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The Twitter Diaries: 2010-01-03: Arkansas & Louisiana

^ sunset driving into Louisiana @MissExpatria I’ll be really evil here and say “screaming toddler” in reply to MissExpatria # [her question was: what could we try to get banned by TSA to make flying actually pleasanter?] Hitting the road again tomorrow, so it’s time to do homework today # @webmink what are your sugestions Read More…

^ sunset driving into Louisiana

  • @MissExpatria I’ll be really evil here and say “screaming toddler” in reply to MissExpatria # [her question was: what could we try to get banned by TSA to make flying actually pleasanter?]
  • Hitting the road again tomorrow, so it’s time to do homework today #
  • @webmink what are your sugestions for engaging? in reply to webmink # [to bring some sanity to TSA security policies]
  • @webmink if enough people are deterred from traveling, the airlines will scream to Congress. Cutting back travel not really an option for me in reply to webmink #
  • So tired it’s like having jet lag. I guess all of 2009 is catching up. Might have helped if i’d ever had a real vacation this year. #
  • @Chuckumentary that’s where I am – in the heart of Internet darkness. Limping along on the dregs of edge in reply to Chuckumentary #
  • @jeffreytaylor I liked invictus, too. Glad to hear it reflects reality in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • Lazing in bed with coffee. Today we go to Louisiana, my ancestral territory #
  • @LusciousPear could be worse: you could be headed to Shreveport in reply to LusciousPear #
  • Scale in this house claims I lost a pound overnight. This seems unlikely. Never trusted scales. But have lost ~15 pounds this year. #
  • @jeffreytaylor just remember: someone is on your side. in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • @KathySierra FAIL is a millisecond laugh. TED requires 20 mins’ concntration – rewarding when you have time. in reply to KathySierra #
  • Looking for decent coffee around Texarkana. Hmm. #
  • May have to use a location app because I can’t spell the LA town we’re staying in tonight. # [it was Nachitoches]
  • “He said he was a tri-sexual and used to work at a local animal shelter, but was let go for molesting collies. ” http://bit.ly/6JYYo1 # [this was a restaurant review!]
  • @SharonG we actually did eat there, lots of heavy fried food, no trisexuals introduced themselves (so disappointing!). in reply to SharonG #
  • “over 48% of Italians between the age of 18 and 39 under their parents’ roofs.” http://bit.ly/7nzyNX #
  • Twitter Tools can no longer authenticate so it isn’t working. Anyone else having this problem? Thought it was a changed password, but… #
  • been subjected to a lot of TV this week. I wouldn’t mind ads so much if they weren’t so damned repetitive. Once is plenty for all of them! #
  • great… can’t get Twitter Tools working, and can’t find anything else with its digest feature. Anyone? #
  • Lunch at a DQ in De Ridder, LA. Now on to Lake Charles. #
  • http://twitpic.com/vs4gs “Angels” – Brian Andreas #
  • having just eaten shrimp creole at home, we will drop in on a memorial service for someone we don’t know, then go eat Cajun in Sulphur LA #

^ I bought this Brian Andreas “Story People” print for my aunt Rosie years ago, was amused to find it in my aunt Harriet’s house as well (the two aunts are from different sides of the family).

^ boudin, a Cajun delicacy of sausage meat, herbs, and rice. You squeeze it out of the casing to eat it.

  • A Bollywood Christmas Song http://bit.ly/7PQQAf (actually appears to be from Nickelodeon, but it’s still funny) #

  • ^ http://twitpic.com/vvozp anyone else remember Naugas? Used to market Naugahyde in the 60s. I had a big pink one. # [this was at my aunt Harriet’s house – she must have got them for all of us]
  • Crossing the Atchafalaya Basin. Can’t see anything – raining too hard #

^ New Orleans street musicians

  • Great dinner with my cousin Celia in NO, the best way to spend an evening: in good company, laughing. #

^ New Orleans street

  • New Orleans is crawling with football fans from Cincinnati and someplace in Florida. You can tell I really care about sports. #

  • http://twitpic.com/w2rm6 just bought me some Jitterbug Perfume
    # [yes, this is the shop that appears, under a different name, in Tom Robbins’ novel. I bought a lovely scent called Habanera – and I haven’t worn perfume in years.]

^ old Uneeda Biscuit sign, New Orleans

^ Phycic SAIL

  • @saraford seen this? Datmansymbol.com #
  • @MrsThinGuy you’ve got to get this grocery store aggression under control in reply to MrsThinGuy #
  • #10yearsago we were celebrating the millenium at the chateau of le prince jardinière in the Loire valley. No, the prince was not there. #
  • @DatmanTshirts yes, but I know some folks who will like it more. Unfortunately, have missed my opp to buy unless you’re open tomorrow in reply to DatmanTshirts #

^ my cousin Celia’s cat, Monstaman, so called because he’s a monstrously large Maine Coon cat. Also the only cat I’ve ever seen or heard of that will do dog tricks (sit up, shake hands, high five, lie down, eat treat.)

  • Listening to tales of nightmare neighbors in New Orleans #

^ King Cake

^ a non-touristy part of New Orleans

  • On the road back to Tulsa. Stopped at a walmart to buy Community Coffee. #
  • Decal on the back of a truck reads “check to check”, with a Chevrolet logo. Anyone know what this means? #

[Americans’ penchant for advertising their religious beliefs is strange to European sensibilities.]

^ You might be forgiven for wondering what a single Nachitoch is, let alone many.

  • Still not finding any good reason to stop in Shreveport. And xm radio’s ads for religious radio are not helping. #
  • We’ve missed our chance to go to Plain Dealing, Louisiana #
  • http://twitpic.com/w9ud9 dinner at big Jake’s BBQ in Texarkana #

  • Haven’t really slept enough, but will be waking up horribly early all of next week, so maybe better stay awake now #
  • commenter left a great recipe on my blog: http://bit.ly/8gBXCy #
  • “In spite of the hassles, nothing quite compares to Italy,…It’s about food, clothing, style. It’s about life.” http://bit.ly/7X813H #
  • finally back to wifi so I can use a computer with a keyboard; I’ve been doing everything from the iPhone almost every day since Dec 24th #
  • Avatar in Imax 3D sold out. Is plain old 3D acceptable? #
  • My problem with 3D movies is that I already have one pair of glasses on my face. This is going to be a pain. #
  • Cameron has read (as well az watched) the classics: The Word for World is Forest, The Dragonriders of Pern, some Philip K Dick… #
  • Watching “Chess”: “You & I, we’ve done it all, chasing our hearts’ desires, yet we go on pretending stories like ours have happy endings.” #
  • @lskrocki it was fine in non-Imax 3D, and I didn’t even have much trouble with the glasses. in reply to lskrocki #

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