Everyday Italian: Newspaper Headlines 20

Clamorous: Videocameras and ZTL [zona traffico limitato – “limited traffic zone”]: the justice of the peace annuls the [traffic] fines

Molests a girl: band leader arrested (the photo)

Parking: Mayor Faggi “We’ll do the Serpentino” [?]

Scandal: young girl has sex at school in exchange for cell phone recharges

Albanian severely beats the owner of Bar Roma

The marathon crowns the Lecchesi: problems for the course signage

Veltroni [a presidential candidate] in Lecco

Turn of the screw on parking in the city

Zero tolerance against beggars

Arrested at school teacher accused of molestation

“My husband ran into me” [with the car]

Lecco – Azouz Marzouk under house arrest, city in revolt

Housing for foreigners; [city] council divided

Azouz arrested at Santo Stefano: protests

Politics, the earnings of parliament

Garbage sting, here’s what we’ll pay

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