Dorm Life


Shoes strewn around the floor.

Hygenic conditions decidedly scarce! Between crumbs of greasy food that save you from starving (given the monotony of the school menu), clothes thrown around, books whose only use is to attract dust…

CHAOS: I already feel at home!

Every evening I have my hair dried and combined while I talk about who knows what.

Having finished studying, I go into someone’s room, sure to find at least three others, say: “There you are!” and lie down on a bed not mine. Every morning I wake up, and there’s a person who doesn’t want to wake up in the room with me, or one who tries in vain to wake me.

Every morning I go down to breakfast with some friend or schoolmate.

I’m never alone.

I never have time to get bored.

Wednesday and Friday, we have the last 80 minutes free for study hall.

I spend this time with he of the Iranian mother and Pakistani father, who keeps me company playing the guitar and telling me crazy stories about his wild life in Bangladesh.

Dates during our study halls have evolved into trips to the bazaar together, then the grand proposal to go to the school dance together.

Roli dries her hair holding the towel by its two ends and whirling it until it becomes a thick cord. She makes it spin out so that it hits her hair and it sprays drops everywhere. It’s impossible to understand, I don’t know how to describe it. But I’ve never seen it done before and it’s interesting!

Today I saw two monkeys copulating and the answer is NO, they don’t do it like humans, but like dogs.

At 11 the lights go out and, theoretically, we’re supposed to sleep.

I sleep a lot less, and yet I feel much more rested.

“It’s because you don’t have any more alcohol in your blood,” explains my little Bangladeshi cavalier.

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