Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 8

upper left: The animator becomes a profession
Luna Ross effect: boom in sign-ups for sailing school

yellow sign: Text books: elementary, middle school, high school – for all the schools

lower left: Free: Map of Engadina [a mountain] No. 1
Rivers of Cocaine from the Balkans
Local health authority in alarm: tuberculosis returns

lower center: Free: Map of Engadina [a mountain] No. 1
The height of Golfari, the hells of [Ms.] Brambilla
Loan-sharking: first confessions

lower right: Carabinieri: “More thefts and robberies”
Germanedo – streets and cleaning – the neighborhood feels neglected
Insert: Housing Market

Lecco goes to the final and makes the fans dream
In Barro [a local mountain] auto in flames – driver in very serious condition

right: Schools: Historic principals and directors retire
Football: Lecco team wins and embarks on the final

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