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The Twitter Diaries: 2010-01-18: SF, CO

used to own and love this poster, pretty sure I didn’t pay this much for it at the zoo itself http://bit.ly/65BfFK @KathySierra the trick is to look like you’re sharing all, while actually concealing much. @nonstick that was more like Not Safe for Human Eyeball Consumption @vdotw hey, mine came with a warning. 😉 Back Read More…

used to own and love this poster, pretty sure I didn’t pay this much for it at the zoo itself http://bit.ly/65BfFK
@KathySierra the trick is to look like you’re sharing all, while actually concealing much.
@nonstick that was more like Not Safe for Human Eyeball Consumption
@vdotw hey, mine came with a warning. 😉
Back at DIA, glad to be escaping to warmer climes
I asked for warmer weather, not quakes. Y’all settle down out there!
the people you see wearing pyjamas in airports are generally the people you’d be LEAST interested in seeing in their bedroom wear
@NomdeB I use SkypeOut, gives me a local number to dial and then I’m on Skype rates (plus cell minutes).
bummed I didn’t think to buy the Economist’s Christmas issue while it was out. My subscription is still in Italy.
@johnnysunshine I usually see them in airports. Reminds me of the time I saw an American woman in a Jakarta supermarket in curlers…
@ringae I see a lot of American teenagers in PJs at Heathrow, always makes me cringe for my country’s public image.
what is the message of PJs in public anyway? I’m too busy/lazy to get dressed I don’t give a sht what the world thinks, I’m comfy?
@bubbva thanks! Looking forward to seeing my multifarious Bay Area gang.
@NomdeB I seem to be simplifying my life by shedding relatives. 😉
(No, I’m not killing them!)
If I’d known I’d have status on frontier by now, I wd not be flying united today. Paying for a bag and last-priority boarding
@ringae not an Italian, certainly
Landed sfo. Waiting for my bag.
C’mon Bart people I have arrived. That means we can leave!
Omg Harvey fierstein in fiddler on the roof. I. Must. See.
@llcrowe me, too.
Great evening carousing with @Schlomo @jeffreytaylor and John. Bit of a headache this morning, but I’m smiling.
On my way to Daly City for #clswest Looking forward to seeing old friends and new. Sorry @saraford and @rohrer won’t be there.
@hemantmehta even atheists can be ignorant, especially under heavy propaganda
@tehduh and you lose points for just running a check. It’s an absurd system that hurts the consumer
#clswest interesting points on online trust and reputation – what’s out there today sucks. (Amazon ratings are a gd example – v abusable)
Will be speaking on comunity video #clswest Shd be fun – saw a lot of faces light up when I announced it. I’m in sudha & irene’s session
Did v little of the talking in my #clswest session on video – more useful to head from the 30 people in the rm, we’ ll be collaborating!
sorry I had to duck out of #clswest early – another monster headache. But, as expected, was excited and inspired by soe many awesome folks
@VespaDee you’ve reached me. What’s the question?
after a stimulating #clswest yesterday, enjoying a lazy day off today. I may nap.
tried drinking less caffeine today in case that was contributing to my headaches. This led to nap, chocolate, and appetite.
Countries Beginning with I Coffee Art http://bit.ly/7WozW9
Note to self: do not ever again take BART from SFO with luggage. Arm still sore from hauling suitcase up steps at destination.
I guess yesterday was No Pants Day on Bart. That would explain the gang of people we saw coming out of a station in their knickers
Moved over to The Mosser. Like the funkiness az long az it’s not too noisy. Took a while to find drawers – under the bed.
love being in a place where I can walk and walk and walk
final version w slides, downloadable m4v available: Nick Solter on Developing on OpenSolaris (CommunityOne)- Sun Video http://bit.ly/vvH9c
downloadable m4v now available: Debugging and Diagnosing Interesting OpenSolaris Kernel Problems – Sun Video http://bit.ly/7m7P41
downloadable m4v now available: Porting Applications with OpenSolaris – Sun Video http://bit.ly/7lrSxp
New! Probing Database Applications with DTrace – Sun Video from CommunityOne http://bit.ly/60Ieli
new! SourceJuicer BoF at OSCON – Sun Video http://bit.ly/6FrPCZ
m4v download now available: Observing Applications with DTrace – Sun Video http://bit.ly/4qo9SH
now downloadable in m4v: Porting USB HID Device Drivers between Linux and OpenSolaris – Sun Video http://bit.ly/5kG8Sw
downloadable m4v now available: Drivers in the OpenSolaris Operating System – Sun Video http://bit.ly/5Q1ifJ
sometimes, to really get things done, it helps to be in an office where you don’t know anybody
lost and found: downloadable version of ZFS Boot in S10U6 – Sun Video http://bit.ly/89sbqq
lost & found: downloadable versions of ZFS: The Last Word in File Systems Parts 1, 2 & 3 – Sun Video http://bit.ly/4nWM3f
doing video housekeeping today, in case you couldn’t tell
@standaloneSA thanks. Any other #SysAdmin events I should be aware of?
@pschow working on it. Anything particular you’re just dying to have video of?
@pschow Heh, that’s too easy: http://bit.ly/8T5oYS
@pschow …but please be more specific if you can, what else do you need to know about COMSTAR?
@standaloneSA thanks. In fact we’re good buds with USENIX, I’m just organizing a couple of BoF sessions for FAST in Feb.
some days it’s okay to do fiddly stuff that doesn’t require much brainpower (but nonetheless needs to get done)
long-lost downloadable version: COMSTAR Tutorial: Convert a Sun Server into a Fibre Channel Storage Array – Sun Video http://bit.ly/6oxAFF
@bubbva I can’t imagine you doing such a thing on purpose, and accidents are forgivable for reasonable people
Sorry I won’t get to see my kid before she leaves for Aus, but I’ll probably go see dear friends in NM instead for holiday wkd
more still-relevant video from my archive: Fibre Channel Concepts – Sun Video http://bit.ly/5m3zGK
Waving or drowning? Drowning, I think.
Becoming an OpenSolaris Power User (C1 West version) – Sun Video http://bit.ly/4zhFFe
head exploding again. Not with headache, just with stuff I need to do. On the upside, that stuff includes book a lot of exciting travel
Early start tomorrow to get to sun’s menlo park office to teach another videoblogging workshop… And do a zillion other things…
Night of stress induced bad dreams makes waking up easy, but lack of sleep will not improve this day.
Have no idea where to look for the Sun shuttle at menlo park caltrain. Anyone?
@adamsbaldwin how about including the many of us who are not under god?we’re still Americans.
@jimgris cool!
Have caltrain prices gone up? 6 from sf to mpk seems like a lot
@romyilano ugh. I’m hoping to get rid of my car altogether – car payments + parking in SF just not worth it.
The Register Grid Engine is the first workload manager with support for applications created using Hadoop http://bit.ly/8xRdyd
trained more people in video at Sun this morning, sent them off with cameras & mics. It’s fun when trainees are excited to apply knowledge
@vococreative no, but extremely active in my high school’s alumni community: http://bit.ly/5fu7P3
@bklein34 not that I know of so far. Now booking Hyderabad, St. Petersburg, and Beijing!
considering another epically insane trip. Anyone been on the Trans-Siberian? Recently?
okay, okay, I’ll fly. But not Aeroflot.
@johnnysunshine Nice when you have unlimited time, but that’s not my case.
@bicyclemark when in April? I would leave St Petersburg ~Apr 15, need to be in Beijing ~23rd
Today required chocolate, but I had foolishly left it in the hotel room.
Fog outside caltrain windows as we rocket down the peninsula. This train is expensive, but it’s clean, comfortable, and on time. I can deal.
@deirdresm not to worry, I’ll likely be back soon!
@ThinGuy pleasingly fast.
planning my next savage odyssey, includes two new airlines (Finnair and Air China). Anyone have anything to say about those?
Trip sketched out, I’ll have to tweak dates & book tomorrow.won’t be hard to fill 10 days in India. May be almost 3 wks in Beijing – wher!
Okay, so at the end of two weeks almost solid of early starts, I slept in. I don’t feel guilty.
@jmleray ma l’immagine Giapponese a fondo dell’articolo cosa c’entra? Mah.
@jmleray io in fondo dell’articolo vedevo una piccola immagine erotica giapponese (di quelle antiche). Forse l’ho immaginato. 😉
got so much to do I don’t even know where to start. Coffee, please start working!
another epic trip booked: 6 weeks on the road to Hyderabad, St Petersburg, and Beijing, bringing back tons of new content in multiple langs
did I mention I have a very cool job? (Actually, I have about 3 jobs… pay is not commensurate, but the perks are awesome.)
now downloadable: ZFS Discovery Day: Understanding the Technology – Sun Video http://bit.ly/8pgUlo
this week trained a Java User Groups liaison, SDN manager, and green software consultant in video. Helping great stuf happen whenever I can.
now translated and subtitled: Solaris Cluster 3.2 1/09: RAC in Zones & Quorum Monitoring – Sun Video http://bit.ly/5l0fcx
RT @pancrazioauteri: In Italy, if you sell PVR with integrated HD, you ==pay EUR 28.98 / 250GB capacity. Money will go to copyright holders!
SF hosting a math congress, mathematicians in nametags all over. Saw one named Hilbert. Probably not a descendant.
Forgot til this moment that @Rohrer should be on the same flight back to DEN. But she’ll arrive way later to sfo than I did.
Got here way too early but this gives me time to enjoy my sfo ritual: dim sum and beer
Not going to NM this wkd after all, prob a good thing. I should probably sleep for 3 days…
@KathySierra this is only a problem for parents who wish to pretend that, unlike themselves, their children have no vices.
@missbhavens you never asked. And we’re all expected to conspire in maintaining the rosy delusion.
Argh. I know this guy who just boarded and don’t remember why I know him or who he is. I need a face recognition upgrade
@bklein34 seems like these things always devolve upon the parents
The little girl seated next to me who thrashed chattered and sang thru the flight… No doubt many wd find her cute…
@missbhavens that’s okay, no one would have told you
Maybe govt shd get out of marriage altogether. Make a contractual commitment 2 raise any kids, leave it at that…
…because human relationships are way too complex to legislate.
@msgilligan many legislators and voters want life dumbed down for them. I learned long ago that it’s very hard not to fit in the checkboxes
I would like a way to see a family tree of who else my followers follow. Might give me a clue as to why they’re following me.
CO Girl Geeks will be mentioned in the Denver Biz Journal in Feb. @creepyed must now help me organize an event, bcuz it’s all her fault!
RT @dboyll: Italy wants to regulate online video content; Google says it’s a bad idea http://ff.im/-eouBS – it’s a horrible idea
a good way to wake up: slowly, in my own bed, with coffee, a laptop, and good wifi.
I may actually be home in CO for a month now. Then again, I may not.
http://bit.ly/90bVe7 If they know their loved ones are suffering hideous tortures… then how can they be happy in Heaven?
Next CO Girl Geeks dinner will be Feb 17 Wednesday in Broomfield. Check FB group later for details.
@adamsbaldwin Ah, yes, Paul – that misogynist, anti-sexual son of a bitch has a lot to answer for. Christianity cd have been fun but for him
@adamsbaldwin Nope, learned about Paul in religion classes in the missionary high school I attended. Then I thought for myself.
@adamsbaldwin I have been a mother for 20 years.
@adamsbaldwin as far as I recall, Paul wasn’t all that enthusiastic about marriage, simply said it was better than burning.
@adamsbaldwin while I appreciate the kudos, merely being a mother doesn’t make me a hero. I’ve done a decent job of it, but many don’t.
@Zee I have no skin in this game, but are Technorati’s rankings still believable?
@Zee last time I looked (been a while), blogs had to be enrolled to be counted so, like Alexa, the rankings were skewed. I cd be out of date
@Zee but what proportion of bloggers do pay attention? Is it just us social media geeks? We don’t count as much as we think we do.
Italy wd become only Western country in which it is necessary to have prior government permission to upload video. http://bit.ly/5SBtid

I seem to be going thru a process of examining everything society automatically assumes to be good and saying Really? Are you sure?

@missrogue #femanomics – umm, there’s me. Been doing online marketing since ~1992. By my definition. http://bit.ly/V9OUa
@missrogue just haven’t been very good at marketing myself. Maybe that’s the big difference between male and female online gurus #femanomics
@missrogue don’t forget @lskrocki , queen of all our social media platforms at Sun.
is it my imagination or is bit.ly dropping a lot of link stats?
@lskrocki uh, no. I don’t see that as you. But you could go with a plain leather color. I like my red Coach bag
@NomdeB how about non-parent?
3d avatar from the first row. I am gonna have such a pain in the neck
Avatar is nice to look at but all the seams and devices of the story are visible
Why does every large life form /except/ the Naavi have two sets of forelimbs?
Borrowing quite a bit from Elfquest, too
vaster than empires – wasn’t that a Ballard story?
He manages to sound like a US marine most of the time, but every now and then I can hear the Aussie
Busier than I had planned to be this weekend, but that might be a good thing, allthings considered.
my kid’s hitting the road again, via Austin, going to Australia to work with horses. Let’s see how her Aussie adventures turn out
some new followers are probably completely, if unintentionally, misled about me. e.g., just because I mention Ayn Rand don’t mean I like her
an exploited foreigner is more likely to have picked your succulent olives than a well-compensated Italian. http://bit.ly/7t8Teh
@lskrocki I’m managing to beat up mine pretty thorughly, but it still looks good.
Brunetta Calls for Law to Force Stay-at-homes to Leave Nest at 18I was 30 and still couldnt make my own bed. http://bit.ly/8PTnBG
related to current news on why young Italians should leave home, an old piece of mine on why they don’t: http://bit.ly/4F2TL1
@darrenmoffat I’ve got a videocamera warmed up and waiting for you 😉 #zfs #opensolaris
@hemantmehta most women I know would gracefully accept the compliment. But, then, my friends are mostly ballsy women.
new blog post On Love http://bit.ly/4FHvUQ
Italys real unemployment rate is more than 10.7 percent, according to Bloomberg calculations… http://bit.ly/6Fb8Px
@bubbva not at the moment, but I’ll be back. And we can exchange dinners – I’m a good cook, too, when I have someone to cook for
@iamsrk then you’re a work kind of person. Nothing wrong with that
@missrogue I was terrible at flirting in my 20s, was hoping it would get easier now!
@bubbva sounds great! I’m coming over!
poor Ross. 3 flights delayed, baggage fees raised without announcement… and she’s considering becoming a flight attendant?
@nonstick you go, gal!
Twitter Tools seems to have insurmountable problems, so I’m having to try other methods to do a weekly digest of my tweets. Ugh.

The Twitter Diaries: 2010-01-10 – Tulsa, CO, SF

added lots of photos to The Twitter Diaries: 2010-01-03: Arkansas & Louisiana http://bit.ly/4ZzGno # enjoying a lazy morning in bed with the laptop, fiddling with my site. Because for the next six days I’ll be getting up hellishly early. # geotagging 2009’s Twitter posts on my site. I wasn’t home much. # RT @adi535: Wow, Read More…

  • added lots of photos to The Twitter Diaries: 2010-01-03: Arkansas & Louisiana http://bit.ly/4ZzGno #
  • enjoying a lazy morning in bed with the laptop, fiddling with my site. Because for the next six days I’ll be getting up hellishly early. #
  • geotagging 2009’s Twitter posts on my site. I wasn’t home much. #
  • RT @adi535: Wow, SRK on twitter.. @iamsrk . (For those who need it explained: Shah Rukh Khan is India’s biggest film star.) #
  • @HumanityCritic personally? Kinky. in reply to HumanityCritic #
  • @Schlomo @jeffreytaylor I’m back to SF Fri 8th-Fri 15th. Dinner? Drinks? Sunday brunch/lunch/anything would be ideal. in reply to Schlomo #
  • @adamsbaldwin How can a statement about any religion be objectively true? If he finds comfort in either, it’s purely subjective. in reply to adamsbaldwin #
  • catching up with 2009, added photos and video clips to The Twitter Diaries: 2009-07-19: Brisbane http://bit.ly/4ADxik #
  • @missrogue this might help » When a Spell Checker Won’t Save You http://bit.ly/6AQ0tI #
  • Hot damn! Made Ascent membership with Frontier on my last flight of 2009, so i get priority and more no baggage fees. That’s worth having. #
  • Heavens, we seem to have a herd of kids being picked up #
  • I assume the reek of smoke in the restroom is from some idiot who just had to have a cigarette. Or should I be alerting security? #
  • @iamsrk love alone does not conquer snoring, but a white noise machine and a sleeping pill help in reply to iamsrk #
  • So this guy is so desperate for a smoke that he lights up before getting on the plane – standing on the tarmac near a just-refuelled engine #
  • He’ll, we don’t need terrorists – we can blow ourselves up without any help! #
  • Landed at DIA, but may take a while to get home, what with luggage, shuttle. Sigh. I should live closer to an airport #
  • Now it’s a race: will my suitcase arrive before the 615 shuttle departs? #
  • Bag made it in time – priority status FTW! Now where’s the shuttle? #
  • @sogrady i think it has a buy movie tix option in reply to sogrady #
  • Not pleased with SuperShuttle. This run is taking us to south Denver then god knows where, then if I’m lucky I’ll get home. WTF? #
  • Oookay… so now Tiger not only has to find religion, he has to find the “right” religion. This is incredibly offensive on so many levels… #
  • @missrogue gotta say, tho, in the few glances I’ve given to dating sites, the poor grammar and spelling were an immediate turnoff to me. in reply to missrogue #
  • I really need to go to bed early, but after the piece of evil that was waiting in the mailbox at home [a poem from my mother], sleep may require bourbon & Ambien… #
  • brought back some Community Coffee from Louisiana. Loving the mild roast. May have to start having this shipped. #
  • training session is requiring me to install Java. Would have saved time to have a system check beforehand #
  • @nautibitz I started somewhere around book 7 and wasn’t impressed in reply to nautibitz #
  • @reiger oh, dear – maybe you’re a bit too much of a workaholic? in reply to reiger #
  • @nautibitz True Blood is like Laurell Hamilton, but with a lot less sex. Or violence. in reply to nautibitz #
  • @nautibitz her writing improved over time (first few were poor), but the sex and violence are way over the top now… in reply to nautibitz #
  • @nautibitz …and she spends an awful lot of time describing physical attributes and clothing in reply to nautibitz #
  • @nautibitz Easy enough to understand: you write too well yourself to put up with poor writing. in reply to nautibitz #
  • @reiger short and cold. in reply to reiger #
  • facing another day of training beginning at 7, very short on sleep. Thanks, Mom! #
  • @alecmuffett what did you use to back up your Tweetstream? in reply to alecmuffett #
  • it’s all coming back to me now: I had to learn a lot of basics about file systems to write a book about CDs, many eons ago… #
  • @alecmuffett hmm… I would love an app that lets me extract my tweets for any given range of dates. in reply to alecmuffett #
  • I’ve met so many people at/via Sun in <3 yrs. Only now realizing how many of them are responsible for stuff I use every day. #
  • @mfernest oh, I’m learning. It’s going to take a lot more practice for me to hope to retain anything, though in reply to mfernest #
  • @mfernest For starters, you point out where the course book is wrong for the online learning environment. I know this isn’t ideal, but… in reply to mfernest #
  • @alecmuffett sounds like a huge hole in the API to me. How difficult would it be to find tweets by date? in reply to alecmuffett #
  • @gracekboyle While I like the idea of a meal, I have hired someone without having met or spoken with him (except via email). Worked out fine in reply to gracekboyle #
  • @missbhavens care to take on my mom for me? in reply to missbhavens #
  • it’s a little scary that I know the people behind the names used in the coursebook examples. I spend way too much time around ZFS. #
  • @missbhavens Mom wouldn’t be much work in the short term. She plans not to speak to me for the next 12-18 months. in reply to missbhavens #
  • not sure I’m going to survive 3 more hours of today. Need sleep! #
  • @bklein34 huh? They just see an initial and make up a male name to match it? in reply to bklein34 #
  • @bklein34 ah. I’m used to people notknowing that Deirdre is a female name and calling me Mr #
  • @iamsrk you have a 3rd expression- it’s that move with your hair. Or is that a dance move? in reply to iamsrk #
  • even more annoying than a perpetually-on TV: when it’s playing a show with a laugh track. Like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. #
  • @vdotw I’ve used leftover fruit to make chutney; nectarines should be good that way. in reply to vdotw #
  • @TheCR excellent written communications, ability to stop and take a breath before hitting “send” in reply to TheCR #
  • Sun folks: running a videoblogging workshop next Weds-Thurs in MPK – any of you like to join? #
  • CO temp dropped about 20 degrees between 6 and 7 am, continues to meander down towards zero #
  • packing for Friday’s trip to SF, which will mean an outdoor temperature increase of 50 degrees #
  • y’know, this looks like it’s going to be more than the 1-3 inches of snow they said we were supposed to get #
  • @faseidl I gave up Christmas cards and even printed newsletters years ago. Anyone who wants to know about me, it’s all online. in reply to faseidl #
  • @Danjite yup. I saw that magazine at a friend’s house and took a photo of it for FAIL blog. Didn’t get around to submitting, tho in reply to Danjite #
  • RT @Danjite: Did the food modeler here do what I think they did? http://bit.ly/884Z4s – epic photo FAIL! #
  • whoa. 2 Ayn Rand references in 2 secs from tweeps who may not/probably don’t know or follow each other… or do you? @kbeninato @PizzoC #
  • @kbeninato college roomie was a big fan, i got 5 pages into Atlas Shrugged, went no further – crap writing in reply to kbeninato #
  • I’m awake! I’m awake! No… I’m not. #
  • @michaelverdi you’re damn right it is: http://bit.ly/7aoMjf in reply to michaelverdi #
  • @HumanityCritic because what the public cares most about is who is sleeping with whom. in reply to HumanityCritic #
  • @michaelverdi that site is a few degrees colder than my neighborhood (more exposed), but not much in reply to michaelverdi #
  • if someone in my life is actually crazy, I shouldn’t waste energy wondering why I have a crap relationship with them, right? #
  • the sun has risen and the temperature is dropping?!? #
  • “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow…” #
  • an apropos t-shirt quote from a friend: “It’s better to have loved and lost than live with a psycho for the rest of your life” #
  • another day, another (actual) headache. Can I just sleep until it’s time to board a plane again? #
  • the monster headache is finally almost gone (still lurking), but it wore me out. May just call it a day. #
  • @ThinGuy last time I went, CES was helpfully co-located w/ the Adult Entertainment Expo. I sadly failed to photograph the hilarious results in reply to ThinGuy #
  • @nonstick too late for me – I already saw them today http://bit.ly/6pvPOz (NSFW, but not that offensive, really) in reply to nonstick #
  • @nonstick and this was shared with the question “Why don’t we have a mascot for Solaris?” in reply to nonstick #
  • @ThinGuy <shrug> I started out in CD technology; I had no illusions about what drove that business early on. in reply to ThinGuy #
  • @ThinGuy agh! next time warn a person! Now I’ve seen it. in reply to ThinGuy #
  • @bicyclemark meanwhile, German trains are running in Italy – whose passenger rail system definitely needs the competition! in reply to bicyclemark #
  • a week of very early mornings, plus other unpleasantness, is taking its toll. Looking forward to today’s trip to SF. (When in doubt – run!) #

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How Do You Measure Snow?

We’re having a big snowstorm in Colorado today, so I have been discussing with some local colleagues on Twitter how to measure accumulations. I haven’t lived around snow much (til I moved to Colorado last year), so I haven’t done this much before. @vdotw advised “Measure [with a ruler] at a flat spot, like an Read More…


We’re having a big snowstorm in Colorado today, so I have been discussing with some local colleagues on Twitter how to measure accumulations. I haven’t lived around snow much (til I moved to Colorado last year), so I haven’t done this much before.

@vdotw advised “Measure [with a ruler] at a flat spot, like an outside table.”

Well, okay, we have lots of outside tables at Sun’s Broomfield campus, but they all seem to have accumulated different amounts of snow:


This one (shown at far left in the photo above) had about 5 inches:


This one looked more promising:


And, in fact:


Thirteen inches! (That’s a fourteen-inch ruler.)

So what am I supposed to do here? Take an average?

The Twitter Diaries: 2009-09-27: CO

@ben I’m nearly finished with “Anathem” – wow! in reply to ben # using TwitterKarma to see who’s following me, try to guess why, decide who to follow back. Those who post nothing but links & RTs bore me. # oh, interesting. Acquaintance’s FB account seems to have been hacked by a scammer who’s asking Read More…

  • @ben I’m nearly finished with “Anathem” – wow! in reply to ben #
  • using TwitterKarma to see who’s following me, try to guess why, decide who to follow back. Those who post nothing but links & RTs bore me. #
  • oh, interesting. Acquaintance’s FB account seems to have been hacked by a scammer who’s asking me for mone #
  • yup, that was a scammer. After being hit up for money I asked “When did you last see me?” He blocked all further chat. Alerted abuse at FB. #
  • @ben it takes a while to get into the world, but well worth the trouble. Interesting feel of “The Name of the Rose.” in reply to ben #
  • just went for a brisk 45-min walk in the neighborhood, down around the pond and back – our neighborhood is extensive and beautiful #
  • RT @chrisfaron: Music event in Venice http://bit.ly/MgmyC #
  • @gracekboyle everyone needs to be selfish now and then, and women do it less often than they should in reply to gracekboyle #
  • RT @stoweboyd: Atheists most hated US minority http://bit.ly/qZAjo more hated than muslims, gays, and jews – that’s why we need to be OUT #
  • @stoweboyd Some people don’t even know they’ve ever met an atheist and think we’re some sort of exotic creatures, probably dangerous. in reply to stoweboyd #
  • @nonstick watch out – that may seem like a dumb pony ride, but it could be the first step on a long, slippery slope… #
  • @KeithBurtis I’d recommend Neal Stephenson, or almost anyone, over Dan Brown. in reply to KeithBurtis #
  • RT @deirdresm: about South Pacific… http://tr.im/zdlj ooh, thanks! May be able to catch that when I’m in town. #
  • starting to rebuild my library of faves. Trip to the used bookstore yday netted “The Princess Bride”, GWTW, and Kim. #
  • RT @RepJackKimble: When will the #Emmys recognize what Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck do? – There’s an award for sowing fear and hatred? #
  • @ThinGuy <sigh> I was hoping the acq would be completed before the deadline for those classes. Just did that stuff a year ago. in reply to ThinGuy #
  • waking slowly from a good night’s sleep, a good cup of coffee and looking at the clouds. I’m beholden only to myself, and that feels good. #
  • if you’re a cycling fan you may enjoy this video I did a while ago Il Muro di Sormano: Where Bicycle Racers Hit THE WALL http://bit.ly/iqPTq #
  • Roman Abramovich’s Estate Grows with St. Bart’s Buy – WSJ.com http://bit.ly/Y1gVW – maybe I should sell my photos to the WSJ. ; ) #
  • that St. Barth’s estate: Countries Beginning with I » Paradise Lost http://bit.ly/Zalk5 #
  • @csnlewis if your friend Juliet would like to see that St. Barth’s estate from the inside: http://bit.ly/Zalk5 in reply to csnlewis #
  • @jeffreytaylor I tried three times to post a reply comment on FB earlier, none went through in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • @jowyang better yet: customers shouldn’t NEED to care what department you’re in. To them, it’s all one organization which they love or hate. in reply to jowyang #
  • “what a lovely way to burn” – Peggy Lee – Fever http://bit.ly/hTjQV #
  • @saraford yeah, but you spent most of one of those days in a plane, so it doesn’t really count. ; ) in reply to saraford #
  • @bubbva sorry, no contest – the House always wins! in reply to bubbva #
  • @jeffreytaylor and you’re going to tell them to be afraid – very afraid – of me? ; ) in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • @bklein34 umm… why did Bonobos name their company after a species of chimpanzee known for its wild sex life? or is that a dumb question? in reply to bklein34 #
  • okay, now I’m really pissed at Tivo. Stopped recording the last minute of House while I was watching it, I lost it trying to record #
  • whoops, Tivo did record it all – I forgot I wasn’t quite in real time #
  • first in the house AND first I owned: a Commodore Vic 20. With modem cartridge http://bit.ly/1b9kKh #gdgt #
  • will spend tomw working with SAGE http://bit.ly/12TPv1 on social media. I’m thinking the best way to reach teens is FB. Any thoughts? #
  • next time I travel, must set camera and Twitter time zone accurately. Too hard to reconstruct now, esp since there was much I didn’t record #
  • @jowyang seems a bit counter-intuitive to be speaking about listening. ; ) in reply to jowyang #
  • @RepJackKimble Huh? Ask my neighbors for money for medical bills? What if they don’t have any more than I do? What if I just moved here? in reply to RepJackKimble #
  • trying to read “La Bella Lingua”. Don’t have the stomach for an author who could indulge her passion for the language with… #
  • …pricey Florence hotels, private tutors, interviews with Benigni. My own Italian adventure (17 years’ worth) is most definitively over. #
  • @reiger you can’t do both? Damn. (Looks like LISA only for me.) in reply to reiger #
  • Will Ferrell stands up for the real health care victims http://bit.ly/4F4PxB #
  • RT @Chuckumentary: Sarah Palin is speaking in Hong Kong now @cellomonkey is there (via @tigerbeat) MANY LULZ! #
  • @silviagreen I wish! The author of “La Bella Lingua” did. All my own writings on Italian can be found on http://bit.ly/3F1EpA in reply to silviagreen #
  • The Blog of Ben Rockwood: OpenSolaris Security Summit at LISA http://bit.ly/4gGCKi including ZFS Crypto details to be added to agenda soon! #
  • Jack Adams [the puppet] Interviews George Wilson on ZFS – Sun Video http://bit.ly/GUTvf #
  • @bubbva thanks for the heads-up – I neglected to flip the switch to make the video public. Fixed now. in reply to bubbva #
  • @briansolis there’s already been a movie about Facebook (sort of), made in Italy: Feisbum! – il film http://bit.ly/vL0Vc #
  • Larry says: “We’re keeping everything.” – ZDNet.com http://bit.ly/2dRaiM #
  • RT @oracletechnet: Zounds! James Gosling will be the Oracle Develop keynote speaker on Mon. Oct. 12 at 1:45pm http://bit.ly/3x8KUz #oow09 #
  • on #2 of 3 mandatory training modules. Wd be easier to take it seriously if the courseware used pictures of people who actually look like us #
  • dining tonight with ZFS folks. A cool side benefit of my job is getting to hang with really smart people. #
  • @nonstick creepy-looking people in suits, and a guy who’s supposed to be starting a job in sales but looks like he’d be in a band in reply to nonstick #
  • @ThinGuy good advice, thanks – got through #2 much more quickly in reply to ThinGuy #
  • @csnlewis it was a gorgeous place, I’m sorry it’s gone… in reply to csnlewis #
  • hmm. Should I be worried that I got the question on sexual harassment wrong? #
  • @ThinGuy Hank. Aww, poor Hank… in reply to ThinGuy #
  • Firefly Extended Gag Reel, Part 1 – MySpace Video http://bit.ly/WX1sZ #
  • Michael Shermer » Mr. Deity and the Skeptic http://bit.ly/15tVPf #
  • Feeling grumpy because what I want is not here right now. #
  • last night’s dinner involved a “vertical” of Silver Oak cab 02, 03, & 04. Never done that before, it was interesting. Now need coffee. Lots. #
  • here’s a little music to get the day rolling: ZZ Top – I Thank You http://bit.ly/inhCK (yes, I am old-school Austin) #
  • @KeithBurtis Tools > account settings > [mail account] > Composition & Addressing in reply to KeithBurtis #
  • Join us at the OpenSolaris Security Summit on Tues Nov 3rd, co-located with Usenix LISA in Baltimore – details here: http://bit.ly/KeCsj #
  • RT @oracleopenworld: get a free Full Conference pass to Oracle OpenWorld http://ow.ly/qTZN #
  • “Such is the tarnished coinage of political debate in today’s Italy.” http://bit.ly/PX0F2 #
  • Been half asleep all day, now that I have a camera to run – I’m awake #
  • Chuck baker about to talk about the open storage community at frosug #
  • @missbhavens Clinique is your friend. And mine. in reply to missbhavens #
  • @Shamu Diphylla ecaudata in reply to Shamu #
  • @Shamu oh, no – more likely Desmodus rotundus in reply to Shamu #
  • @bubbva tip from @ThinGuy: just do the tests, they’re easy to pass. Saves hours. in reply to bubbva #
  • @bubbva not that tricky, and you can take it over and over – still faster than listening to all the damned narration in reply to bubbva #
  • rec’d in the mail 2 fountain pens and ink. I have no idea who sent this or why. Hmm. Interesting choice of mystery gift. #
  • @ThinGuy – @bubbva must have figured out Hank on her own. in reply to ThinGuy #
  • Michelle O with Berlusconi: “A handshake, delivered with the caution of someone feeding a dead mouse to a crocodile” http://bit.ly/3r1540 #
  • I woke up at 5:30, but went back to sleep til 8:30. I feel so decadent. #
  • @giovanni what’s the current penalty for not having car insurance (I honestly don’t know – still getting used to this country again)? in reply to giovanni #
  • @giovanni So, no car insurance = you don’t drive. What’s the appropriate penalty for no heath insurance? in reply to giovanni #
  • @alydenisof make sure she has something to suck on (breast, bottle) during descent – helps her ears pop, saves pain and crying in reply to alydenisof #
  • @miraclelaurie it was a good start, lots of interest ?s about personhood and identity. Will be even better if they get answered. in reply to miraclelaurie #
  • A song for the men who love cougars? » Learn Italian in Song: Amo Tutte le Signore http://bit.ly/1RSzND #
  • YouTube – Authors@Google: Louann Brizendine (author of “The Female Brain”) http://bit.ly/uvK16 #
  • @giovanni in Italy you pay a tax for public health coverage, so I guess not paying would be treated as tax evasion in reply to giovanni #
  • YouTube – An Engineer’s Guide to Cats http://bit.ly/4qmOk #
  • yes, home alone on a Saturday night, but too ill to care. Damn sinuses. Yes, I am finally going to see a dr. this week. It’s only been 6 mos #
  • strange weather – warm, dry and very windy. #

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Gallery: Doors Open Denver

During Enrico’s visit in May, we went to Doors Open Denver, an opportunity to see inside some interesting buildings that otherwise aren’t open to the public. You might also like: Vedanta Society Building The Painting Banker San Francisco Tram

During Enrico’s visit in May, we went to Doors Open Denver, an opportunity to see inside some interesting buildings that otherwise aren’t open to the public.