Exploring San Francisco in a Scavenger Hunt

I’m staying with my old friends Gianluca and Brian in San Francisco. Yesterday we participated in the Sparkle SF Bubble Games, a fundraising activity for Under One Roof, a local charity whose mission is “to generate unrestricted funds for agencies that provide HIV/AIDS education and support services.”

The activity was a scavenger hunt in downtown San Francisco organized by Go Games. It was a fun way to explore the city, in good company and for a good cause.

Afterwards, our team went to a new Brazilian restaurant called Bossa Nova Social Club, which proved to be excellent. We tried several appetizers: a brazil-nut crusted goat cheese, spicy ceviche, and tuna tartare. Our entree choices included a seafood curry-like dish in coconut milk, with sweet coconut rice; grilled skewers of assorted meats with three dipping sauces; and a spiced pork chop. The favorite side dish was grilled corn on the cob with a butter and blue cheese sauce, though we all regretted that the house special plaintain chips were not available that evening. Of the five desserts we shared, everyone’s favorite was the passionfruit mousse, with the creme brulee running a close second. Highly recommended by Geeks & Queens!

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