-08-09 04:26:21

DeirdreS: @mvidallopez Welcome to the SmartOS family!

2012-08-09 04:08:06

DeirdreS: …and “Left handed female humans are the quickest thinkers.”

2012-08-09 04:06:42

DeirdreS: Learned from @bcantrill: “sex difference [in left-handedness] is significant & robust…male to female odds ratio 1.23”

2012-08-09 03:16:53

DeirdreS: @bdha OMG I’d forgotten how cheesy they looked.

2012-08-09 03:14:47

DeirdreS: @bdha LOL! Had to go find it to be sure it was the same one I was thiking of. Didn’t know it was H&O.

2012-08-09 02:45:38

DeirdreS: @bdha What is she singing?

2012-08-09 02:41:38

DeirdreS: @ElizabethKeeler Just be prepared to do a lot of screwing…

2012-08-09 00:31:38

DeirdreS: Apparently Gramsci is spinning in his grave and it’s All My Fault (see comments).

2012-08-09 00:12:00

DeirdreS: Long but fruitful day of meetings. Now to eat ice cream and go do yoga.

2012-08-08 20:50:39

DeirdreS: “illumos News: August 8, 2012”

2012-08-08 16:54:56

DeirdreS: “Nothing is withheld from us what we have conceived to do.”

2012-08-08 16:02:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago we learned how to tie a turban:

2012-08-08 14:46:53

DeirdreS: RT @jperkin: Anyone trying to boot SmartOS on an HP Microserver (N36L/N40L), add ‘-B disable-ipmi=true’ to boot arguments, makes it work.

2012-08-08 09:02:39

DeirdreS: @ColinAC hmm, found me because of this?

2012-08-08 05:11:11

DeirdreS: An icon of my childhood, still going strong!

2012-08-08 00:04:08

DeirdreS: @umairh More like grubby scavengers.

2012-08-08 00:03:43

DeirdreS: @seldo The professional horses are used to it, same as race horses.

2012-08-07 23:55:46

DeirdreS: Not sure what annoys me more: the self-consciousness of the design, or the vapidity of the photo captions.

2012-08-07 23:51:03

DeirdreS: Religio/ethics aside, I just don’t see the point of sport when it’s about winning by any means, and making money.

2012-08-07 22:52:16

DeirdreS: RT @KellyOSullivan: FALSE: Romney says lawsuit by President Obama’s campaign challenges voting privileges for the military …

2012-08-07 22:38:20

DeirdreS: RT @johnrlynch: #riak on SmartOS is so full of awesome. Almost better than flying cars.

2012-08-07 22:10:32

DeirdreS: “The world of data storage is changing and open source is helping to shake up a few traditional technology standards.”

2012-08-07 22:08:24

DeirdreS: “the points that Bryan Cantrill discusses in his presentation at FISL are just spot on”

2012-08-07 21:52:48

DeirdreS: Coming Soon! DTrace Training from Joyent –

2012-08-07 21:40:55

DeirdreS: RT @wjimenez5271: thinking about the feasibility of #smartOS running as a #KVM host in a #eucalyptus cluster. Anyone tried this out?

2012-08-07 19:33:31

DeirdreS: <sigh> It’s a start, but I really wish the Church hierarchy understood the real world.

2012-08-07 19:07:41

DeirdreS: “ lists 3,794 positions that require cloud-related software, engineering and architecture skills”

2012-08-07 17:43:55

DeirdreS: “Horse ballet” isn’t as staid as you might think…

2012-08-07 17:33:26

DeirdreS: RT @slideshare: ‘Performance Analysis: The USE Method’ is featured on our homepage.

2012-08-07 17:32:49

DeirdreS: @wjimenez5271 also see the BayLISA meetup for more RSVPs

2012-08-07 17:16:27

DeirdreS: “@empoprises: OK, everyone, go out and achieve positive energizing synergies!” – aaaagggggghhhhhhh

2012-08-07 17:15:37

DeirdreS: @willsnow welcome home. 😉

2012-08-07 17:15:24

DeirdreS: RT @willsnow: Old servers up 762 days. Wow, solaris is (was) some seriously great software. Looking forward to Illumos 🙂

2012-08-07 17:14:57

DeirdreS: @alanc wouldn’t it have to be a sticky bun?

2012-08-07 16:53:47

DeirdreS: @jayfallon sigh. Sad but true.

2012-08-07 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago we visited a Mughal astronomical observatory in Jaipur:

2012-08-07 16:03:07

DeirdreS: @MarishaAgana @jayfallon uh, really? And just who are you expecting our president to intern and slaughter? Please explain.

2012-08-07 16:01:02

DeirdreS: Intelligent, reasonable people can respect each others’ differences. I see no surprise there! @creationix @izs

2012-08-07 15:59:18

DeirdreS: @webmink I put “Christian” in quotes bec I know many who truly behave like Christ, and these are not among them. I resent misuse of the term

2012-08-07 15:55:45

DeirdreS: RT @charyl: Tell me more about the War on Christianity

2012-08-07 15:43:25

DeirdreS: Sadly, what i see a lot of on Facebook is how hateful, racist, intolerant, and “Christian” some of the friends of my friends are.

2012-08-07 15:00:03

DeirdreS: 2 years ago I wrote about “why film engineers?”

2012-08-07 02:31:07

DeirdreS: RT @melanierenzulli: Romney Persona Non Grata in Italy for Bain’s Deal Skirting Taxes – via @BloombergNow

2012-08-07 02:29:28

DeirdreS: RT @WeaponsDalek: @arclight Why is it they never want to impose SHAKIRA? People might actually WANT that.

2012-08-07 02:11:51

DeirdreS: Less visible smoke billowing out, but a long plume. Glad I’m not downwind.

2012-08-07 01:47:53

DeirdreS: Chevron refinery fire in Richmond, from pier in SF

2012-08-07 00:49:50

DeirdreS: “People whose goals are about getting better, r than being good, take difficulty in stride, and appreciate the journey”

2012-08-07 00:21:11

DeirdreS: “illumos News: August 6, 2012”

2012-08-06 05:58:21

DeirdreS: RT @arielwaldman: Dear @NASA, please hire more proper web geeks so that your sites don’t go down when everyone’s really excited about sp …

2012-08-06 05:45:22

DeirdreS: @pborenstein Not enough yet, but way better than mission control used to be.

2012-08-06 05:40:27

DeirdreS: RT @pborenstein: I know he was about to say “Unbe-fucking-lievable”

2012-08-06 05:40:09

DeirdreS: @pborenstein First TV we ever owned (in Bangkok) we bought to see the moon landing. I guess I was 6.

2012-08-06 05:35:57

DeirdreS: @pborenstein I’m old enough to remember the moon landing.

2012-08-06 05:33:09

DeirdreS: Now THAT makes me proud to be American.

2012-08-06 04:28:11

DeirdreS: RT @urbanturbanguy: #sikh facts: 99 percent of people wearing Turbans in the U.S. are Sikhs from India

#Wisconsin #templeshooting http: …

2012-08-06 03:10:24

DeirdreS: RT @teenaankhen: “In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.”
— Toni Morrison

2012-08-06 03:07:45

DeirdreS: @urbanturbanguy my thoughts are with you all, and my heart aches.

2012-08-06 21:58:20

DeirdreS: “When no water comes from the stream, it’s not a stream.” – Great conversation betw @webmink and @postwait about OmniOS

2012-08-06 21:39:21

DeirdreS: @superxero3 Yup, chrome. Ok, will use Safari

2012-08-06 21:22:41

DeirdreS: @superxero3 Hmm, some of the slides disappear after a second and I can’t see them anymore.

2012-08-06 21:21:40

DeirdreS: RT @superxero3: Slides from the #dtrace talk @papertigerss and I gave at @voxer HQ.

2012-08-06 21:12:19

DeirdreS: Join BayLISA at Joyent for an Evening About SmartOS –

2012-08-06 20:30:06

DeirdreS: RT @alanc: Seems many of my coworkers look at and see only the Sun Ray 2 w/ Sun mouse & kbd in the bottom right …

2012-08-06 19:08:36

DeirdreS: RT @bcantrill: According to @postwait in @webmink’s, there will be a bounty coming to get OmniOS running on EC2 #il …

2012-08-06 18:06:17

DeirdreS: @NomdeB Just got his Unplugged album – some amazing guitar!

2012-08-06 17:49:19

DeirdreS: RT @webmink: Listen to a discussion of Illumos downstream OmniOS with @postwait – (Yes, @OpenSolaris lives on at # …

2012-08-06 17:46:47

DeirdreS: Hangin on a San Francisco street corner waiting for a bus, listening to Alex Britti. Not bad for Monday morning.

2012-08-06 16:29:02

DeirdreS: “privilege is not having to explain”

2012-08-06 16:27:02

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I flimed Indian handicrafts being made:

2012-08-06 16:02:07

DeirdreS: @chanezon @starbuxman @crichardson arguably, sleeping in a railway station is the most authentic Indian experience you can have.

2012-08-06 16:02:01

DeirdreS: 7 years ago we visited the Amber Fort in Jaipur:

2012-08-06 16:01:38

DeirdreS: RT @pourmecoffee: Today in 1965 LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act, Now is the perfect time to remember, study, and enforce it.

2012-08-06 16:00:49

DeirdreS: RT @garannm: If you’re talking seriously about “kickstarting” NASA, and you complain about paying your nominal taxes, I vote you get a f …

2012-08-06 15:59:04

DeirdreS: @djkaurageous here they kill you because they think you’re Muslim, there they know you’re Sikh and kill you the same. Excuse my cynicism…

2012-08-06 15:00:00

DeirdreS: RT @MKHDDLSTN: Dear Religion, While you were debating what chicken sandwiches were okay to eat, I just landed on Mars. Sincerely, Your P …

2012-08-05 23:08:34

DeirdreS: RT @DarthNader: If a bunch of people just got killed in a shooting, and the first thing you think of is defending gun rights, fuck you.

2012-08-05 21:44:18

DeirdreS: @johnnysunshine It’s very different when you actually know something – then you’re rooting for your friends, a far more solid connection!

2012-08-05 21:37:26

DeirdreS: RT @savraj: I’m American as Apple pie. I also happen to be Sikh. @CNN

2012-08-05 21:36:22

DeirdreS: RT @JacquieGreen: @NickKristof Those of us not American are trying hard to figure out what need it is that gun ownership satisfies, that …

2012-08-05 21:33:05

DeirdreS: RT @DCPlod: CNN is explaining that Sikhs are not Muslims. This is pretty much everything that’s wrong with America in one sentence.

2012-08-05 16:30:01

DeirdreS: 7 years ago we arrived at the Samode Haveli in Jaipur:

2012-08-05 16:09:26

DeirdreS: Olympic patriotism: I feel great because someone born in the same country as me worked hard at a sport and won while I sat and watched. Gah!

2012-08-05 16:00:03

DeirdreS: 3 years ago I reflected on my career strengths

2012-08-05 05:25:22

DeirdreS: @SteveMartinToGo I really hope those suits aren’t meant seriously.

2012-08-05 02:29:54

DeirdreS: RT @jamesdotcuff: whoa! #hpc #graphics via @atduskgreg + @dakami @DisneyPixar open sourced subdivision via @github: …

2012-08-04 06:32:48

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan @nomdeb …realized it would be insane and did not succumb! Thankfully.

2012-08-04 06:32:18

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan @nomdeb biological urges aren’t determinant. I had a strong hormonal desire for a 2nd while my first was small, but…

2012-08-04 06:22:29

DeirdreS: Looking forward to a day out in Napa tomorrow with my homegirl @Myrna_SF !

2012-08-04 06:13:37

DeirdreS: @joelhousman yeah, know that feeling. Sometimes it was my parents.

2012-08-04 06:10:07

DeirdreS: @blakeirvin yes, definitely. Code comes first, everything else is secondary.

2012-08-04 02:35:38

DeirdreS: “We don’t have to invite pain in. It’s waiting for us, sooner or later.” Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall

2012-08-04 02:05:41

DeirdreS: These things are tasty, but I keep thinking of Tralfamadoreans. My brain plays with words that way….

2012-08-04 01:01:39

DeirdreS: @jasonh @mranney < head explodes >

2012-08-04 00:22:17

DeirdreS: @WriteRCastle @bubbva If that includes a reading, I would not be able to keep brunch down.

2012-08-04 00:18:07

DeirdreS: @willbldrco Hmm, shirt looks familiar, too…

2012-08-04 00:16:50

DeirdreS: @mranney I ignore all press releases, no matter who they’re from. 😉

2012-08-04 15:50:14

DeirdreS: RT @DanaDanger: Paging @edwardtufte; Mr. Tufte, we have an emergency in the Infographics Department:

2012-08-04 15:40:50

DeirdreS: RT @nonstick: @vdotw @signed8bit @thinguy I get my news from daily show, wait wait and twitter. – Far better than the “real”news sources.

2012-08-04 15:37:00

DeirdreS: new video from FISL! Introduction to Git by Randal Schwartz

2012-08-04 06:51:32

DeirdreS: “My country got # Olympic medals” is no great cause for pride. The well-being of all citizens is a better measure of a country’s greatness.

2012-08-03 23:45:11

DeirdreS: @jayfallon Nope, not in San Francisco. I would actually enjoy some real heat!

2012-08-03 23:44:51

DeirdreS: RT @RAtkinson1955: I can confirm, there will be one last episode of Blackadder, a reunion.

2012-08-03 23:44:47

DeirdreS: @RAtkinson1955 that is the best news I’ve had all day, possibly all week!

2012-08-03 23:30:48

DeirdreS: Also, C** in your title is less than impressive in a company <50 employees. Just say “Founder” or “member of the band” or something.

2012-08-03 23:28:35

DeirdreS: When I see any of these terms, my brain turns to teflon, all else slides right off: leverage, unprecedented, deliver, solution, strategy…

2012-08-03 22:19:51

DeirdreS: @c_bright There are worse fates. 😉

2012-08-03 21:45:32

DeirdreS: I need to not be in the office right now – I need to be where I can turn this up and DANCE.

2012-08-03 21:42:39

DeirdreS: @SniperWulfzen Yes, they are surprisingly cheap and effective long-term storage for music I want to be able to find again.

2012-08-03 21:42:11

DeirdreS: @kebesays Not yet, but in the works.

2012-08-03 21:31:02

DeirdreS: New music! Yay!

2012-08-03 21:05:28

DeirdreS: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. 😉

2012-08-03 20:35:36

DeirdreS: I don’t see how it’s a measure of a country’s success to abuse people for the sake of medals.

2012-08-03 17:48:24

DeirdreS: RT @sriramnrn: “Always move fast. You never know who’s catching up” – Moist von Ludwig, Discworld

2012-08-03 17:47:46

DeirdreS: RT @pourmecoffee: FACT: It is now against the law in Italy to utter the phrase, “You don’t have the balls.”

2012-08-03 17:47:45

DeirdreS: @pourmecoffee half of public discourse thus eliminated!

2012-08-03 17:34:22

DeirdreS: RT @hemantmehta: Me sitting next to pastor on plane:

Pastor: I’m a Christian.
Me: Are you a Chick-fil-A Christian?
Pastor: God, no.

*H …

2012-08-03 16:36:57

DeirdreS: RT @JoeMyGod: RT @BryanJFischer: Porn not a victimless crime: Romney the latest victim. Endorsed by former porn star. Not what he’s look …

2012-08-03 16:35:36

DeirdreS: Texas (the University) is a country unto itself – from CultureMap Austin via FB

2012-08-03 15:34:26

DeirdreS: 7 years ago I was traveling with my daughter in India, and shooting lots of video:

2012-08-03 15:28:02

DeirdreS: RT @scottherson: hot #gaming / #cloud job — Director of Infrastructure role at a orange county, ca online / mobile gaming firm. ping m …

2012-08-03 15:27:09

DeirdreS: @bcantrill You’re making that design available for sale, right?

2012-08-03 15:26:00

DeirdreS: So. Freakin’. Busy.

2012-08-03 14:37:27

DeirdreS: “the office is mostly a place where I meet with people, take calls, film videos, give webinars, all that stuff.”

2012-08-03 05:40:19

DeirdreS: RT @jamescmcpherson: No, dude, you DID get govt assistance. #politics #arrogance #ignorance

2012-08-03 05:22:49

DeirdreS: I just backed GLUE (everyone’s favorite web comic) is becoming a book! on @Kickstarter

2012-08-03 03:35:30

DeirdreS: RT @LusciousPear: “But women use birth control for non-contraceptive purposes too!” is a poor argument. Contraception is a fundamental r …

2012-08-03 03:33:22

DeirdreS: RT @scottlynch78: What if every Olympic sport was photographed like women’s beach volleyball?

2012-08-03 03:29:22

DeirdreS: @GiantEye @dakami also banks on assumption that what happens in Vegas is by definition “naughty”. It’s mostly fake, from what I’ve seen.

2012-08-03 03:26:45

DeirdreS: @rbanffy @bcantrill yup, OpenIndiana

2012-08-03 00:49:20

DeirdreS: “Such fun, such fun,” he said.

2012-08-02 23:34:10

DeirdreS: Strange infestations on a Brazilian tree.

2012-08-02 23:04:35

DeirdreS: Reminder: you can learn DTrace from the master aka @brendangregg Sept 6-7 in San Francisco:

2012-08-02 23:03:10

DeirdreS: @yesthattom At the moment, them’s fightin’ words! 😉

2012-08-02 22:49:51

DeirdreS: illumos News: Aug 2, 2012

2012-08-02 22:33:23

DeirdreS: What links Apple, Sun’s ZFS and a tiny startup? Al Gore • The Register

2012-08-02 22:20:04

DeirdreS: “performance, stability, or ease of use: the alternatives leave something to be desired, may deliver you to disaster. ”

2012-08-02 22:00:03

DeirdreS: RT @hemantmehta: Amtrak just found a way to show more love and acceptance than most of mainstream Christianity:

2012-08-02 21:51:41

DeirdreS: reminder: links, slides and videos from past illumos/SmartOS events can be found here

2012-08-02 21:21:13

DeirdreS: @MissGoogle Yup, and special:

2012-08-02 21:18:14

DeirdreS: “the right way to do a PARC-like effort is to find “two dozen absolute geniuses” in the appropriate field or subfield”

2012-08-02 20:54:13

DeirdreS: @MissGoogle Weirder still, I met them all at boarding school in India!

2012-08-02 18:23:19

DeirdreS: If you scroll through the 3 video stills on the SmartOS blog right now, we look like a bunch of TV preachers.

2012-08-02 17:34:56

DeirdreS: @monkchips @missgoogle we may gave friends in common – some of my schoolmates born and/or raised in Beirut

2012-08-02 15:52:36

DeirdreS: 11 years ago I wrote & photographed: Castelli: Traditional Ceramics from the Hills of Abruzzo

2012-08-02 15:51:08

DeirdreS: @HumanityCritic Best dressage I ever saw: solidly-built German man on a muscular stallion, rocking out to something with a heavy beat.

2012-08-02 15:47:40

DeirdreS: @GoAngelo “In my day” the University of Texas required 2 semesters of US history, 2 of US government. It was great.

2012-08-02 15:47:05

DeirdreS: RT @GoAngelo: One thing that has become increasingly clear is that Americans need to start studying civics in school again. Seriously.

2012-08-02 15:45:14

DeirdreS: Now here’s an Olympics I’d watch!

2012-08-02 15:41:12

DeirdreS: New video: Brendan’s talk from #FISL #tonofisl13

2012-08-02 08:27:05

DeirdreS: @mmayo congratulations!

2012-08-02 05:01:06

DeirdreS: The Observation Deck » Post-revolutionary open source

2012-08-02 04:06:16

DeirdreS: @Zee I never did, it’s overrated.

2012-08-02 01:45:46

DeirdreS: @horstm22 I need to get kid size DTrace t-shirts made… #merlionintraining

2012-08-02 01:42:52

DeirdreS: @jmclulow Only in those nice business class seats that let you lie completely flat. And that was not in the travel budget.

2012-08-02 01:40:01

DeirdreS: <4 hours’ sleep in the last 36 is making itself felt…

2012-08-02 00:53:16

DeirdreS: Rossella chiede agli italiani di PENSARE a come stanno le cose tra uomini e donne in italia. Ne’ sono orgogliosa.

2012-08-02 00:05:18

DeirdreS: Found & brought back 2 more bottles of lovely cachaca liqueur I had brought back from my 2009 visit to Brazil – not readily available here.

2012-08-01 22:40:00

DeirdreS: @myinnervoice …but worth it for seeing some folks in person, and getting some good new video.

2012-08-01 22:39:40

DeirdreS: @myinnervoice No, it wasn’t like that. FISL has gotten a lot smaller, only Maddog Hall had packed rooms that we saw. For us, polite interest

2012-08-01 22:38:49

DeirdreS: Delta was ok, but HATED the ads they forced on us via seatback screen and cabin speakers. I already paid to be in that seat, leave me alone!

2012-08-01 22:36:19

DeirdreS: @anildash WHY they follow me. In some cases I know, but for many it’s a mystery to me.

2012-08-01 22:35:29

DeirdreS: RT @julienXX: @joedamato ever considered SmartOS? Got 10 vms running pretty smoothly on it.

2012-08-01 22:35:24

DeirdreS: @KellyOSullivan I sorta get the need, except that they change stuff in the UI so often I would never buy a paper edition

2012-08-01 22:29:59

DeirdreS: “GreenBytes has announced that the ZEVO Community Edition product will be offered as a freely downloadable binary”

2012-08-01 21:59:16

DeirdreS: Weirdly, another Amazon buy I earned money from recently was “Facebook for Dummies”. Not something I actually linked to.

2012-08-01 21:35:51

DeirdreS: @sjorge Ugh. What if you buy an electronic edition? Or get it from

2012-08-01 21:35:20

DeirdreS: @Tenzer Because, that’s why. 😉 So far I’ve sent them to everyone who has signed a SmartOS CLA.

2012-08-01 20:33:34

DeirdreS: @sjorge Yes, we were suffering from data withdrawal in Brazil, but current data roaming offerings are absurd.

2012-08-01 20:06:45

DeirdreS: @postsecret If that’s a video, it’s YouTube. You should be able to turn it off in your YouTube settings.

2012-08-01 20:04:44

DeirdreS: IMHO, @bcantrill @brendangregg and I are each getting better at our respective conference skills, and even learning each others’. Fun!

2012-08-01 19:48:49

DeirdreS: DTrace on BSD tutorial, HT @sevanjaniyan: track 2 on day 2 of @eurobsdcon

2012-08-01 19:46:54

DeirdreS: @sevanjaniyan Oh, cool, glad to know they’re going to cover DTrace. Let us know if help is needed.

2012-08-01 19:45:58

DeirdreS: @merlyn What was the title of your talk? Should be able to get video out soon, let me know if there’s a particular description/link you want

2012-08-01 19:41:48

DeirdreS: @blakeirvin In the case of illumos, it’s more like a B Oligarchy FL, I think.

2012-08-01 19:40:52

DeirdreS: Home sweet wifi.

2012-08-01 19:40:36

DeirdreS: @bartmu LOL!

2012-08-01 19:40:11

DeirdreS: @kasbhai Or else we went together. 😉 Either way, we’ve been in the same room with him.

2012-08-01 19:39:43

DeirdreS: @sevanjaniyan That’s very possible, the DTrace/Perf course stands alone.

2012-08-01 18:41:28

DeirdreS: RT @gangrey: The crowd at Chick-fil-A in Hernando County broke into The Star-Spangled Banner. Also, a man had an 8-foot cross. I give yo …

2012-08-01 18:41:01

DeirdreS: RT @leapingwoman: A3: #cmgr’s goals are to contribute to organization’s goals by building community. can be tricky to measure extent of …

2012-08-01 18:06:53

DeirdreS: @ImAmyO so sorry to hear. Best wishes to you both.

2012-08-01 18:05:53

DeirdreS: Hipster souvenir of Brazil.

2012-08-01 18:05:16

DeirdreS: Finally close to home, deeply resenting the hour on Bart that stands between me and a shower.

2012-08-01 17:48:26

DeirdreS: RT @philiph: The kernel developer is a strange and beautiful creature in his native habitat

2012-08-01 17:33:20

DeirdreS: RT @robdelaney: *Please read & RT if you’re an American woman or know an American woman. Massive good news. RT @SandraFluke: http:// …

2012-08-01 12:05:40

DeirdreS: RT @TheEconomist: Mitt Romney has managed to suggest that Palestinians are poor because their culture is inferior to that of Jews http:/ …

2012-08-01 11:38:26

DeirdreS: Last leg – 5 hrs ATL to SFO. Hope I can sleep through part of this.

2012-08-01 11:21:15

DeirdreS: @sjorge both were long, but we got through the US one in about 30 mins

2012-08-01 10:10:38

DeirdreS: Made it to ATL. Now to see if 2 hrs is enough to clear this immigration line.

2012-08-01 10:05:10

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