Modeling for FabIndia

Another from the series of portraits done for me by Shawn Northcutt, this one looks even more like it comes from a fashion shoot – in this case, for the lovely clothing of FabIndia (one of my favorite places in the world to shop).

I suspect Indian traditional styles may be the oldest national costumes still in daily use by a wide spectrum of their native cultures, perhaps because they look good on almost every body type. And are very, very comfortable, especially (of course) in hot weather.

Traditionally, you buy your own material and have it tailored to fit you, but I rarely have time on my trips to India to do that these days. A great alternative is Fabindia, which makes fantastic ready-to-wear clothing in a huge variety of fabrics, mostly based on traditional styles (seen here: silk kurta, churidar, and scarf).

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