Talking about Woodstock School on the Kamla Show

A few months ago I attended a showing of Dosa Hunt at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. I was older than most of the crowd, who had also turned out to see a live performance by Das Racist. So I ended up chatting with two (Indian) women closer to my own age, who (naturally) asked me why I was there. When she heard that my interest in India stems from having attended Woodstock School, Kamla Bhatt exclaimed: “I’ve been looking for a Woodstock alum to interview for my show!”

This interview took place a few months later, and was shown on a local channel this week, you can also watch it above. It was fun and, of course, I’m always happy to have an opportunity to talk about Woodstock!

I also enjoyed chatting with the evening’s other guest, Asha Sharma, author of American in Khadi: The Definitive Biography of Satyanand Stokes. Stokes was her grandfather, a fascinating character. The only American to be arrested for participating in the struggle for India’s independence, he also introduced apples to Himachal Pradesh, where they are now a major cash crop.

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