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Since Google killed the ability to share articles from FeedReader, I’m looking for another way to share selected articles of interest about Italy here on the site, without a lot of editing work required of me. Not finding it yet. But you can try this: bundle of Italian news (link opens in a new windew)

Italy & Italian on This Site






newspapers (translations of headlines)

slang and idiom

songs (translated into English)


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  1. I adore your site! Have been reading everything and it’s bringing me right back to Italia 🙂 I write an Italian food blog about living as an Italian in New York City…hope you’ll visit me sometime!

  2. I just discovered your website, and I’ll probably stay up all night reading some of the articles. This kind of commentary is exactly what I am looking for. Plus, I am fascinated by Italian culture which you seem to now a lot about. Keep up the good work, Joanne (relatives from Scilia)

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