Goodbye, 2015

In the past I’ve said that every year of my life has gotten at least a little better than the ones before it. I’ve chosen to believe that even in years when it wasn’t strictly true by most measures. 2015… well, I can’t say it was a good year, though some aspects were, in between a whole lot of nastiness. But… I survived it, with abundant proof that my life is worth fighting for, to me and to others.

I have a feeling that 2016 will be not just better than 2015, but better than most of my life to date. 2015 was just a bump in the road, and it’s behind me now.


ps If you want deep end of year reflections, read this.

^ photo: We caught the year getting ready to change on King’s Wharf, Sydney.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2015

  1. Anna

    Deirdre – if you’re still in Australia – come and see me in Melbourne!
    we can speak Italian! and I will show you my Melbourne!

  2. alberto

    auguri!! let’s hope 2016 will be better than 2015, also because 2015 was considered horrible by most of people around… this last year was ignoble, let’s say it!! ciao!

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