Casa de Flores

Yesterday, after several (many!) weeks of hard work and other stresses, we took a day of rest: a yoga retreat with Victoria Russell Bell and a small group at Casa de Flores – which reminded me in spirit of one of my favorite places on the planet, Spankyville.

We practiced yoga out under a clump of redwood trees, where it was refreshing just to stare up into the soft green fronds, stretching far above us. And we had time to explore the garden, a lovely jumble of colors, scents, and textures. So (of course) I took lots of pictures of flowers.

Thanks to Vickie, Teresa, and Joe for a lovely day!

One thought on “Casa de Flores

  1. Rocio

    What a lovely day together ! Thank you all
    for making it a memorable day, surrounded
    by such beauty – both on the outside and inside.
    Namaste. Rocio

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