Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 9

upper left: The hospital has waste 8 million [euros] and meanwhile cuts more beds – “I saw again in Lecco the gypsy women who wanted to kidnap my daughter.”

lower left: Tragedy: Drowns in the sea the wife of Luigi Belmonte – All the school results, one first-year in three is flunked

lower center: [Driver’s] license points: the city government [is] forgetful – Lungolago [lakeside road]: motorcycles [being] stolen – city govrnment changes delegates [? political term I’m not sure of]

lower center 2: Hospital: Millions in damage for services – Usury: the chancellor speaks – Lecco [football team] has a new coach [In Italy, soccer coaches are called “Mister”. Tim Parks theorizes that this is because the first ones in Italy came from English.]

lower right: The defense of the Colombo [family]: “We are not loan sharks.” – Stadium, white smoke the Lecco [team] signs up for the C1 [league – the local football team has won a place in a higher league, necessitating a hasty upgrade of the stadium to bring it up to safety standards for the expected larger and more illustrious crowds. The white smoke refers to the tradition of sending up a puff of white smoke from the Vatican when a new pope has been chosen.]

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