Home Decor: Small Touches

^ Another find from my latest Bombay trip: someobody had the bright idea to apply traditional Kashmiri papier-maché painting to far more durable (and also traditional) stainless steel housewares. The results include charming, colorful,  bathroom-safe items like these.

^ Per Jonas’ suggestion, I hung part of the Tibetan prayer flags in the bathroom, which was otherwise very stark. Then I bought some very colorful towels from Ikea to match.

^ This is the anteroom leading into my bathroom and walk-in closet, very handy because I can dress in here (there’s another door behind the camera’s POV) without having to close the curtains in the bedroom. Hence the mirror.

The maroon things hanging above the doors are torans which I used as window treatments in Colorado. There wasn’t any other place to put them here. You can see my jewelry “organization” scheme hanging on the door ahead. The scarves to the right are there for decoration, though I suppose I could also wear them. Behind that door is an alcove stacked with suitcases. There’s a Wendy Pini calendar in this picture as well.

As usual, most of these items carry memories. The prayer flags were a birthday gift from Woodstock classmate Teeran, who also had a cake baked for my birthday party in Mussoorie in November, 2007.

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